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Chapter 15: This was the chapter where Kairi felt very stuck in her investigation, so she went back home to visit the crime lab for more specific information. During this visit, Kairi finds out that not only did Wakka show obvious signs of strangling upon his death, he also had chemical burns. Whoever strangled him had to have worked with chemicals prior to their fatal encounter. Kairi comes back to her dorm in an obvious state of distress. When Tidus and the others ask her what happened, she breaks down and starts sobbing. The images of Wakka's death really got to her. Everyone gathers around her as she silently thinks to herself how important this investigation is and how lightly she has been taking it up until now. She silently vows to give up her friendship and her love of Sora and just concentrate on getting justice for Wakka.

Chapter 16: Despite the fact Kairi is giving up friendship, her love, and everything else in between to solve this case, life has other plans for her. These couple of chapters concentrated on the minor characters...particularly Roxas, Namine, and Axel..and the affairs that Kairi gets caught up in.

Chapter 17: Kairi finally dives deeper into her investigation. One of these moments is when the gang visits Wakka's grave on the anniversary of his death. Afterwards, they go to his house to spend time with his parents. There you find out that Wakka has/had a brother. Not only that, but we discover that his brother is actually Rai (chapter 12). Unfortunately for Kairi, not much turns up from this visit besides finding out Wakka's parents obviously care very deeply for both of their children.

Chapter 18: Another one of these moments is her visiting Ansem (her excuse being she would like to learn a bit about chemistry before she takes the class next year). Since Wakka was his "favorite student," she thought she could get some clues from him. During her "summer tutoring session," she sees chemical burns on Ansem's hands that are very similar to the one's found on Wakka's neck!

Chapter 19-21: It's summer time! That means it's time for Destiny Catholic's annual camping trip! Kairi wouldn't usually go, but Ansem, now a key suspect, is a chaperone. These chapters concentrate on Sora and Kairi's relationship and general fun times with the school. There is a food fight that happens (Where Kairi and Sora hide under a table together to avoid the slaughter of potatoes and other food related items), truth or dare (which features a lot of funny moments, including Tidus dressed in drag), and etc.

The biggest moment in these chapters is when the boys go hiking. It starts raining pretty heavily and Sora and Kairi take shelter in a cave together. They're pretty soaking wet, so they remove as much clothes as possible (leaving Sora in his boxers and Kairi in a man tank and her pair of boxers) and huddle together to keep warm. They're talking and obviously avoiding looking at each other. Then, out of no where, the storm turns for the worse and it starts thundering. This startles the two and they look at each other and laugh. The thing is though, they don't look away. They forget about the storm and melt into a steamy kiss. This isn't like any kiss we've encountered before. It isn't fueled by Sora's drinking, nor is it a kiss to ward off possible stalkers. This kiss is warm and tingly to the point where Kairi almost bursts.

The next thing Kairi knows, it's morning time. Sora is already dressed. Kairi almost thinks the entire thing was a dream, but when Sora realizes she is awake, he gives her a kiss on the forehead. They walk back to camp holding hands.

Chapter 22: Although everything that happened at camp is all good and well, it freaks Kairi out. Not only did she tell herself that she was going to give up on loving Sora, but Sora still doesn't know she's a girl. She goes to talk to him in private and turn him down. I mean, there's no way she can be with him while she's investigating this case. Also, there is the entire..lack of a penis thing going on. This ends up turning into a big fight between the two where Sora angrily confesses that he loves her. Kairi tells him that two guys can't be together and leaves. Just as she's thinking that things will never be the same, she receives a phone call from a stranger. "I know who killed Wakka."

Chapter 23-25: Kairi finds out who the killer is and the rest of the story goes from there.

Chapter 26: Epilogue

And now…onto the questions.

What happens to the minor characters? Who does Namine like?

In chapter 16 we find out that Namine likes Roxas, which is why she was willing to date Sora back on Valentines Day. That chapter centers on graduation and saying goodbye to seniors like Cloud and Leon. After the ceremony there is a small get together that focuses on the relationships of these minor characters.

We find out that Leon knows that Yuffie likes him, but currently is content with their relationship. There is hint that they may get together in the future. There isn't too much focus on Cloud, Aerith, and Tifa, but we do know that Cloud doesn't want to pick either of them and he doesn't want to date since he'll be leaving soon (college). There is very brief mention of Rikku, Yuna, and Paine. Their relationship with Tidus doesn't seem to be reparable, but they're willing to put it aside to say goodbye to their good friends.

As I mentioned above, the chapter focuses on Namine and Roxas. When Kairi shows up to the party, Namine has already had a little too much to drink. We find out that Roxas recently broke up with Olette (who is also at the party, very angry at Roxas, and hanging around Hayner. It is also hinted by his behavior that Hayner likes Olette and is happy she is single, but it is never directly mentioned) and Namine lets it slip that she's liked him since she saw him skateboard for the first time. Kairi makes it her mission of the party to get them alone. She actually gets Axel to help her (he has forgiven Roxas since the last time we saw him. Being with Larxene has significantly calmed him down and given him an attitude adjustment). Although none of their methods work (very childish methods like spin-the-bottle, seven minutes in heaven, and basically making sure they were ALWAYS sitting next to each other), at the end of the party Roxas asks Namine if he could walk her back to her dorm room. It's heavily hinted that they get together, but this is the last time we encounter the couple until the final chapter where it is confirmed.

All other questions..

It's hard to pick an order for the rest of these questions, since they concern the last couple of chapters and I can't really answer them in any particular order. So, I'll start off with chapter 23 and summarize from there.

In Chapter 22, Kairi gets a mysterious phone call telling her they know who killed Wakka. At the start of chapter 23, Kairi, Cid, and a few policemen are gathered outside a house. They're waiting on the go ahead to arrest the killer. A number of neighbors have gathered outside to see what was going on, including some of Kairi's classmates (the ones who commute to school instead of staying in the dorms). Kairi is going over the phone call with Cid. It is mentioned they investigated it since then and found enough evidence to make an arrest, but they are not mentioning the killer by name yet. They then get the call to go ahead and make the arrest.

Just then, Riku, Tidus, and Sora drive up in Riku's car. They tell her they heard through the grapevine that Kairi was with the police and asked if she was okay. Meanwhile during all of this, Sora is not speaking up, but he shows deep concern on his face. She quietly tells them she's fine. They then ask what was going on. Kairi looks at them sadly and just says "I'm sorry."

She turns with the rest of the policemen and walk up to the door of the house. They knock and Wakka's parents answer the door. Cid asks if Rai, Wakka's brother, is home. His parents, obviously concerned about the policemen around, say that he is and ask what's wrong. That's when Kairi steps up and says "We're here to arrest Rai for the murder of Wakka Nakai."

You can hear very audible gasps from the crowd, the loudest being Sora, Tidus, and Riku. Kairi doesn't dare turn around to see what their faces look like. That's when Rai comes walking down the stairs and states that they have don't have enough evidence to arrest him. Kairi says otherwise.

That's when you, the audience, find out that Fuu was the one who called Kairi. She told police that she couldn't bear to see Rai sink further into depression and guilt because of this. See, Fuu and Rai are dating. Not only that, but Rai has a very serious anger management problem. That's why he lives with his parents while Wakka stayed at the dorms (although his parents will say that they pulled him out because of how dangerous the dorms were after Wakka's death..but evidence clearly stated he never stayed at the dorms). Around the time of Rai's birthday, Wakka went out a number of times with Fuu to help her pick out the perfect gift. To Rai, however, this looked like they were dating behind his back. Wakka was very routine about his day and Rai knew that he'd be in the bath at the same time every night. That's where Rai went to confront Wakka, but his fit of jealous rage made their confrontation turn into a fight. Although Wakka is athletic, Rai is bigger and stronger. He got a hold of his throat and strangled him to death. Once Rai calmed down and realized what he had done, he panicked. After all, he had just accidently killed his own brother. That's why he set the body up to make it seem like a suicide. If it weren't for the strangulation marks and chemical burns, Rai would have gotten away with it. The reason hives appeared was because of the lingering traces of hand soap on Rai, which Wakka was allergic to. The allergic reaction was very similar to a chemical burn and was easily mistaken by the forensic team. However, Rai never even knew he had left any evidence behind at all because the lack of circulation of Wakka's blood made the marks and reaction appear only after he hung his dead brother's body from the ceiling.

Back to reality, Rai panics when he hears all of this. He pushes past policemen and runs down the street in the opposite direction. The police decide to chase him in their cop cars, but Kairi, who is running on pure adrenaline, rushes after him. This is where Riku's volleyball training finally comes in handy. She is easily keeping up with his pace. When he tries to throw things at her to slow her down, she "serves" them right back to him. After a short while, Kairi catches up and tackles him just as the police pull up. Knowing there was no way Rai could get away with the policemen right there, Kairi stood up so the police could arrest him. That's when Kairi hears a loud bang and a couple of screams. She's very confused until she takes her hand off of her hip and sees blood on it.

She hears the words of the fortune teller from chapter 14 ringing in her ears. "If you keep pursing the man you long for, your life will be in great danger."

She had been shot.

Chapter 24 is the shortest chapter of the series. Kairi is on a stretcher at this point and is being placed inside an ambulance. Everything is a bit hazy for her, but she sees Cid inside and acting as her guardian, since her mother is about an hour away and Kairi was losing a lot of blood. Riku, Sora, and Tidus run up to the ambulance and ask if Kairi is okay, only to be ignored.

The paramedics start asking Cid some basic questions while medical attention is being brought to Kairi. One of these questions is if "the victim" had any family. Cid replies that Kairi "only had a mother" and doesn't have any father or siblings. Cid then states that the mother will be meeting them at the hospital. Kairi tries to call out and tell them to stop, but she doesn't have the strength to. Although the investigation is technically over, she still doesn't want her identity to be revealed. The paramedic nods and starts reading off things on Kairi's chart such as her blood type, birthday, and etc. The last one they read off is gender, which very clearly states that she is a girl. The last thing Kairi sees is the very shocked and pained look on her friend's faces. She then blacks out.

Chapter 25 is also pretty short. Kairi wakes up in a hospital bed to see Riku and Tidus by her side. They are very happy to see her come to because she had been out a good two days. They also mention how lucky she is because Rai only shot her on the side and she completely avoided injury to her organs. Kairi asks them if they're mad at her, which is a question they're rather confused by at first. When Kairi states the fact she had been lying to them, Tidus and Riku laugh. Since she had been out, Cid had informed the trio about the investigation and don't blame her at all for lying to them. In fact, they're grateful that her hard work had brought Wakka's killer to justice (Rai had been arrested at this point).

Kairi notices Sora is missing, but doesn't say anything. She assumes that he hates her for lying to him and pulling him along the entire year. Tidus mentions that Kairi's mother went to get everyone some food and probably would need help carrying it up, so he leaves to do so. This leaves Kairi and Riku alone and it occurs to Kairi that Riku now knows boy her and girl her are the same person. Riku goes on a long speech about how worried he was about her because she's such an important friend to him. His word choice confuses Kairi. Riku explains that a part of him will always care about the girl from his childhood, but her boy persona was also her. The fact that he didn't fall in love with boy Kairi makes him believe that he was just holding onto lingering feelings and wasn't truly in love with her, unlike other hinted boys.

Riku stands up and says he's going to help Tidus. As he's leaving, he mentions to Kairi that Sora for a prior engagement this morning, but he never left her side for the entire time she was out. Kairi, now all alone, starts crying.

Chapter 26 is the epilogue. It starts off with a group of policemen gathered around a dead body in an alley way and they start to make observations of it. A younger policeman steps up to touch the body when they hear a young female voice tell them to hold it because entering a crime scene before the lead is there could contaminate evidence. The female voice belongs to Kairi.

See, it's been three months since Rai's arrest. They mention he's awaiting trial, but they're sure he's going to be found guilty. If anything, he shot Kairi with plenty of witnesses around and evaded arrest. Kairi now works as a junior consultant under Cid's detective company. When Cid arrives, the policemen start setting up the crime scene tape. He and Kairi make small talk. See, Cid had started dating her mom. His children are all grown up and he, as a divorced man, decided it was time to date again. Kairi silently mentions that although she loves her biological dad, she really wouldn't mind having Cid as a step dad.

Fast forward to the next day. You find out that Kairi moved to the area and goes to the all girl's school with Namine and that she is a junior now. Selphie also came along so she could be closer to her best friend and her boyfriend, Tidus. Kairi was kind of seen as a hero at her school because of the murder investigation. The girl trio is surrounded by adoring freshmen, sophomores, and a few juniors wanting to talk to Kairi. However, she is used to this and simply waves to her "fans" as she talks to Namine and Selphie. They mention going out with their boyfriends (Namine and Roxas, Selphie and Tidus) during the weekend and the conversation transitions into Kairi and Sora.

See, Kairi hasn't seen Sora since the day Rai was arrested. She mentions she's too ashamed to see any of them. She feels like she doesn't have the right to Tidus and Riku's friendships and especially doesn't deserve to love Sora. Namine and Selphie just look at her sadly.

As they approach the school gate, they see a boy standing there waiting for someone. As they get closer, they see it's Sora. Kairi panics and turns to walk the other direction, but Selphie and Namine smile and block her path. It's hinted that they knew he was coming that day.

Kairi, with no other choice but to pass him, walks up and shyly says hi. They're pretty awkward in conversation at first, but then Sora confesses that he never knew she was still in town. Sora had assumed that with the investigation over with, she would return back home. If he knew she was just a few blocks away, he would have come to see her sooner. This is followed by many apologies by Kairi, but Sora covers her mouth and tells her he doesn't hold any grudges. Then, with a heavy blush on his face, Sora tells Kairi that he wants to start over and be her boyfriend. Kairi obviously accepts and the two embrace. Sora ends up twirling her around while Namine, Selphie, and Kairi's fans cheer. Sora plants a kiss on her and she thinks to herself that things will never be normal again, but she wouldn't have it any other way.


Who was the killer? Why did he kill Wakka and what happens to him?

Rai, Wakka's brother, killed him by accident in a fit of jealous rage. He is eventually arrested and at the end of the story he is awaiting trial.

Does Cid ever appear again?

Yes! He appears when Rai is arrested and during the epilogue, where we discover he is dating Kairi's mother.

How is Sora connected with the murder?

Except for the fact that Sora discovered Wakka's body, he holds no specific connection to the actual murder.

What does Kairi's fortune mean?

"If you keep pursing the man you long for, your life will be in great danger."

Despite the warnings, Kairi didn't push Sora away to the best of her abilities. Although there is no connection between Sora's love and the murder, it's hinted that accepting his romantic gestures may have put her on the destined path to be shot by Rai.

Does the gang ever discover that Kairi is a girl? If so, how?

The gang does discover Kairi is a girl. Rai shoots Kairi and the paramedics reveal to the gang that she is female.

How did the guys react to finding out Kairi is a girl?

We know that they were all initially very shocked. Y'all find out that while Kairi was passed out, Cid had informed them about the investigation. Since then, Riku and Tidus are very understanding of her situation. However, we will never know whether or not how long it took them to accept that fact, since Kairi was passed out for a good few days and the story is told from her point of view. It's hinted that Sora didn't care either way and was just happy she was alive (after all, he did stay by her side constantly through her coma).

Does Sora admit he is "gay" for Kairi and do they end up with each other in the end?

Ehh..yes kinda. Sora never admits exactly that he's gay for her. After they kiss in the cave, they do walk back to camp hand in hand. Upon their return, Kairi tells him it can't work out because they're both men and Sora tells her that he doesn't care because he's in love with him/her. However, they do end up with each other after the investigation is over with!

Does Riku or Sora end up with Kairi?

That's silly. Of course Sora ends up with Kairi! After Kairi wakes up from her coma, Riku mentions that he does care for her a lot, but it's only as a friend. After all, Riku wasn't like Sora. He didn't end up falling in love with boy Kairi, so it's stated that he wasn't truly in love with her.

Who were the couples in the end?

-Leon and Yuffie (hinted for the future)

-Hayner and Olette (also hinted)

-Axel and Larxene

-Namine and Roxas

-Selphie and Tidus

-Cid and Kairi's mother

-Sora and Kairi

How did life change upon Kairi's discover (her gender)/What happens after Kairi is done with her case?

Well, her gender is literally discovered the exact moment the investigation is done (if you count Rai's arrest the end of the investigation). The gang found out her identity and were cool with it, given it was for good reasons. Kairi obviously couldn't stay at the boys school, but she didn't want to go back home after everything that happened. So, she stayed in the city and went to the all girl's school. She also now works as a detective consultant for Cid. And lastly, she ends up with her beloved Sora

And that's it! That's everything! Thank you guys for sticking by me all these years and I apologize again for not finishing this story. I hope I answered everyone's questions properly. If you guys have any further questions or anything, feel free to leave a question in the review or send me a PM! I'll be glad to discuss anything story related with y'all.

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