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C'est le malaise du moment/ L'épidémie qui s'étend/ La fête est finie on descend/ Les pensées qui glacent la raison/ Paupières baissées, visage gris/ Surgissent les fantômes de notre lit/ On ouvre le loquet de la grille/ Du taudis qu'on appelle maison/ Protect me from what I want/ Protect me from what I want/ Protect me from what I want/ Protect me, protect me. - Protégé -moi, Placebo.


"Protégé-moi," he whispered, his mouth on her ear. She felt his hot breath and smiled, loving the feeling of him on her. His hands were lightly grazing every part of her body; her wrists, dancing up to her shoulders, her neck, her collarbone, her cheeks… This was the part she loved best – when he would slowly touch her, not aiming for anything; just touch her to be close to her, near to her, next to her.

"What are you doing?" she asked slowly, smirking slightly.

Draco smiled. "Why, counting your freckles, of course."

Ginny blushed. "Counting them, eh?"

He leaned down and kissed her bare shoulder. "Yes, and naming them as well."

"Really," she said quietly, slipping down underneath the black sheets more, leaning her body into him. She grinned as he let out a small sound of protest – she had separated herself from his mouth for a split second – and looked up at him. "Well? Carry on, then!"

"Oh, wicked girl," he whispered, pushing himself down farther to kiss her mouth sweetly, nibbling on her lower lip before climbing on top of her and deepening the kiss.

Yes, Ginny thought, this was the part she loved best.


Ginny woke up in a strange setting; a large, spacious bedroom with pristine white walls, beautiful wood floors, and a large window overlooking a view that she could only imagine was breathtaking – the curtains were drawn, so no light was coming through. She looked around for a clock, but found that there was none anywhere – at least she had her wand. She briefly wondered if she had been drugged and raped, but as she reached up to brush some hair away from her face, she noticed the slash in her arm and remembered all that had happened before.

She had landed in Draco's arms. And now she was awake in some strange room. It didn't take Ginny long to realize that she was, most likely, in Draco's bedroom. In his beautiful, comfortable, giant bed, with black sheets.

Black sheets… What was with him and black sheets?

She suddenly wanted to run. She wanted to grab her things (wherever her things were – she finally noticed that she was wearing an emerald green pajama top and matching bottoms that were three sizes too big and, oh Merlin, probably belonged to Draco) and Apparate to the nearest bar, again.

But the moment she made to get up, her head swirled and her vision became dotty and all of a sudden she wanted to do nothing but sleep in his big beautiful bed, where he had probably shagged countless girls who weren't red-haired and didn't have freckles and didn't have bright green eyes. Countless girls who had no name, only a number; girls who had no meaning, no purpose – porcelain dolls used for their good looks. She had never wanted to be a porcelain doll more in her entire life.

Ginny willed herself not to cry, not in his bed. That was a whole level of pathetic that she refused to reach.

Letting her lower lip wibble and letting her eyes fade up (but making sure to blink before the tears fully filled her eyes) was perfectly acceptable, however.


Draco didn't want to go inside.

He knew he should check on her, make sure she was breathing and not ripping apart his bed or anything. He knew he should tell her where she was, since she was probably confused, and he should ask if she was okay.

But he didn't want to.

No, actually, he did want to. He was really too frightened of seeing her, beautiful and clean and fragile, in his bed. He was frightened of the thoughts he'd get. He was frightened of what he'd think every time he looked at her, or his bed, or his pajamas… Oh, Merlin, why did he give her his best pajamas?

Because you wanted to smell her on your clothes again, the logical part of his brain replied, and he couldn't even deny it.

He went to open the beautiful double doors leading to his bedroom, but it opened before he got the chance. Ginny, eyes slightly puffy but still looking gorgeous, stood in the doorway, looking surprised. She kept her eyes firmly planted on the ground

"Oh… I'm sorry; I didn't know you were… Where am I, and… My clothes – are they…"

She could smell him from where she was standing, and oh, she wanted to kiss him. She wanted to slam him against the wall (if her head wasn't spinning) and snog his brains out. She wanted to feel his skin again… She let her eyes wander up and she finally saw what he was wearing: a clean, thin white tee-shirt with dark jeans. He looked gorgeous.

Merlin, I must have hit my head really hard…, she thought to herself, as if that was a plausible excuse for why she thought Draco looked exceptionally handsome.

"Your clothes… They're in the living room…" Draco responded, looking very distracted.

Ginny wanted to kiss him. Her heart was pounding and she couldn't even remember why they were broken up, and she wanted to go back to sixth year, back to when it started and ended. She couldn't breathe.

He let out a low growl from the back of his throat and lightly pushed himself on her, covering her lips with his. She was taken by surprise and gasped slightly, her lips parting long enough for him to slip his tongue in her mouth and she closed her eyes. His hands were on her waist, pinning her to the closed door behind her, and her arms were snaked around his neck. She sighed, content, and let herself go.

She felt like she was floating far, far, away, and down on the ground below her, another version of her was kissing him. In her mind, she yelled, screaming he broke your heart once! Don't let him do it again! But she didn't seem to hear.

Seconds later, Ginny realized what she was doing, and she broke apart from the kiss, breathing heavily. He lightly pressed his forehead against hers, eyes closed.

"Draco, what… What about that Camery woman?" She slowly opened her eyes, examining his face.

Draco raised an eyebrow, still recovering from the kiss. "What?" he asked. A moment later, he replied, "She's gone. Tomorrow she will come again…"

Ginny nodded, looking down. "And… what about Pansy?"

His eyes opened immediately as he stepped away, averting his eyes, and suddenly it all made sense. The bed Ginny had woken up in was probably the same bed he and Pansy slept in. They were probably married with children, all at Hogwart's at the moment. But soon they would come home for Christmas, and they would all yell "happy Christmas, daddy!" to Draco, and they would kiss their mother on the cheek and give each other expensive gifts. And when the children were sleeping, Draco and Pansy would slip into bed together, and he would murmur "happy Christmas, minet," in her ear and they would kiss each other and dive underneath the covers together.

"God, Draco," she whispered, trying to bite back the tears. "I can't believe… I can't be the other woman again! I can't, I can't, and I won't!"

Draco looked hurt for a minute before masking his face with anger. "Who asked you to be?"

Ginny shook her head and took out her wand, muttering "Accio clothes!" Moments later, a silver bag with 'D.M' engraved on it flew at her. She glanced inside it and, upon seeing it was her clothes, Apparated to her flat without another word.


The first time she shagged Draco was after a rather heated argument with Harry. She'd wandered around the school after hours, ducking any time she heard footsteps, and was completely and utterly lost.

And then she stumbled upon the head boy's dorm. She wasn't sure why she wanted to knock on his door, considering they had gotten into a fight a few hours earlier because she wanted him to tell her he loved her, and he said he couldn't do that. But here she was, on his doorstep.

She lightly knocked. On the third knock, he opened up, looking surprised.

"Draco," she whispered, tears still in her eyes from the argument.

He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her sweetly, lightly pulling her in the room. Later, they would talk about how much they hated Harry, and how Ginny always knew Draco was the better choice. And they would laugh, and then he would wrap his arms around her again and kiss the top of her head as they slowly drifted off to sleep.

But for the moment, she led the path to his bed.

And as he lightly climbed on top of her, he whispered "Protégé-moi," and years later she would find out that he was telling her to protect him.

And years later, she would whisper the same thing to him as she said goodbye.


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Protégé-moi: protect me.

Minet: kitten.