AOE Saga: Morph's Hexagon

Chapter 6: Spawns of the Shadows

The BiNebular landed outside the laboratory base. There had been some hasty repairs made to the base, but not enough to keep our heroes out. They barged through the door and destroyed the guards on the other side. They followed EnigMorph through the hallways, killing Splitters as they went. Then they came upon the room that EnigMorph saw the virus pods were taken to. The room was completely empty. The virus pods were all gone along with Draco and Chip's DNA samples. In fact, the only things in the room besides our heroes were seven machines that resembled plasma chambers and a couple of computers. "Where are they?" asked Chip. "They couldn't have disappeared into thin air." "Maybe they left," said Angel. 625 was sitting on a CPU until 627 shoved him off. 625 landed on a hidden button in the floor. There was a mechanical creaking and an elevator rose out of the floor. "They must have down here," said Lilo. They all managed to cram into the elevator but EnigMorph, MysticMorph, MegaMorph, TechnoMorph, and EnviroMorph decided to stay outside and keep watch.

The elevator arrived at a large room. The group left the elevator and looked around. There were several large doors leading to other rooms that were all locked. On the ceiling were a couple of observation decks that resembled the gondolas of blimps. "What is this place?" asked Rick. "It looks like some kind of testing room." Then Matt realized, "This isn't just a testing room, it's an arena." They heard evil laughing and turned around. Virustoxico was floating through one of the doors. Floating behind Virustoxico was a platform that was covered with a large tarp. Virustoxico stopped when they were right in front of our heroes. "Very observant, Matt. But you figured it out too late. You fools made a mistake when you came here without the other Morphs. But then again it makes no difference." They snapped their fingers and one of the observation decks opened up. Mechanical arms were lowered which grabbed Matt, Kala, Lilo, Akira, and Rick. They picked them up and put them in the observation deck. The deck was closed leaving Angel, 625, Stitch, 627, Draco, Chip, and Morph all by themselves. As Matt was carried away he yelled "I'm personally gonna shove my Ion staff up your…" "Don't bother," said Chip. "They don't have one." Virustoxico smiled and said, "Don't worry, they won't be harmed, yet. And they can see and hear us clearly. But the main reason we summoned you down here was test out our latest creation. You see, virus-clones are powerful but they can be boost up a notch. So we thought, what could we do make them more powerful and more evil? Then the answer hit us." Virustoxico held out one of their hands and a black ball materialized in it. It had a pair of red eyes on it. "Soul Shades," said Draco. "Yes, the Soul Shades give great power to their hosts. But we did something even better. We created virus-clones with Soul Shades built into them. Then they became shadow-clones. Making shadow-clones of Angel, 6-2-5, Stitch, and 6-2-7 was easy. We already had virus-clones made from them. Draco and Chip were just as easy; all we needed was a little DNA from them. But Morph was the tricky one. The only DNA we had from him was actually EnigMorph's. And we didn't dare make a shadow-clone from EnigMorph, too dangerous. So we had to extract the gene he had from PlasMorph to do it. Unfortunately, all that meant that the shadow-clone would only have the powers of his physical body, mainly regeneration. So we decided as long as we where making shadow-clones made with Soul Shades that could give their own version of the E.X.P. virus, why not make them eviler?" Virustoxico grabbed the tarp and tore it off. Underneath were seven capture containers. Each one contained a clone of the seven experiments that weren't in the observation deck. They looked exactly like their original counterparts except they were completely black and had glowing red eyes. Virustoxico continued, "Since they were seven of them, we took the powers of the Seven Deadly Sins and gave them to each Shadow Clone.

Shadow Angel: Lust

Shadow 6-2-5: Sloth

Shadow Stitch: Greed

Shadow 6-2-7: Wraith

Shadow Draco: Envy

Shadow Chip: Pride

Shadow Morph: Gluttony

They only have three instincts; to infect all humans with their viruses, to spread their sins to other living creatures, and to destroy their original counterparts!" Then Virustoxico released the shadow-clones on the experiments.

A fierce fight broke out. Every experiment was fighting their shadow-counterpart. Power-wise, they were all evenly matched. However, the Deadly Sin powers that the shadow-clones had were slowly giving them the upper hand. Angel was allowing Shadow Angel to hit her more often. 625 was finding it hard to attack Shadow 625. Stitch's moves were being stolen by Shadow Stitch. Shadow 627's attacks were more powerful than 627's. Shadow Draco was able to find Draco's weak points. Shadow Chip could block more attacks than Chip could throw. Shadow Morph was swallowing all of Morph's small energy attacks. Then the shadow-clones combined their attacks on the experiments. Shadow 627 drove the experiments into a corner with Shadow Draco's advice. Shadow Angel and Shadow Chip prevented the experiments form attacking. Shadow Stitch stole all of the weapons that the experiments had. Shadow 625 made the experiments' legs to tired to move. As a final move, Shadow Morph jumped towards them to swallow them all whole. Suddenly a power awoke inside of Morph. It spread through until he knew its potential. He raised his arms and yelled, "Reverse and Reflect!" A mirror-like force field appeared in front of Morph's hands, protecting all of the experiments. Shadow Morph collided with the force field and splattered all over it. Then the force field threw Shadow Morph back at the other shadow-clones. None of the shadow-clones could escape before Shadow Morph covered them.

Shadow Morph swallowed all of the shadow-clones when he landed on them. But because of the reversing effect of Morph's attack, it caused all of the shadow-clones to be combined into Shadow Morph. Shadow Morph started twisting into different shapes and yelling with strangled voices. He began spinning around until he became a vortex. Different body parts appeared on the vortex, eyes, mouths, limbs, and other things. Then the vortex started to slow down and the body parts began to settle on it. Then the vortex became a definite shape and stopped changing.

What was created from that vortex was so hideous that it was hard to describe but I will describe it for you. The thing had PlasMorph's basic form, but was otherwise completely different from Morph. It had five glowing red eyes in a scrambled pattern over the place where its nose should be. Underneath the eyes was a crooked mouth that was filled with needle-like teeth. On the left side of its head was a larger eye that resembled Chip's with a vertical slit for a pupil. On the right side of its head was a pair of twin ears joined at the base. They resembled Stitch's ears. On top of the head was a horn shaped like Draco's except an antenna like Angel's grew from the end of it. At the end of the antenna was a sharp hook. From its back grew three spikes, a mechanical tentacle-arm, and a mechanical crab-like arm. One spike was on one side with the tentacle-arm underneath it and the other spikes were on the other side with the crab's arm above them. Both sides had a ripped membrane between the various appendages, making them looked like wings. The right arm of the thing had three spikes on the elbow with a mouth full of fangs for a hand. A small nose was above that mouth. The left arm branched off into three arms. At the base of the arms was another fanged mouth. The thing had three legs, one branched out at the end into two feet like the mammalian experiments', one was like a jellyfish's tentacle and ended with a blobby foot, and one was like Chip's leg with a long spur on the back of the knee. It also had a tail with three spines near the middle of it. The tail ended with a triangle but it was placed in such a way that it looked like it was holding a dagger with the end of its tail. An eye, a mouth, and three small antennas decorated the triangle. And one of the most noticeable things about this creature was that in place of a screen like the other Morphs had; it had an N-shaped mouth filled with needle-like fangs. It seemed to have noticed its hideousness because it created a trench coat and a fedora to cover itself with. The trench coat had a couple of capes on it to cover the appendages. The only parts that could easily be seen were its twin ears and large eye, which stuck out from underneath the fedora and the N-shaped mouth which stick through the trench coat. Morph had only enough courage to ask the creature, "Who are you?" The creature turned to look at Morph and spoke with a voice that sounded like the seven shadow-clones speaking together in a mangled way. "My name is NegaMorph."

Meanwhile, Matt and the others had watched what had happened from the observation deck, under guard. "When I get down there…" growled Matt. He was in a bad mood because his weapon had been confiscated. One of the guards strolled up and said "You'll do what? Freak." Matt snapped at this, sending the first guard through a wall. The other guard was blasted by a combined attack from Kala, Lilo, Akira and Rick, vaporizing him.

Draco turned to Chip and said, "Okay, I've seen some ugly things before, but that thing is the ugliest I've ever seen. I mean it's like Medusa-ugly." Virustoxico had been watching all of this and said, "You have a point. But speaking of Medusa, we just remembered that we haven't shown you our new ability." They snapped their fingers and a Splitter guard appeared. "What is it sir?" "Just this, Iron Gorgon!" Virustoxico shot a beam of gray light out of all of their faces. The beams struck the guard with full force. The guard screamed but the sound quickly died. His body turned the same gray of the beams. When the beams stopped the guard was standing in the exact position he was in when the beams struck him. His whole body had turned a metallic gray and it would seem like he was petrified with fear, except he wasn't moving at all. "It's one of the first abilities we discovered when we fused. It turns the victim into solid adamantanium, the strongest metal in the universe. The only other way to get it is in meteors and asteroids. We think that some meteors have fallen to Earth and you earthlings made weapons from it that couldn't break and could slice through almost anything. But the main reason we're showing this to you is that we'll be using this attack on you." Virustoxico turned to NegaMorph and asked, "Will you join us in destroying these pests?" "Yes, but I want to destroy Morph alone." Virustoxico shrugged their shoulders and said, "Fair enough." They snapped their fingers again and released the people in the observation deck. "The more victims, the merrier."

A vicious battle broke out. NegaMorph seemed more concentrated on destroying Morph instead of the others. Virustoxico were focused on Draco and Chip, but couldn't concentrate enough to petrify them. However it was soon revealed that NegaMorph had the combined powers of all of the shadow-clones and he starting to overwhelm them. Chip managed to slip over to Matt for a few minutes. "Matt, can you control any kind of plasma?" "Yes, why?" "Then you should be able to control NegaMorph's body." Matt nodded and held out his hands that started to glow blue again. NegaMorph was surrounded by the same blue glow. "What the," Matt grinned and looked at Virustoxico "Oh Fire Hazard. Catch." NegaMorph was sent flying straight into Virustoxico. "Now for the grand finale," said Morph. He morphed into Yaarp and blew loudly. A couple of thuds came from upstairs and the other Morphs broke through the ceiling. The smaller Morphs leapt onto EnigMorph's back and started giving him their energy. EnigMorph focused the power of all the creatures in his genetic make-up into a ball of multicolored energy between his hands. When the energy ball was at full power, EnigMorph ordered everyone to get out of the way. When everyone did so, EnigMorph pointed the energy ball at Virustoxico and NegaMorph. Then EnigMorph bellowed, "Genetic Cannon!" and he blasted the ball of energy at them. The ball left an energy trail in the shape of a DNA helix. Virustoxico and NegaMorph barely had enough time to erect a defensive shield around them before the attack hit them. The Genetic Cannon didn't destroy them, but it did sent them rocketing out of the base and deep into outer space.

When Virustoxico and NegaMorph were out of sight, the group considered what to do now. "I guess I'm stuck as an experiment now," sighed Lilo. "We didn't get the DNA sample from Viral Angel and now we never will." "Not necessarily," said Kala. "Virustoxico mentioned that they used Viral Angel to make Shadow Angel. And now Shadow Angel is in NegaMorph. Which means that all we need is NegaMorph's DNA to change Lilo back." Matt nodded, adding "Yeah. I'll help you get that cure." This seems logical so the group agreed on the plan. However, now they'll have to find NegaMorph since EnigMorph blasted both him and Virustoxico to some other part of the galaxy. When repairs were made and provisions were gathered, the BiNebular, with our heroes in it, blasted off to both find NegaMorph and destroy the evil empire.

To Be Continued…