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Kenshin leaped back as Sanosuke swung at him with a powerful right hook.

"Faster Sano!" he called happily.

"Damn it Kenshin!" Sano wrenched his fist from the tree trunk, splinters flying from the force, "ARGGGH! Come back here!" he swung at Kenshin again but the wide eyed swordsman deftly side stepped the blow with a comic 'Oro,'

"Fight already! You said you'd spar with me, so stop dancing around like a clown and fight GOD DAMN IT!"

"But Sano! You know I can't possibly match you with my fists! I am but a humble swordsman." Kenshin danced away from another powerful punch and round house kick.

"Damn you!" Sano darted forward just as Kaoru walked out of the Dojo.

"Kenshin!" she called and like an obedient puppy Kenshin wheeled about to face her, smile at the ready, "KENSHIN! Sano!" she shrieked and Kenshin turned just in time for Sano to plow into his chest, knocking them both to the Dusty ground.

"Hey Ken-WOAH!" Yahiko came through the door of the Dojo just in time to see Sano lying atop Kenshin, arms pinning the red head down and Kenshin's knees were pushed up with Sano's face very close to a very private place.

"Kenshin i susspeceted, butyou Sano?" Yahiko snickered as he watched the two fighters try to detangle themselves from each other.

"Yahiko!" scolded Kaoru, even as she herself was bent double, laughing and giggling.

"I'll kill you kid!" sano yelled at the already retreating form that was Yahiko.

"Did I, did I interrupt something?" asked Kaoru between giggles.

"No Miss Kaoru," replied Kenshin quickly, blushing as scarlet as his hair.

"Naw, Missy, but you may be on to something there," Sano slung one arm around Kenshin's slim shoulders and slid a bandaged hand under Kenshin's kimono top., "Did you enjoy that as much as I did? Hmm cutie?" Sano leaned in close to Kenshin's face and those wide, purple eyes almost doubled in size as a blush darkened his pale cheeks.

"S-s-sano!" Kenshin stammered.

Sanosuke gazed at Kenshin a few more seconds, enjoying watching him squirm, before letting his giant grin show and Sano began to laugh, clapping Kenshin on the back and clutching his own stomach. Even Kaoru was bent over giggling hysterically as Kenshin realized the joke.

"Ha, ha, ha ha ha," Kenshin began to laugh too, his red hair obscuring his eyes and scar.

"What did you want me for , Miss Kaoru?" He asked, slightly more subdued.

"Would you all light to go to get a beef pot for supper? My treat?" Kaoru made her best puppydog eyes for good measure, but it only took the two fighters ten seconds before they responde with a very enthiusiastic, double, "YES!"

"Sorry Kenshin, I really didn't mean to embarrass you soo much," whispered Sano quietly as they followed Kaoru.

"It is ok, Sano. I just, you know how much this one cares about Miss Kaoru. I mean she asked me to stay After finding out I was the... who I was before. Though you jhad this one worried there Sano. ButI know Saito would wellcome those feeling far more than I," Kenshin began to run very quickly to catch up with the rest of the Kenshin-gumi.

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