"Robins passes to Weasley, ooooh- nice dodge there, can they score, there, she's streaking down the field, ah- narrow save by Hufflepuff keeper, Donald." Colin Creevey yelled into the megaphone, his voice booming across the snow splattered Quidditch pitch.

"Hufflepuff in possession of the Quaffle, Fujioka passes to Cadwallader, oh- Cadwallader hit by Bludger. He's falling- probably needs some medication but who cares 'cause Gryffindor's got the Quaffle, Weasley passes to Creevey- who also happens to be my younger brother, brilliant isn't he- and he uses the dangerous Sloth Roll to avoid that bludger there- he shoots aaaaand- he SCORES!" Spittle flew from Colin's mouth. "Booyaw! Take that you little Hufflepuff fuc-"

"Colin!" Hermione Granger and Professor McGonagall said at the same time.

Hermione tried to grab the megaphone out of his hands as an indignant roar came up from the Hufflepuffs.

Colin nimbly stepped out of her way. "Oi, Weasley- WATCH OUT!" He yelled as an angry beater Culkin rammed a bludger at Ron, who was Keeping.

Ron barely got out of the way in time.

Madam Hooch blew her whistle. "Foul! Penalty to Gryffindor!"

"Weasley has the Quaffle. She shoots and no doubt she scores!" Triumphant cheers rose up from the Gryffindors and Ravenclaws. Colin was still prancing around, trying to get away from McGonagall and Hermione. "Gryffindor in lead- 250 to 130! Ha take that you useless gits!"

"Colin give me the megaphone this instant!" McGonagall yelled, her hat askew.

"Never!" He shrieked. "Ooooh- looks like Potter's seen the Golden Snitch!"

Hermione's eyes went to Harry who was flying dangerously high, followed closely by the Hufflepuff Seeker Cantonna. The Snitch suddenly dived, followed by Harry and Cantonna. Harry was roughly shouldered by Cantonna who was ridiculously smaller than he was; almost reluctantly because she was so tiny, Harry shoved her and she just barely hung on to her broom as Harry sped down and flinging out an arm caught the Snitch.

"Harry Potter catches the Snitch. GRYFFINDOR WINS!" Colin screeched. "Muahahhahahahaha!" He laughed manically as Harry pulled up. "Oi- what's that little-" Colin began, quickly stifled by McGonagall so that he couldn't yell out any sort of insults.

Hermione screamed as she saw Cantonna streaking towards Harry and before he could even register what had happened, she had rammed into him and he began falling off his broom.



Hermione blindly ran past the people who were still wondering what had happened. She reached the pitch and ran to where Harry was lying, his team members around him.

"Harry!" She screamed when she saw he was conscious and looked befuddled.

He sat up as Madam Hooch yelled at Cantonna who looked pleased with herself and groaned. "Shit." He cursed.

"Harry mate you alright?" Ron asked worriedly.

"Yeah I'm fine don't worry." Harry said. "Good thing there's so much snow and that I was so low or else I'd have a couple of broken bones."

"Are you sure you don't hurt or anything?" Hermione asked, her eyes wide, desperately checking for any wounds.

"Mione-" He groaned as she grabbed his head to check for injuries.

"Leave it Hermione- he's okay." Ron said pulling her off Harry.

"By the way great game." Ginny said, planting a huge kiss on Harry's lips.


Ginny smiled innocently at Ron as Harry went a deep shade of maroon but looked pleased nevertheless.

"Man that Cantonna chick's too aggressive to be in Hufflepuff don't you think?" Jimmy Peakes asked.

"Definitely." Harry said grimacing a bit as he got up.

"Are you sure you're alright?"

"Yes Hermione." Harry said tiredly.

"Hope you're up for some celebrating mate." Seamus Finnigan, who had come down from the stands as well, said. Harry grinned at him and Seamus yelled into the crowd, "Party- Gryffindor Tower!"

It was well past midnight when Harry and Hermione made their way up to the Head dormitories.

Grabbing her favorite night gown, she quietly made her way to the bathroom connecting Harry's and her bedroom. She didn't bother to lock the door for Harry was probably asleep and even if Harry did wake up, she trusted him enough not to care.

She shrugged out of her sleeveless white top and taking of her jeans and her underwear, stepped into one of the showers, letting the warm water invigorate her as steam filled the room. She hummed lightly and closing her eyes, wondered if Ron would ask her to the upcoming Valentine's Ball.

She was running her hands through her bushy hair, taking out the tangles when she heard a small noise.

She stiffened. "Harry?" She called out. There it was again. "Harry, is that you?"

Suddenly, the pale fluorescent lights went off. Her eyes wide as the chilly darkness enveloped her, she turned off the faucet and blindly reached for a towel and wrapping it around her body, stepped out of the shower.

"Harry this isn't funny, turn on the lights." She commanded, not able to keep the slight waver away from her voice.

There was the noise of feet shuffling and nerves got the better of her and Hermione turned the knob and blindly raced out of the bathroom slamming the door shut behind her.

A small lamp went on bathing the room in a soft yellow glow. "Her- Hermione? What're you-" Harry stopped, looking at Hermione's almost naked body.

Hermione turned and blushed, wrapping the towel more securely around her, as Harry tried not to stare.

"I- oh- there's someone in the bathroom!" Hermione gasped out.

Harry sat up and grabbed his wand. Determinedly not looking at Hermione, he slowly eased open the bathroom door, as Hermione stood behind him, feeling so very vulnerable without her wand.

"Hermione there's no one here." Harry said softly.

Hermione peeked inside to see the luminous lights back on. She gulped. "I swear I heard someone or- something."

"Maybe you drank too much." Harry said, looking at a point over her left ear.

"I'm telling you Harry there was someone there." Hermione said shakily. "Maybe- maybe they're in my room.

Harry gave her room a brief inspection and sighing, came back. "There's no one here."

Hermione still looked frightened so Harry offered, "Look if you want- just er- you can stay in my room for tonight okay?" His face flushed as he said so.

Hermione numbly nodded, not even fully registering what the dark haired young man had said.

"Just er- why don't you change and uh-"

"Thanks Harry."

"Er- no problem." He said a bit weakly.

Still shivering, Hermione reluctantly went inside the bathroom and quietly closing the door, reached for her nightgown.

Something fell from between the folds of the lavender silk and Hermione nearly had a heart attack.

Looking down, she gasped. A beautiful white rose lay on the floor, beside a thick cream colored envelope. Her hands trembling slightly, she bent down to pick the letter and the rose up.

As she reached for the rose, a thorn pricked her finger and droplet of her blood oozed on the petals, staining the white with a deep scarlet. Gently sucking on the finger, she laid the rose on the counter and turned the envelope. In fine letters in the front was written, To Hermione, the queen of my heart. Her heart thudded. Who had-

A soft knock came from the door and she jumped.

"Hermione you done?" Harry's voice filtered through.

"I- I'm coming." Hermione said. Hoping to exercise her patience, Hermione quickly pulled on her nightgown and with one last look at the bold, scarlet words on the envelope, she hid both the rose and the letter inside one of her drawers and stepped into Harry's bedroom.

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