Ginny was first to recover.

"What the hell is this?" She exclaimed angrily, striding over to the middle of the room and yanking the doll down from the ceiling. "Is this someone's idea of a sick joke?"

As Ginny went on with her furious rant, Hermione's mind was in a tumble. It was him! She thought. No, it couldn't have been. How could he gain access to the girl's dormitories? But this is the same thing that happened last night! It couldn't have been him! There's no way it could've been him! Maybe it was girl or-


Hermione jumped and looked into the angry eyes of the furious redhead.

"Any ideas who did this?" She asked heatedly.

Hermione began, "Ginny- just-" Just what? Throw the doll away and pretend all this never happened? Her temple throbbed lightly.

I'm just over reacting- the school work must be stressing me out more than I thought.

"Just dispose of it the doll please. This must be some sort of a prank." Hermione said quietly as the throbbing in her temple became more persistent.

Ginny obliged, instantly disappearing the doll with wave from her wand and a muttered, "Evanesco".

It was a prank! Just some stupid prank!

"I swear if it was that dumb Parkinslut-"

Of course! Hermione thought. Parkinson was a girl and she could've easily gained entry into the girls' dorms.

Hermione's temporary moment of relief was quickly evaporated as fact hit her. Pansy could've entered the girls' dorm, but she had to enter the Gryffindor common room before she could do so.

"It couldn't have been Pansy, Ginny. She doesn't have the Gryffindor password." Hermione said, gently massaging her temple with her fingertips, her eyes closed.

Ginny sighed. "You're right."

Something seemed wrong with the way Ginny had said 'You're right' but Hermione couldn't place it. When she opened her eyes again though, Ginny's face loomed, clear and trustworthy as ever.

"Gin- I have a major headache- can I see your dress tomorrow?" Hermione asked.

"Yeah sure!" Ginny said.

Later, back in her warm bed in the Head Tower, Hermione sat sipping a potion to clear the headache, a book propped in on her knee, a quill and roll of parchment lying on the bed next to her.

Setting the potion down, she picked up the parchment on top of the book, copying off a passage from the borrowed library book for her Defense Against The Dark Arts homework.

Vampires are to put it simply- bloodsuckers. They roam by night and the type of blood they drink varies from breed to breed. The most prominent are the 'regular' vampires of the British breed Ari Guya; contradicting with a common belief that the Ari Guya are almost all Muggles, French witch Mirielle la Cova proved that the Ari Guya are mostly wizards, while the less prominent breed Caranack usually drink Muggle blood.

Hermione yawned greatly. Tiredly she went on to the next line.

While all vampires are dangerous and should be treated with caution, perhaps the most dangerous are the Incompertus breed, for little is known about them and they can sometimes infect whole families. People might believe in superstitions surrounding vampires, but it is false that crosses can drive them away. Holy water is not completely effective against

She rubbed her eyes gently. She heard a door slamming and assumed that Harry was back.

vampires. Facing annihilation in the mid-1800s, only about one-tenth of the original number of vampires migrating from Russia live in Europe at present, around 1 000. Also, a great fire set by

Her eyelids were drooping.


She struggled to stay awake.


She let the weariness wash over her.

thousands of

The fire and the candles in the room extinguished automatically as Hermione fell into a deep slumber.



Drowning in blood.

Words on walls.


A shower of white roses fell in a sinister way, disappearing into the pool of blood.

The words said-

They said-

I'll drink your blood with…


Hermione woke up with a start, panting and drenched in sweat. Sunlight was streaming through the high windows, bathing the room in a soft, welcoming golden.

Groaning Hermione sat up.

Her headache was back.

Hermione quickly put on her school robes, hoping to catch an early breakfast and finish her Defense homework. She couldn't believe she had fallen asleep!

She hurried out of the Head common room, books in hand. The halls were nearly empty save for the moving portraits.

Just as she rounded the corner, a pair of hands grabbed her and pulled her into a dark alcove, making her lose grip of her books.

Hermione cried out a throaty "Oof!" before a hand clapped down on her mouth.

She blindly kicked at her captor and he let go of her, grunting.

Anger in her eyes, she turned to face him and gasped, "Y-you?"