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The snow fell in soft, gentle flakes, coating the ground in a blanket of fluffy whiteness. The darkness was only broken by the occasional star that managed to break through the clouds overhead. The wind blew softly, more like a breath against your ear than a gale force intent on pounding a person into the ground. Another light soon broke the unrelenting darkness, from a small cottage shone the flicker of a candle sitting on a windowsill – its gentle light a beacon for those searching for home.

Inside of the cottage, the scene was much like the one outside – peaceful and quiet. The fire burned and crackled merrily in the hearth. The tree stood proud in the corner, sporting a myriad of decorations from bubble lights to candy canes. Christmas music played softly from an unseen source. Champagne glasses, now empty, sit on the floor, waiting to be refilled. Garland is draped from the walls and the ceiling, spreading color across the room.

The truly heartwarming sight was the two couples on the couches next to the fire. Black hair tangled with brown and red hair tangled with blonde. Placed strategically above both couches was a sprig of mistletoe which the boys took optimum advantage of. While the redhead smiled softly and kissed the blonde's hair, she gently teased him, playing footsie with the foot she could reach. The soft music was augmented by the occasional giggle.

The brunette laid a hand on the cheek of the black haired man and leaned up to press her lips against his. The kiss contained all the love and happiness that she felt at this moment in time – and conveyed her feelings of contentment better than any words she could speak. She snuggled into the black haired man's embrace. He smiled down at her, kissing the top of her head and tucking a wild strand of hair behind her ear. His hands drifted down to rest on her swollen belly. This time next year, the quiet group would be joined by two new members. Soon, cries and gales of childish laughter would be added to this house.

The black haired man smiled again and snuck a look at where the redheaded man kissed the swollen belly of his blonde bride. All was well in his world now. His family had made it though all the trials and tribulations thrown at them and they survived and grew stronger. In the new world that lay before them, they found peace and prosperity and most important of all – they found love. The black haired man wound the fingers of his left hand through the fingers of the brunette's left hand – the fire glinting off the simple gold bands found there. The black haired man smiled again – he found what he was looking for all along. Here in this moment, with his brother, his new sister and his love, he found his home.