Teen Titans – Video Games Are Fun!

1. Introduction & Prologue

Author: El Queso de Melicioso

Series: Teen Titans

Genres: Action/Adventure/Romance

Rated: M

Pairings: BB/Rae(Main), Rob/Star(Side)

WARNING: This story will be rated M for a reason… a lot of reasons… I've never been one to take a rating lightly… Then again, I've never been one to write a non-M-rated story either… Weird, huh? Well, this is rated M for language, violence, innuendo, and something a bit past innuendo…if you know what I mean…

Disclaimer: Any relation to existing proper nouns, real or fictional, is completely coincidental…unless it isn't. In which case, I don't own it!

And, now for some information on the people as to keep the two of you reading this on the same page as me! First things first, this takes place three years after the defeat of the Brotherhood of Evil…worst villains EVER!

Raven Roth – Age: 19: Raven is now 5'7", but looks almost the same as always. Although, her hair has been allowed to grow to finally reach her shoulders. Other than that, she still wears that same black leotard and dark blue robe. Her face and body have both matured and the color of her eyes have changed from their earlier dark violet to a light indigo.

Beast Boy/Garfield Logan – Age: 18: Now 5'11", BB has become the second tallest member of the team, second only to Cyborg. His hair has grown out slightly, but is still green. His skin is now a somewhat darker shade of green and he has finally gained some actual muscle mass.

Cyborg/Victor Stone – Age: 23: Cyborg is, and has been for as long as he can remember, 6'4". He has not changed much at all, except that he now has a slightly more mature looking face (on the human side that is).

Robin/Richard Graysen – Age: 20: Robin is now 6'10", just short of BB by one inch. He has also matured in the face and body. Although he has not yet adopted the identity "Night Wing", he now looks exactly as he had in Star's trip to the future if he had still been Robin.

Princess Koriand'r Starfire – Age: 19: Starfire is still the innocent and curious Tamaranian that she has always been. However, she has matured both physically and emotionally. She has reached her full peak of womanhood, with a curvaceous figure, a perfect face, and the biggest… you've ever seen! She's traded in her normal outfit for something that she has deemed "More suitable for fighting in". Her powers have increased as well. Her starbolts can be lethal and she has reached a flying speed near that of sound, and has finally allowed Robin to teach her some basic karate techniques, making her one kick-ass b-tch!

Terra/Tara Marcov – Age: 14 or 18

Terra got "stoned" at the age of 14 and obviously didn't age during the period of petrification. But, the four years still went by. So, her age is debatable. She looks exactly the same as she had before becoming petrified. There is absolutely no difference in her appearance.

Prologue: Please!


Raven's POV











"No!" This argument had been going for nearly five minutes and I was finally beginning to tire of it. Although I normally don't allow Beast Boy to go on for this long, I actually felt like having a stupid argument. Against popular belief, I actually do enjoy those stupid, little "please"-"no" arguments. Although irritating, they can also be entertaining and an easy way to kill time. But, I was feeling oddly moody today. One second, I wanted to argue, then another, I wanted to rip off his stupid little head and shove it up his green…ahem…


"Don't make me hurt you" I found myself saying in a much harsher tone than I had intended. I was just about to apologize and even accept the offer when I saw him actually leaving the common room. His head was down and he looked like he had been beaten with a 2-by-4. I hadn't meant to be so harsh. He was just trying to get me to play one of those stupid video games… Why am I so hateful?

I quickly found myself walking from the common room as well. I had to apologize… no matter how difficult it might be. I quickly found myself in front of his door and was just about to knock when I heard the sound of a toilet flushing from the hallway bathroom, followed by the sound of running water. It stopped shortly after and the door opened.




I had just finished in the bathroom and had opened the door to leave when I saw Rae standing at the door to my bedroom staring in my direction. It was at that point that I decided to apologize for bothering her earlier. I approached and quickly noticed the uneasy expression on her face. Well, it was actually blank like usual. But, there was a small undertone of unease.


Raven's POV


Well, it's now or never. He's walking right up to me. I'd better just say it.

"I'm sorry" I said simply. But then, I noticed something odd. He had said that he was sorry at the same time as I had. And, I now noticed that he noticed the exact same as me. Due to the pure misunderstanding of the entire situation, because we both felt bad for something simultaneously, the comedy and irony were so obvious that neither of us could hold back laughter. He chuckled in that way that he does when embarrassed and I gave a small sigh of laughter to show that we were on the same page.




I could hardly believe it! We were laughing at the same time! I mean, sure, Rae's was just a small sigh. But, she smiled, and that was all I wanted. But then, something even stranger happened.

"I changed my mind. I'd like to play a game" Did she actually say that? Have I gone insane? Even so, I won't let this slide… ever!

"Yeah-I mean, okay." I was attempting to act calm… and failing miserably. "Let's see what I got. Maybe we'll find something that you actually like."


Raven's POV


And, it was out there. I had just agreed to play one of his games, and we were heading to the common room. Maybe I'd find one I like? Good luck…

We sat on the couch, Beast Boy obviously confused yet pleased, myself exceedingly apprehensive. The little, green tweak was shuffling randomly through his piles of games. He then began to read off titles while I declared my opinion in my trademarked sarcasm.

"Grand Prix; 2012?"

"I don't do races…"


"Playing sports while sitting on the couch…sounds glorious…"

"Star Fox Adventures?"

"Talking animals bother me."

"That's just rude…"

"What?" I had heard him. But, the remark came suddenly. I was slightly surprised. But, nothing came of it. Beast Boy just kept up his search.

"Duck hunt?"

"Aren't you a vegetarian?"

"Vampire Piggies 2?"

"Interesting… But no."

"Ooh!" Apparently he had found something. I was worried for obvious reasons. Beast Boy didn't usually let out such an exclamation unless he had found a game he hadn't played in a long time, he found some food that was over a year old, thought up a horrid prank, or saw a particularly attractive loaf of bread for his collection.

"What?" I asked my simple one word question…that I'm apparently known for.

"This was my favorite game for the longest time! I can't believe I lost it!" He began to hop around like a drunken monkey.

"I'm already scared."

"It's okay! I think even you'll like it!"

"Okay, let's take a look." He held the game up for me to see. It was a different kind of video game from most he owned. Unlike the CDs that were all over, it was some kind of cartridge. It was grey with a picture on the front with a sword and shield crossed over the word "Zelda". As odd as it may seem, I was actually a little impressed. I reached over and plucked the game from his hand as to take a closer look and make my final decision.

"Looks good."

"What?" He looked almost psychotic in his current level of surprise.

"Looks like…fun?" I was terrified at myself for having said that, but I was honestly interested. Maybe I actually WOULD enjoy it.




Did she say what I thought she did? 'Sounds like…fun?' I mean sure! There was a pause and a questioning rise in pitch at the end. But, she wasn't even lying. She was just feeling awkward…which is completely understandable. But, at least she agreed to a game. I hope it still works… That would suck…

The whole time, while going through that thought process, I had taken the game back from Raven and had inserted it into the game console. Then, I handed the controller over to her.


Raven's POV


I was just staring down at the controller trying to get my bearings when Beast Boy turned the game on and sat back next to me.

"Ya' gettin' it?" he asked in an uncharacteristically calm voice.

"Uhhhh… What's this button do?" Oh shit! I think I just pulled a Starfire! But…he didn't seem to care…or even notice.

"Let's start you at a new game so you can get the whole tutorial thing from Navi."


"Yeah, the fairy" he said

I raised my eyebrow and said "A fairy… why wouldn't it be a fairy…"

He didn't seem to notice my sarcasm as he continued with an exclamation. "Ooh! The title screen!"

I watched the "title screen" and saw something that I hadn't foreseen. I had expected things to start exploding instantly like with most of Beast Boy's games…but… The video began with some guy in a green…tunic riding a horse through some field. Then, the camera began to sway showing different parts of the field as the sun rose in the background. Then, we entered a tunnel and the screen went black. After about a second, the screen had changed to a video of that same guy in the green tunic staring as some Indian woman falls to her knees. She then was about to run when she got hit by a pair of energy balls. I was thouroughly intrigued as the screen went black and the opening returned to the boy riding the horse through the field.

"You like?" I was slightly surprised when Beast Boy asked me this. I hadn't realized exactly how into the video I had gotten. I answered him with a bored sigh. But, he continued. "Come on! I know you like it! You haven't been able to peel your eyes off the screen!" he shouted.

"Fine. It looks like…fun…" I said all this hesitantly, as if should I admit it, I would melt, explode, or just simply cease to exist. But, after admitting it, I remained in one… solid… existing… piece. So, I relaxed and prepared myself for what would come next.

"Okay, press that red button twice to start the game." I did so and was brought to a blue screen with a few options. "Select File 3." I did as I was told again. This time, the screen flipped over revealing a character naming… thingy. I was just about to take the regular name when I saw what it was and nearly face planted.

"What kind of name is 'Link'" I asked sarcastically as I changed it to the first name to pop into my head… which just happened to be "Bob Dole".

"Yeah, I never use the name either. So, I think we're ready. The red button should get you through this quickly." I pushed said red button and watched the game begin.

32 Minutes Later

"Use your shield!"

"I'm trying!" I shouted in response. I was currently facing off with some strange plant creature. It was shooting these odd seed-like objects at me. I was just trying to outrun them. But, Beast Boy was just making things harder by yelling at me.

"Use the R-button!"

"I am!" I kept hitting the button. But, nothing was happening.

"No you're not! You're hitting the L-one!" He was beginning to get on my nerves.

"Shut up Beast Boy" I said in my calm monotone as I attempted to get my emotions under control. This is exactly why I never play video games!

"I'm just trying to help!" he shouted in an odd tone. It sounded angry like he tends to get when things don't go right on these games. But, there was an undertone… of sadness… This made me feel slightly guilty. But, this was quickly replaced by rage.

"Shut up Beast Boy!" I shouted much louder than I had intended. Then, I felt it happen. I was losing control. Rage had gotten out and there was nothing that I could do. I felt myself float into the air and the controller began to glow with my well-known black aura. Then, it spread straight through the cord to the game console. Then, I finally forced Rage back into her chains. But, it was too late. The game began to twitch with my energy. I attempted to pull it back. But, nothing I did worked. Then, everything went black.




"I'm just trying to help!" I shouted. I didn't want to admit it. But, the way she was treating me really hurt.

"Shut up Beast Boy!" She had actually screamed this at the top of her lungs. It was strange. I almost never hear her scream unless she's in great amounts of pain or… Rage has gotten out. I realized exactly which one of those was the current case when I saw the black aura consume the controller, and the cord, and the entire game console. Raven was now floating into the air.

"Raven! Don't let him in!" I tried to shout to calm her down. But, it was quite obvious that she couldn't hear a word that I was saying. She was contorting, probably in the pain that was caused by that much power being used. It was too much for her. Leaving all inhibitions behind, I leapt at her as I saw the black aura begin to cover her own body. I wrapped my arms around her waist and tried to pull her back down to the ground, but the energy was beginning to surround my own body. But, I didn't care. At least I'd be with my Raven… and everything went black…

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