Chapter 6: Friendship Prevails! Farewell. A Brightened Future.

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Naruto completed the transformation of the fifth and sixth tail and destroyed the near by landscape. "Finally, I can destroy this world and there isn't anyone to stop me" "I'm not going to let you destroy this world. I'll stop you with my own power!" "Go ahead and try, brat!" Naruto began to break free from the kyuubi powers but he wasn't strong enough. "Hahaha, I told you that you couldn't…stupid brat!" Sakura was now worried about Naruto as he's been gone for quite some time. She decided to find him and to see if he was hurt. Sakura began to travel in the same direction Naruto had earlier to see that Sasuke was down and out. She went by his side and performed some medical ninjutsu on him until he was fine. She climbed up a nearby tree to see a huge beast with six tails made completely out of chakra. She immediately knew it was Naruto and went over to see him.

Jiraiya now had over 80 of Orochimaru's soul out of his body. Parts of his soul were already being eaten by the death god as the death god ate his soul before. Orochimaru's legs began to turn black like his arms did before. "Ah! This burning pain is back! Damn you Jiraiya!" Slowly, his soul was coming out a little bit at a time and it was only a matter of time that Jiraiya had his entire soul. Orochimaru again tried to break free using a jutsu but he couldn't even move his arms let alone form a seal. His entire body was disabled, there was nothing he could do except wait till Jiraiya ran out of strength to carry out the difficult jutsu. He stared at his former teammate and there was no giving up in his facial expressions. Orochimaru's soul was almost out at 89. The death god continued to pull out more and more. "Orochimaru, I'll see you on the other side. We can fight forever and there will never be a victor ever again!" "You can't. I won't let you take me over!" Jiraiya saw that the only part of Orochimaru's soul that needed to be pulled out was his head. He knew that the end was near.

Sakura ran towards her teammate wondering if he'll even recognize her. She didn't know what she could do for him. She thought about it but as she was going toward him, she was stopped. Sasuke had grabbed her shoulder. "I'll take care of Naruto, he's too powerful right now, there's nothing you can do to help him right now." "Sasuke, you'll get killed if you go over there alone. He won't recognize you; he'll kill you for sure!" "Maybe, but maybe this is my destiny. I wanted to kill Itachi and I couldn't do it. So I'm going to help Naruto even if I have to sacrifice my life to do it." Sasuke leapt towards Naruto with blazing speed and left Sakura in the dust behind him. The kyuubi continued to destroy anything in sight. It smashed the mountains, trees and crumbled the earth around.

Eventually, it was stopped by Sasuke's appearance. "Sasuke, get out of the way, you're going to get killed!" Naruto told Sasuke but it seemed that Naruto's voice wasn't able to come out. "Stupid brat, he can't hear you, my power have engulfed your body and has pretty much taken over. There's nothing you can do." Although Naruto's words couldn't get through to Sasuke, Sasuke's words did get through to Naruto. "Naruto, you're going to let this stupid fox control you? You might as well die here and now. What happened to the Naruto who never gave up and never went back on his words huh? You defeated Itachi and killed him for that matter. I thought you wanted me to kill him. But when you saw that I was down and out, you thought I was dead again and avenged my death right? Thanks, now it's my turn to save you!" "Kuchiyose no jutsu" Sasuke summoned his snake and road on top of its head. "You stupid snake, wrap around that chakra fox, squeeze it so tight that you burn off your layers of skin. I'll use that jutsu to protect you from the flames, so do it already." "Yes sir!" the snake replied. The snake attacked with extreme speed and wrapped around the kyuubi like Sasuke told him to. "Earth style jutsu, blazing heat protection, Amaterasu!" The snake was now covered in an earth encrusted shield covering and was also covered by the black fire of Amaterasu. "No! This isn't happening, my power is being drained. How?" "Sasuke's technique is one that sends things to another dimension. In other words, you stupid fox, he's sending your power to another dimension." "This isn't going to happen!" the kyuubi enraged couldn't do anything. "Oh, but it is. This is the end of your rampage stupid fox." Sasuke on the inside of the armor could feel Naruto's presence. "Hey, snake, you can stop now. Release the grip a bit but still hold on." "Yes sir!" the snake released the grip a little and Sasuke noticed that the number of tails were decreasing. It had six when he started and now it was down to two. "Naruto? Are you ok?" Naruto heard Sasuke's voice and then felt a sharp pain within him. "You stupid brat, I'm not going to let you win! Not after all this time my powers have been suppressed." The kyuubi's chakra began to grow again and Sasuke tried the technique he used earlier but it didn't work. The kyuubi's chakra had grown far too powerful for the technique. The chakra hit Sasuke and his snake away a good distance. "Brat, I'm going to take over your body completely now and I will destroy your precious home like I was suppose to 16 years ago! There's no one that can seal me now." The kyuubi chakra grew past the six tails from before and grew three more completing the kyuubi, the nine tailed demon fox.

Jiraiya felt the presence of an evil chakra, along with Orochimaru and Tsunade. They all felt what should have been sealed. "It looks like your faith in that kid perished, Jiraiya. That horrible chakra is back and ready to terrorize this land." "Shut up, Orochimaru, do you remember what I told you three years ago when we found Tsunade? I told you that guts makes a great ninja, not some special blood line limit. He will succeed getting through this and I'm sad that I won't be able to see his cheerful face again. But now it's time to finally rid you from this world." Jiraiya charged all his remaining chakra into his hands and finally pulled out Orochimaru's soul. "Fuuin" the death god sliced the connection he had to Orochimaru and began eating his soul. Jiraiya fell backwards into Tsunade's arms and saw the seal form on his stomach. It was completely different from Naruto's as it was a complete seal with no access to get out. Orochimaru's body fell over and with his final breath, "Damn you, Jiraiya!" Jiraiya breathed deeply as the death god was finishing Orochimaru's soul, he went to grab Jiraiya's when the crystal Tsunade had placed earlier began to glow a bright green. The death god took the crystal instead and Jiraiya's eyes opened wide, "What's happening?" "My jutsu succeeded, instead of death, I place a chakra filled crystal on your back. In this case, the death god took the crystal and one more thing." Jiraiya looked at his hands to see they were getting more wrinkled. "My age, it's taking some life from me?" "To be precise, it's taking five years away from you, but, you're alive." "So… your jutsu takes some life away from me by making me older and takes a chakra sacrifice placed in an inanimate object, interesting." "The important thing is that you're alive and you're still here with me." Jiraiya with a confused look stared at Tsunade. "Huh? What do you me still here with me?" Tsunade blushed, "nothing, I didn't say that, Jiraiya, you're older than you think you must be losing your hearing." (Jiraiya thought) "I know what you said, I'm glad too." (End thought)

The kyuubi rampaged its way closer and closer to Konoha and soon it would be at its front gate. Sasuke tried to catch up to it but couldn't. Just then, Sasuke saw Sakura, Sakura told him that she rushed her way back to Konoha after he left to warn everyone. She told Sasuke that Iruka and the other teachers have already sent all the academy students and civilians to a safe area where they will stay with and protect them. Sasuke understood and told her that the tails have fully bloomed with all nine; "Naruto won't be able to recognize anyone which means…we'll have to destroy him." Sakura shocked to hear Sasuke say those words slapped him across the face. "The Sasuke I know would never say that to a friend. Even if he's out of control, his body is still there, it's only chakra after all that has surrounded his body. If Naruto was here, what would he do in this kind of situation?" Sasuke rubbed his face and thought. "He would want us to stop him before it reached Konoha; he cares too much for the village and is willing to sacrifice his life to save it. He would rather die for the sake of the village than give up and let it terrorize his home and friends." "That's the Sasuke I know, let's do it!" "Kuchiyose no jutsu" Sasuke summoned his snake again and Sakura summoned Katsui. "Katsui, we have to stop that fox before it reaches Konoha." "You too you stupid snake." "Understood" the two summoning beasts said.

Konoha was in sight as the kyuubi saw its village to terrorize. "I'm finally here, there's no one who can stop me now." "Hey, stupid fox; looks who's coming behind you fast!" "What?" "Sakura-chan, Sasuke, help me!" "Sasuke and Sakura had a short pause in their minds. "Did you just hear Naruto?" "Yeah, let's go!" the two teammates came behind the kyuubi as fast as they could when Sakura looked over at the Konoha gate. It seemed that every available ninja in Konoha came out to stop the rampaging fox. Sasuke saw Kakashi, Gai and everyone else. Kakashi commanded a few younger ninja to get back but stay here for support. They understood the command and then Gai told all the ANBU there to strike first as they are the ones on the front line. The Anbu proceeded with the order and tried to stop the raging beast. Sakura went up to the gate where the rest of the Konoha ninja were. "Kakashi-sensei, Sasuke's back. The beast you see is made from chakra so it only looks like the kyuubi but it's actually Naruto. Naruto can't control the power and it was released when he fought Itachi." "Itachi? Is he still alive?" "No, Uchiha Itachi is now dead along with Kisame, Deidara and I'm guessing Orochimaru and Kabuto." Kakashi shocked to hear the news had many questions but it wasn't the time to ask them. "Kakashi-sensei, what should we do?" "I don't know…we don't have anything that can…" "Kakashi!" Gai came over and whispered something into Kakashi's ear. Kakashi thought about what Gai had said and decided quickly that it was the only way. "Sakura, we're going to need your super strength. You see the path between the kyuubi and the gate?" "Yes." "We need you to smash that into a crater. But just before you fall, get Katsui to give you a boost and dispel her from the fight then an Anbu member will catch you. Understood?" "Yes." Sakura proceeded with Kakashi's plan she brought Katsui to the point where Kakashi told her to make the crater. Sakura jumped to the ground and began to punch it open, creating the crater. The ground below her then fell and Sakura jumped on top of Katsui who then gave her a boost like Kakashi told her to. The anbu member caught too and brought Sakura back to the gate. "Kakashi-sensei, what are you going to do with the crater?" "We're going to trap Naruto." At that point Sasuke had come over to the gate. Some of the other Konoha ninja stared at him coldly but being Sasuke, he ignored them. "Now Sasuke, as your former teacher, and leader, I need you to do something very important; you and Sakura together. I need you to talk to the kyuubi, talk to Naruto long enough to distract him and lure him here. We're preparing a sealing technique used to suppress evil chakra. Sasuke may remember it from when you first got the curse seal. Except this one is about a hundred times more powerful able to suppress a beast carrier's evil chakra." "Understood. The two young ninjas said."

Sasuke and Sakura went right for Naruto on top of Sasuke's snake. "Naruto!" Sakura had called out to her teammate. Naruto can you hear me?" Inside Naruto's mind, Naruto heard a faint but similar voice. He knew it was Sakura's and opened his eyes to see that they were there indeed calling out to him. Naruto still felt the kyuubi's power growing stronger. "Stupid brat, there's nothing you can do to stop me I've taken over your body and am about to destroy your beloved village, hahaha." "You idiot! You're going to give up and let that thing take over your body? Only a total moron would let that happen. Naruto, I've known you too long and I know you're not a total moron, sure, you're stupid at times but you're not a second rate ninja. You're a first rate ninja, the number one unpredictable ninja of the hidden village of Konoha. A ninja finally recognized by this village, by your fellow comrades and by me! You're my friend and I'm not going to let some stupid fox take over your body even if it means I have to die. I'll break your arms and legs before that though." Naruto heard Sasuke's words completely and thought in his head of ways to get out. "Naruto, come over here towards Konoha, we have something for you." Naruto heard Sakura and finally took control. "Hey stupid fox, it's time that you go back to the cage you're suppose to be in." "I like to see you try!" With that, Naruto began to charge his own chakra and the kyuubi began to get worried. "Stop, you don't know what you're doing." Naruto used his chakra to get some control over his body. Back at the gate, Neji appeared with Hinata. Kakashi asked to seek Naruto's chakra and see if he was coming yet. The both of them used their special ability of the Byakugan to find Naruto's chakra. They found it and told Kakashi of the small blue chakra leaking out from all of Naruto's chakra pores along with the gigantic red chakra surround the blue. "Naruto, you've finally gotten hold of yourself, good."

Naruto felt his own power now and broke free from the kyuubi's grasp on his body. "Let's go you stupid fox." Naruto ran forward and looked to his left to see Sakura and Sasuke right beside him. "Naruto there's a crater right ahead. Go into it!" Naruto heard Sakura's command not knowing what was going to happen but he understood the command and did as he was told. Naruto kept running forward until he saw the crater Sakura was talking about. "Stop! You don't know what's going to happen and you're going to jump right into that thing? Are you crazy?" "Hey, stupid fox, sometimes crazy things turn out good." Naruto then jumped into the crater and grabbed on to the walls using his chakra. Immediately afterwards, fourteen Anbu members along with ten Jounins surrounded the crater in a large circle. Sakura then noticed that five anbu members jumped across from one point to another throwing kunai at certain locations. While everyone one else had a scroll in their hands and they began chanting a speech that Sakura couldn't hear. Kakashi then commanded them to do it now as they were ready. All the Jounins and Anbu members then shouted out, "Fuuinjutsu: Evil Chakra suppressor" The technique used glowed a bright yellow with lines of chakra drawn from the points where the kunai were. "Sasuke look, the lines are drawing something out, a seal?" Sasuke looked over and noticed that Sakura was right and the lines were forming a symbol of some sort. They didn't know what the symbol was but the light was getting brighter and brighter, bright enough that Sakura and Sasuke couldn't see a thing. After a few minutes the light dimmed slowly and Sakura saw the symbol of the Konoha leaf just like the headbands and a crystal in the middle. When the lights were finally gone, everyone looked into the crater. By that time Sasuke had already dispelled his snake away and Sakura was right by the crater's edge.

Everyone waited to see if the technique had worked or not with everyone ready to strike if it didn't. A rock came bursting out of the crater to a blue claw; Kakashi freaked out and then made a weird face. The claw went back into the crater and Naruto jumped out of the crater normal. Kakashi approached Naruto and smacked him in the head. "Hey! What was that for?" "Being an idiot, like usual" was Kakashi's response. "You made that claw out of your own chakra to freak everyone out didn't you?" "Hahaha…I did." Sakura and Sasuke came over to see their teammate. Sakura gave Naruto a hug much to Kakashi and Sasuke's disbelief. Naruto blushed when he was hugged and stared up at Sasuke. "Thanks Sasuke, you really helped me back there, if it wasn't for you, I might have given up and let the kyuubi win." Naruto and Sasuke shook each other's hand and knocked each other's shoulders.

"Naruto, I need to see something. Lift up your shirt; I need to see the seal made by the Yondaime." Naruto did as Kakashi told him to and lifted his shirt up. The seal wasn't there. Kakashi then asked Naruto to mold a little chakra. Naruto again did as he was told and then the seal made by the Yondaime showed up. It had cracks in it to notify that the seal had been broken but around the original seal was one with scribbles around it with four lines pointing out, then the Konoha symbol with the crystal showed up on top of Naruto's belly button. "Kakashi-sensei, what is that seal?" "It's the evil chakra suppressor of the Yondaime. He created the first technique used, the Fuuinjutsu: Shiki Fuuin that originally sealed the kyuubi into your body. But he also created that one with some inspiration from the Shodaime's ability to suppress high chakra level. He created that one and told the third who then told me to use that jutsu on you when you got older. It's will permanently seal the kyuubi within you where you can no longer use his powers to fight, however his ability to heal you at extreme speed still has it's effect since your body is too use to that already. In other words, the kyuubi is gone from the world, sealed away forever within your body unable to come out no matter what." Naruto understood that the kyuubi was gone and that's all he cared about. Sakura attended to Naruto's minor physical injuries and asked Kakashi to summon a medical team to bring Naruto to the hospital. Naruto said he was fine but Sakura still made him go.

As Sakura and the medical team were bringing Naruto to the hospital, a large shadow overtook the area above the hospital. A frog had jumped above and landed in front of the hospital. "Ero-sennin?" "Hey Naruto, how's it going?" "Naruto! Were there any damages to the village? If there were, you're paying for them." "Tsunade oba-chan?" Sakura called out to the Hokage, "Tsunade-sama, there weren't any damages to the village; everything took place outside the village. Also Sasuke has returned." Tsunade and Jiraiya both had a shocked expression on their faces. Sasuke raised his hand to say hi. "Naruto, you idiot apprentice, you actually came through with your words and saved Sasuke." "Of course, a man never takes back his words and Naruto promised Sakura that he'd rescue him and he did. Even if it took him three years to do it." Naruto jumped up on top of the frog to see Jiraiya and saw that he was hurt pretty badly. "Ero-sennin, what happened between you and Orochimaru? Is he gone?" Jiraiya lifted his shirt to reveal the same seal marking Naruto had on his stomach. "He's gone, right here." Jiraiya pointed to his seal. Naruto saw the seal and asked, "Who sacrificed their life to seal Orochimaru into you?" "No one did, I performed the sealing technique and sealed him within myself." "But…I heard from Kakashi-sensei that when that sealing technique is used, the user dies, just like Sandaime." "Well, Tsunade figured out a new jutsu. To be used on people who perform this technique, she saves the users from death by giving the death god some life and chakra in exchange." "Wow! That's amazing Tsunade oba-chan" "Naruto, stop calling me an old lady!" "But it's true!" Tsunade began to get angry. "Ah! Sorry, I take it back. I don't want to die yet" Tsunade laughed it off and patted Naruto on the head.

Later that night, Tsunade gathered all of Konoha for an announcement of some sort. By that time, Naruto had healed up at the hospital, along with Sasuke and Jiraiya. Tsunade stood up at the top of the Hokage's office to make her announcement. "Everyone, recently, there have been many chains of event that happened in this village of Konoha. First and foremost, there was the attack by the Anbu "root" division which caused some stir in our village. Second, there was the attack of the Akatsuki who were seeking Uzumaki Naruto, in which we were also succeeded in taking care of. Orochimaru's death was taken care of by Jiraiya and me. The rest of the Akatsuki were taken out by the young Konoha ninja who bravely took on their opponents. However, these more current events have leaded me to decide the fate of some people in our village. Firstly, the Anbu members who were in the root division will lose their places in Anbu and be arrested until further notice. Uchiha Sasuke has returned to this village after leaving it for three years to train under Orochimaru. Although he is seen as a traitor to Konoha, we will accept him back under the condition that he promises to report any and all activities he plans on or does in the near future." Sasuke made a weird face and stared at the Hokage after hearing that announcement. "Also, I have arranged that anbu members directly under my command will escort Sasuke to where ever who goes for a short time until the village accepts his return. Finally, I have decided to choose a new Hokage today. The new Hokage won't take the seat of Hokage yet, but he or she will when the time comes." Naruto was bored out of his mind with the announcement that Tsunade was making, the new Hokage? It probably was going to be someone else; he wouldn't be made Hokage yet. "The Rokudaime Hokage of Konoha has been chosen with the advisors and fellow members of my council agreeing to the decision. The new Hokage will be…Uzumaki Naruto!" Everyone in Konoha was shocked to hear the decision. "YAY! I'm the new Hokage! Or at least I will be! YAY!" Sakura smacked Naruto in the head and told him to shut up. "The council and I have decided that Naruto is the best ninja fit for the job as he has accomplished quite a few things in these past few days. He has defeated two Akatsuki members including Uchiha Itachi who was the murderer of the Uchiha clan around ten years ago. We have decided to choose him without a doubt because we think he will make a fine Hokage in the future." The village fell silent for a moment but eventually claps could be heard and cheers as well. The future of Konoha looked brighter than ever.

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