Kagome was walking back to her house after school when Erin ran up to her breathless. "Kagome... are you ..." Erin caught her breath then continued "Are you going to the New Moon dance?" "Yeah right, who has time for such a silly thing?" Kagome stopped walking and turned toward Erin "Besides I don't have a date." "What about Hojo?" "I told you I'm not interested in him!" "Then who are you interested in!" "... No one..." "Then ask Hojo." "No! look if I can get a date, on my own, I'll go." Then Kagome ran down the street to her house. She tossed her backpack on the floor next to the well. Then she jumped in, to the other world.

Kagome climbed out of the dirty well and onto the firm ground. She brushed off her skirt and started running toward the village. Just then Inu-Yasha jumped down from the tree limb he had been sitting on. "Ahh!" Kagome jumped "Back so soon?" "Yeah well, I wanted to ask you something..." "Well spit it out!" "Will you go to my school dance with me?" "Feh... who has time for such a stupid thing like that!" "Oh please Inu-Yasha!" "Give me one good reason!" He snarled, "It's on the night of the new moon, so you'll be human, and you cant fight, you'll be too weak." "Feh, I still won't go to your stupid school thing." "I knew you were a jerk!" Kagome yelled at him "What! What did you say!" Inu-Yasha said as he grabbed her shoulder so she was facing him. Just then Kagome started to cry. "Oh... no she's crying, what did I do!" Inu-Yasha thought. "Fine..." Inu-Yasha mumbled "Wha-" "I'll go to your stupid dance, if it makes you happy..." "Oh Inu-Yasha thank you!" Kagome said as she hugged him then ran towards the well and jumped threw.

Two days later, the night before the New Moon dance. Kagome had picked out a pink sparkly dress, "Hey mom!" Kagome shouted from upstairs "Yes?" her mother shouted, "Do you have any of dad's suits left?" "I think so why?" I need em for the dance tomorrow-" Just then the phone rang. "Hello?" "Hey Kagome, did you get a date yet?" "Yep!" "Really? Who?" "You'll find out at the dance." Kagome hung up the phone. "Here Kagome" Her mother said as she walked in the room with her dad's suit. "Thanks mom, looks his size." "Who's size?" "Inu-Yasha." "Are you sure that's safe? I mean he's a demon, don't you think people will notice his ears?" Her mom said a little worried, but Kagome just sighed "He won't have his dog ears, or claws... or fangs... or white hair..." her mom just looked a little confused but shrugged and walked away. "Oh!" Her mother quickly said "Bed time, it's 11:30. Don't want to be too tired for the dance tomorrow." Then her mom walked down the stairs.

The next morning Kagome woke up to two golden yellow eyes staring at her, she gasped but then realized "INU-YASHA!" Kagome screamed at him "How long have you been here?" "Two minutes! Feh..." He said jumping away from her bed, "I'm ready for your stupid dance" "Alright then, try this suit on and see if it fits." Kagome said picking her dads suit off her chair and tossing it towards Inu-Yasha. Inu-Yasha walked into the bathroom and tried successfully to put on the pants, but had some trouble with the top. "AGH! Why won't this infernal thing go on! And why is it so itchy!" Kagome heard Inu-Yasha yell "Do you need help in there?" "No! I'm a big boy! I can do it by myself!" he snarled "...so he says..." muttered Kagome. Just then Inu-Yasha walked out of the bathroom dressed and all