"Wow Inu-Yasha... I've never seen you look so... civilized..." As the hours went on the sky started to darken and Inu-Yasha slowly turned into his human state.

"Who's your date Kagome?" Kagome's mom said as Kagome and Inu-Yasha walked down the stairs. "It's Inu-Yasha." "What happened to his ears? And his white hair?" "He's half human, too-' Kagome glanced down at her watch. "Ohmygosh! We're going to be late!" She yelled as she pulled Inu-Yasha out the door.

Meanwhile, Miroku, Sango, and Shippo were just sitting around the old well talking. "I can't believe, Inu-Yasha would go with Kagome to her school dance. He doesn't seem like a reasonable type of guy..." Sango said aloud "Why wouldn't he, Inu-Yasha, has it in for Lady Kagome." Miroku said "But he doesn't act like it." "I guess Inu-Yasha's a little shy of his feelings." Shippo said. Just then a thick breeze of cold wind swept over the three of them. "Something doesn't feel right..." Miroku mumbled. Just then a white figure appeared in front of them. "Naraku!" Sango yelled as she stood up and grabbed her boomerang, Miroku gripped his hand with his wind tunnel. "Your going down." Miroku yelled "Heh heh heh... I don't think so... now that the half breed and that little wench are gone, you can't beet me..." Naraku laughed

Back at the school dance, Kagome's friends were surrounding her and Inu-Yasha. And they were asking a lot of question's like "Are you too dating?" "Were did you meet?" "Did you ever kiss?" "Sorry I doubted you." After Kagome and Inu-Yasha answered all those questions. Erin walked up to Kagome. "Is this the guy you were talking about, the guy whose two timing you!" Erin whispered in her ear.

Later on Kagome finally got Inu-Yasha to dance with her. "See you place your hands on my hips and you move back and forth." "And you find this fun?" "Not really fun... but romantic I guess."

After the song was over Kagome sat down and told Inu-Yasha to go get her some punch, he put up a fight about it, but Kagome's sudden headache made him do it. "What's wrong Kagome?" Inu-Yasha asked "Something wrong, I left my jewel shards with Sango and the others. What if their in trouble?" Kagome sounded worried. "Well, they can take care of themselves I'm sure, and besides you don't want to ruin your dance, or whatever…" "Your right they can take of themselves." As the dance went on Inu-Yasha heard some pretty weird songs, like this one song that sang 'Shake it like a polaroid picture' "What the hell does that mean?" Inu-Yasha thought

Meanwhile Back with Miroku and the others. "Quick Miroku do something!" Sango yelled "I can't use my wind tunnel, with the venom wasps around!" He yelled, "I'll go get lady Kagome and Inu-Yasha!" Miroku yelled as he jumped through the well that led to Kagome's world. "Ooof!" Miroku hit the cold ground of the well and noticed he had made it through. "Ahh I guess the shards allowed me to pass through time." He said as he held the small bottle of cut pieces of the jewel. Miroku quickly climbed up the rope ladder and walked out of the shrine. He ran over to the house next to it. And knocked on the door. And a lady (Kagome's mom) answered it. "Why hello can I help you?" "Yes kind lady can you tell me where Kagome is?" "Oh yes, her and her date went to the dance at the school just down that road there." She pointed, "Ok thank you!" and Miroku was off.