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The South Park High School Senior Class Party:

Wendy had been called quite a few things in her life. Overachieving bitch, manipulative ho, self-serving waste of tits… She had heard about a zillion variations of the same thing. However, since the majority of these insults came from Eric Cartman, she had never paid that much attention. After all, Cartman insulted everyone within a twenty mile radius. His vile, almost vicious wrath could be turned to anyone at any time, and for some reason it was quite frequently centered directly upon her.

However, apart from the occasional catty/jealous Raisins chick or fellow student who just happened to consistently 'lose' their homework and have theirgrade point averageslip just the tiniest bit lower than hers (Welcome to the Top Ten class rankings, Wendy Testaburger!) she had not had that many problems with her fellow classmates.

That was why, standing here in the middle of their senior class party and having her boyfriend call her out in front of the entire school—including Cartman, who had taken a break from stuffing his face and was giving them the funniest look—was so surprisingly painful.

One week earlier…

Stan Marsh would be the first to admit that he defied all of the usual high school stereotypes. He was a football player (quarterback, no less) who couldn't talk to a girl—even one that he had been dating off and on for seven years—without vomiting in her hair. Somehow, despite this almost painful lack of social skills, he remained one of the most popular boys in his high school. Though he could tell that the girls were somewhat wary of him, he figured that the fact that he rarely spoke to any female outside of Wendy gave them the assurance they needed not to carry around ponchos and avoid him like the plague.

Of course, among the males of the school he was more popular.

Stan had always gotten along better with boys.

So, it was no surprise to anyone (except Stan) that he had been chosen to head up the group of students organizing the South Park High School Senior class party.

It was something of a tradition for the graduating class to take a break from cow-tipping, lighting manure on fire on the doorsteps of the unsuspecting elderly and then running like hell, and just generally acting like brainless deviants, for one night at the end of the school year. That night was reserved for different kinds of deviant behavior.

The graduation party was being held at Token Black's house. No other place had really been considered. Cartman had put up his usual fuss for Shaky's Pizza, but even that racist dick could see the appeal of Token's mansion, indoor swimming pool, and state of the art stereo system.

Stan, who was universally more liked than the rest of his friends (and, due to his football player status, was more able to exert good old-fashioned peer pressure) had been elected as the one to ask Token—who had been the only one left out of the decision, as he had the most convenient way of disappearing until he was needed to prove a point.

So, here he stood in the freezing-ass cold waiting for Token to open the door, and wondering why a house that big didn't come equipped with a butler like you saw in the movies. When he finally answered the door, looking winded from running the incredible distance from his room to the front door, Stan didn't waste time for talk. He had been here many times, and so headed directly fro Token's room, not bothering with talk until he was plopped on the bed and warmed up. After he had defrosted a bit, he made his request.

Token, as it turned out, was more than happy to oblige. "In South Park, you share what you have." He grinned as he said it, reaching into his private refrigerator and pulling out a beer, glancing up to make sure that his parents weren't standing outside of his open door.

For some reason, whenever Stan came over the door to Token's room had to be kept open. Parents' orders.

Token continued after a deep swig. "Just like Kenny McCormick shares his father's willingness to buy beer for anyone who slips him an extra five bucks."

Stan nodded. "Yeah…and Kyle, who shares his truly terrifying computer skills with those less technologically adept individuals, who have a power point presentation due the next day and absolutely no idea how to go about it." This was said with a meaningful look at the rich boy.

Token snickered, "And Cartman, who, by no will of his own, shares his mom!"

The pert and attractive crack-whore had helped virtually every one of their classmates into 'manhood'.

"Sick, dude!" Stan said, fighting his up-chuck reflex and taking that as his cue to leave.

He would never engage in that sort of thing, he reflected as he made his way home. He didn't know every place that Lianne Cartman had been, but the places that he did know about were enough for him, thank you very much. Besides, he had a girlfriend. Granted, he had never been further than second base with her, but that was through his own volition. He just hadn't gotten around to it yet.

Besides, he was petty sure that he wasn't the absolute only guy in South Park to have abstained from sex thus-far. There was always Cartman. But, for the love of God, who would so much as touch that asshole?

And there was Kyle. He thought that there was Kyle. For some reason, he had never asked and Kyle had never said. They tended to avoid sexual discussions, for some reason. It wasn't that he wasn't interested in the talking, but something always held him back.

Suddenly, the thought of the party had lost its appeal. He really wanted to know if Kyle had ever had sex.


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