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Chapter Seven

'And I serve the Fairy Queen….'

"Aspre loves Puuu-uuuck."

"Be quiet, Peaseblossom." I grumbled.

"Puck loooooves Aspre."

"Peaseblossom." Moth snapped warningly.

"Puck and Aspre are going to get maaaaaaaarrrrrrrrriii-"

"TACITE!" Moth howled, flinging out her right hand at him.

A blinding flash of golden light raced toward her brother. Peaseblossom attempted to scream, but no sound echoed from his now-mute throat. Moth smirked, and dusted her hands on her skirt, as though the cantrip had dirtied them. Instead of thanking her, I merely averted my eyes, scuffled my feet, and sighed. It had been like this ever since we had left the thicket where Puck had been sitting. Even now, I could feel his half-mocking, half-caressing stare upon my back. I drew in a deep, rattling breath, and stared pointedly at a holly tree to my left. Even that seemed to remind me of the look Puck had given me. If only because the wreath he wore on his head was of holly and ivy. I'd always loved ivy…something about the shape of the leaves entranced me. Tonight was one of the rare occasions when I didn't have a choker of it, or vines of the beautiful green stuff dripping from my hair, entwining itself in my locks.


I jerked myself out my trance to face a worried-looking Moth. I knew why she was worried, of course. I'd been day-dreaming a lot. Moth didn't approve of day-dreaming.

"Aspre? Y'there?"

She was waving her hand in front of my face; well, my lower nose, really. Moth was too short to reach my eyes. I shook my head as if to clear off a mosquito, and nodded.


Moth scuffled her foot in a patch of sand. "Well….we must leave you for a bit."

"Oh?" With uninterest.

"Yes." She nodded, and look at me with barely-concealed concern. I smiled weakly at her.

"Look, Moth, I'll be fine." I said, in response to her unspoken question. That was one of my talents; being able to recognize whole sentences in the eyes of humans and fey alike. Perhaps that's why the look Robin Goodfellow gave me made my skin crawl and my heart skip a beat.

"All right." She seemed very uncertain. "Peaseblossom and I have been called away to serve Titania, so you know where to find us…"

"I'm not a child, Moth." I returned, with an attempted light tone of voice. "I am sure I can take care of myself.

She bit her lip. Logic and experience warred within her, I could see that. Obviously a knowledgeable servant teetering on the brink of adulthood could take care of herself. But what of one with her head so far in the clouds as to practically be riding in Helios's chariot? I sighed. Sometimes the mothering nature of Moth was affectionate, but right now, I was really irritated by her seeming "protection".

"MOTH." I tried to control my tone of voice. "Please. I can take care of myself! I'm not the one who has to be accompanied by an older Fairy every time she goes out for a blasted walk-in-the-woods! If Titania has called you, you need to go!"

The younger fairy chewed her lip some more. Then, she nodded and grasped her brother's hand. However, before they turned and fled to the hunting lodge, I had caught Moth blinking hard and rapidly. Her eyes had been unusually shiny. Oh lord….if I made Moth cry…I didn't even want to think of the consequences!

"Hell. Hell, hell, BLOODY HELL!" I raged at the night sky as soon as I was a safe distance from the golden light pouring out of the lodge. There was a THUMP as I flung myself into a pile of oak leaves and rolled on my back to stare at the lovely silver coin that was the full moon. My eyes welled with tears of fury.

And then I heard it. Hot breath washed over my forehead, and as I sat up, I could feel it playing along my neck. I sat unresisting, my spine tingling in a not-unpleasant sensation. For the voice was singing to me. The words were easily forgotten, but the melody was not. I let the voice carry me to realms of unbroken ocean and endless plain, of sunlight and starlight, and of an emotion I'd only begun to feel this night. I relaxed back, onto what I thought was the trunk of the oak tree. My head touched not hard bark, but taunt, tanned skin. Two strong, yet gentle arms wrapped themselves around me. And I didn't even have to look up to know who it was.

"Robin…" I whispered, and I didn't need to say anything more.

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