Summary: The wizarding world has a secret that Draco Malfoy carries without him knowing it. There are some things that for some wizards held more importance than even the eventual defeat of Voldemort. Post HBP.

Pairing(s): HP/DM

Betas: This prologue has been beta'ed by Audrey.

Warning: This is slash and is going to have Mpreg at some future chapter, consider yourselves warned.

Disclaimer: Harry Potter, and all the characters from it don't belong to me, they belong to J., I'm not gaining anything but fun from writing this.

Dragon Blood.


The tranquility of the mountains and the forest were suddenly interrupted by a loud noise, much like an explosion that thundered across the landscape, every bird in the vicinity took flight and the animals ran without direction, terrorized in face of the danger that they knew was approaching but couldn't see. Suddenly, another thunder could be heard, and the sky seemed to catch on fire, heavy clouds of smoke were forming and what seemed lightening of different colors could be seen between them, lines of fire were crossing the sky from side to side while the earth below trembled each time one of those energy blasts crashed with it.

A huge winged form made its appearance from the hell in the clouds and rushed past the trees of the forest, managing to continue flying despite the obvious effort it was taking. It was a dragon, a big one, with slender body and long wings, its scales were rainbow colored, and the membrane of its wings almost translucent. At its side, almost invisible, a much smaller dragon was flying, fighting not to be left behind of the bigger creature. A mother with her offspring, seemingly flying for their lives.

The two figures, identical except for the size, took a turn to evade the side of a mountain and continued their hurried flight, behind them soon appeared other dragons of different species accompanied by men on brooms, who had their faces covered by masks, intent in attacking the two fugitives, the bigger one turned its head and spit a blast of blue fire that hit a Corned Dragon which collided with another and both of them fell to the forest below, taking one of the men with them to his doom.

The persecution continued with the rainbow colored dragons taking some advance on their hunters, but the mother was getting tired, she knew they would soon be captured and she couldn't let it happen. She had to put her baby in safety, her mind started to search the link with the wizarding family that had so nastily betrayed them but was her only hope at the same time. She didn't want to reach the wizard to whom she was linked, she didn't want to risk another mistake, the dragon was looking for someone that had not been tainted yet, that could still be influenced by their dragon magic, someone that wouldn't betray her little cub like her mate had been.

One yellow blast of energy hit her on the right flank, and she collided with a mountain, roaring in pain, one of her wings had nearly broken with the impact, she tried to continue flying but she was falling, she heard the cry of her dragonling and fight against the pain. This shouldn't be happening, she could not let them have her cub, she had to find the link to the right person quickly, she made a last effort to make contact with someone. Anyone! She was desperate. And suddenly it was there, a presence in her mind showing an invisible path to follow, the dragon roared and got new force, her scales started to shine and the two horns in her head emitted a purplish light.

The wizards following the two rainbow dragons nearly stopped flying when they saw the odd light surrounding the fugitives. The other dragons roared in annoyance and spit their fire, none of them hitting their target. The men were outraged.


"That thing is using magic! Stop it! We can't lose it!"

All of them threw blasts of energy at the two dragons, but it was late, the light became a purple void that swallowed the two flying figures and disappeared instantly, leaving the hunters fooled.

"Damn thing! We have lost the dragonling!"

"What are we going to do now Malfoy? The Dark Lord would not be pleased"

"Shut up Lestrange! Tell your wife that we need to find it! She can do it right?"

"I don't know, but I'll tell her"

"Go and do it! We have to get it alive!"

And they flew away, the rest of the dragons following them.


It was a boring afternoon for Narcissa Malfoy; she had nothing to do in the big manor, save wait for her husband to get back from the mission the Dark Lord had entrusted him with. The man won't be back until next morning but it was ok, Narcissa had no wish to humor him this night, she had been cranky these last days and she only wished to be left alone.

She was in front of a full wall window, looking to the back garden and the grounds that belonged to the Malfoy family when a sudden blast of light blinded her for a second, she protected her eyes with a hand and looked at the sky, her eyes widened in surprise and she turned and ran away from the window just in time to avoid the huge figure that crashed into it, taking part of the wall too and making an enormous hole. Narcissa was thrown to the floor with the force of the impact, but she got up quickly, coughing in the cloud of dust that had been made, she approached the big figure that lied in the floor unmoving and waited for the dust to clear itself, analyzing the thing that had collided with her home. She stopped a few steps from the form and gasped. It was a dragon, but not any dragon, a Rainbow magic one, they were rare, the most dangerous of all magical creatures because it was said that they could use the greatest of all magic. These dragons always had links with powerful wizards; she knew it because her family was one of the few that had maintained such links since ancient history.

What was this creature doing in her home? She had no link with one of them, she hardly know anything regarding the magical beasts or the secret powers it was said they granted. A shadow moved at her side and Narcissa turned somewhat alarmed, but her awe grew when she discovered the new figure that was slowly approaching the head of the fallen creature. It was a dragonling, surely the offspring.

The woman looked at the little dragon with interest. This could be good, these dragons were valuable beings, she remembered her sister telling her what a joy it had been to their Dark Lord to know she had a link with one of them. Narcissa tried to reach the young dragon, to touch it, but then the mother stirred and a loud pained growl filled the manor's corridors, one reddish eye opened and the woman felt fixed to the floor by the powerful stare, words seemed to seep into her mind as the dragon's head moved to face her.

'You… you are the traitor's sister…'

"My sister is no traitor, your kind is attached to her, to all of our family, we own you because of the link" Narcissa answered proudly. She flinched when she heard the anger in the next statement of the dragon.

'Fool… the deal is ancient and you haven't fulfilled your part… you know of it no more… you and your family are a disgrace to the ancient vow…'

"Don't you dare to talk to me like this! We are not traitors to any vow!"

'You are a fool girl… but you have the only thing that could still save us…'

"Me? Save who?" Said the woman skeptically.

'All of us… Here… inside you…'

The big eyes seemed to be looking at her abdomen, and Narcissa automatically put her hands on her belly, her eyes narrowing in comprehension.

"I see. So, I'm pregnant after all. Lucius would be satisfied, he's going to give one more follower to the Dark Lord."

'No, you'd do no such thing, that child would be ours!'

The big dragon huffed and an invisible force pushed Narcissa to the floor, she hit another wall and was left sprawled against it. It took a while to regain her breath and then she saw the dragonling just a touch from her, its right front paw bleeding.

'The child you bear will protect my baby, he'll be the last one of your line that would have a link with one of us, if he remains true to the ancient vow, our race would be saved…'

The little dragon stretched its paw to her; the woman kept looking at it, not knowing what to do.

'Drink it…'

Narcissa got into a state resembling a trance; she grabbed the paw with unsure hands and then leaned into it, liking and then sucking the crimson blood. A dumb pain slowly overcame her, but she continued drinking until she felt daggers being pushed into her tummy, she cried in pain and curled herself in the floor, the dragonling dissolving in thin air in front of her.

'The blood would reach the life inside you and will strengthen it, my baby would live within yours until adulthood, when the right time came he'd know everything… until then he'd live oblivious to it… And you… you must forget…!'

Narcissa felt a line of fire crossing her mind and she cried loudly, feeling her body twisting in pain, then suddenly it was gone and she was in a tight ball, panting on the floor of the parlor.

She got herself up, she didn't remember to have fallen and she glanced around her, looking for the cause of her position on the floor. The parlor was empty, the light illuminating it from the untouched window fading in the sunset. She frowned in confusion; it was not like her to faint without reason. She considered the strange situation for a while but finally she shrugged and turned around, calling the house elf to get dinner ready.