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Author's note: This is a paper that Lillian wrote for homework. I included it in the story just to give a semblance of Harry and Draco's lives. I don't know if the writing is adequate for a child, but let's pretend it is.

Chapter 27. Epilogue 2. My Family.

My Family

By Lillian Berenice Potter Malfoy

My name is Lillian Berenice Potter-Malfoy, but everyone calls me Lily or 'Nice. Except my dad, when I misbehave. He calls me by my full name then. I am 10 years old. My family consists of my parents, my grandmother 'Cissa, my grandmother Molly, a younger sister and a bunch of uncles and aunts and cousins, all of them from granny Molly's side, except uncle Severus. My parents are Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. They are really cool parents and love my sister and me dearly, and they let both of my grandmothers spoil us.

We live in Winchester, in daddy's family manor. It's huge and has many rooms and gardens. The entire family gathers there for birthdays and Christmas. It's nice because everyone fits in the house and the house-elves are happy to have so many people to care for. However, we have to take care to clean after ourselves, because my aunt Hermione gets upset if we make the elves work too much. She likes the elves and wants them to have a happy life.

Both my parents have jobs. My dad Harry works at the Ministry, in the Magical creatures' department. He keeps the records of the Rainbow Dragons, and the people bonded to them, and scolds silly people that still believe that the Dragons are pets. He's an expert on Dragons and says that we have a lot to learn from them. People say that he should be an Auror, but my dad refused the job when they offered it to him. He says that he had had enough fighting with dark wizards to last him two lifetimes. My daddy Draco is a potions master. He studied with uncle Severus many years to be the best potions master ever. He says that he still has much to learn, but he's already awesome. He has his lab in the manor basement and doesn't let me play there. I'm only allowed there when he's not brewing anything dangerous and I want to help him. He doesn't get out much; every one who wants to buy his potions goes to the manor to daddy's study. They are very important people, so my dad says, even from other countries. Daddy says that that is enough.

The two of them have dragons too. Daddy's dragon is almost always in our garden because she likes my daddy very much and wants to be sure that he's ok. Dad's dragon is bigger, and when he visits the entire house trembles at his arrival! He helped dad to find a stone for his staff, because Dad didn't want the one he got. The dragons are like family to us, and Dad says that we should never forget that it's thanks to them that we have magic.

My baby sister's name is Artemisa Jamie Malfoy-Potter. She's six years old, and a walking mess. She gets me in troubles, because daddy wouldn't believe me that she is the one who steals the cookies that the elves keep in the high cupboard in the kitchen. I swear she is the one! She has only shared with me once! I might have helped her once in a while with her pranks, but she's the mastermind! Really! Ok, maybe not so much, but she is a good distraction.

'Misa and I don't have a mother because our parents decided that they loved each other very much that they wanted to be together and be a family. That's what my Grandma 'Cissa says. She says that Daddy had me, and Dad had my sister thanks to a very special spell, that can't be done with anyone, just with special people like my parents. And because of that we are all the most special to them. I have met some very rude people that insists that my dad should have a proper wife and that my daddy should not be raising us. My dad gets very mad when that happens. Uncle Ron once told me that people thinks that a proper family should have a woman as a mother and a man as a father. I asked him what was the difference with my family, and he said that no one really knew and that people just wasn't used to see two men raising their children together. I think people is stupid and they are just jealous of us. That's also what my uncles George and Fred think.

I used to wonder why people kept looking at us funny when we went to Diagon Alley or to eat at a restaurant. They looked and looked, but never said anything to us. Aunt Hermione told me that people used to be very nosy and always assault my daddy every time he and dad were seen together, until dad had had enough and had cursed an idiotic (her words) reporter who had been stalking them. He had also told the press and the wizarding world to mind their own business, and that he was going to live with whoever he wanted to. He even managed to return love letters, fan mail, and howlers back to the sender with nasty surprises. Few people dare to say something to my parents' face since then.

The rest of my family has always been there, supporting my dads. Aunt Hermione and uncle Ron are the ones that visit us the most. They have a daughter called Rose, and aunt Hermione is pregnant. Uncle Ron says that he wants at least five children, but my aunt hits him every time he says so. The uncles I like the most are Fred and George. They're really funny and always bring me something from the joke shop. Uncle George and aunt Angelina have a son, Arthur. Uncle Fred is married to uncle Lee, they have no children. I asked them why and they said that they were thinking about it. Uncle Fred often says that he and uncle Lee are grateful to my parents, because thanks to them marriage between people of the same gender became popular. For some reason aunt Hermione always huffs and rolls her eyes when he says that.

Next year I'm starting Hogwarts! Uncle Severus already told me that he better not caught me doing mischief. I promised he won't know of any pranks done by me. It doesn't mean that I'm not going to have fun, only he's not gonna hear about it. Uncle Remus is going to teach me Defense in Hogwarts. My dad says that one of the new teachers is trying to get out with him, but he doesn't want to. Dad says that uncle Remus lost his mate in the war and he fears to love another person. I may be doing something to help him. Everyone should have a person to love! Even uncle Severus is dating my future aunt Serena. He denies it, but I know they are seeing each other and are going to marry! Uncle Remus should have someone too!

That's a bit about my family. I love my parents and my little sister very much, and I'll love my dragon when I get one. My parents say that I'm going to get one when I'm old enough. I promise to love it, and respect it, and listen to it when it wants to give advice like my parents do. We are very happy, and like our lives very much.

The End.



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