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"So Yuske now that your back from demon world what are you going to do for a living? It's not like any school will let you in when you didn't finish middle school, and they don't even like you so it's not like your going to finish it." asked Kayko

After getting out of the water Yuske sat down on the sand and said, "Don't know. My mom probably wont care just as long as I'm alive and not gone as much as I have been."

Kayko had to agree that Atsuko was like that so she just smiled and nodded saying, "Your right. She would be like that."

After a while Boton, Kuwabara, and Yukina all came in from the water as well and sat down next to their friends. Kurama had started a fire and said, "You know Yuske you don't really need an education to start a business that dosen't exactly have much education needed."

Kuwabara thought about what Kurama said and then finally knew what he was implying and said, "Yeah. You could be a spirit detective for normal people instead of the spirit world."

Yuske was now even more confused than when he was trying to figure out what Kurama said and responded, "what do you two mean exactly?"

Boton couldn't help her self after she figured out what they were implying and said, "Be a Ghostbuster you idiot You know like the guys from New York City. Egon, Ray, Peter and Winston. Hell they blew up a giant Marshmallow man in the middle of the city and you know nothing of it?"

Yuske got up and walked over to Boton put his arm around her and said, "You know what Boton?"

Boton just shook her head, she had no idea what yuske was trying to do so, she wanted to make sure that she didn't accidently make him start treating her like if she was his younger sister. She seen the reports on what would of happened if he did have one and it scared her to think that Yuske would actually act like a normal teen.

Yuske smiled and said, "I think I like your explanations for things a lot more now than I did when you were helping me with the whole Maze Castle thing."

Boton just laughed and fell to her knees still laughing but crying at the same time. She was just nervous over nothing, that made her laugh, but cry at the same time cause she was sorta hoping that Kuwabara would have pulled her away before Yuske started congratulating her by slapping her on the back.

After a bit Kayko stopped Yuske and said, "You know that is a good idea it's just that...how are we going to do that?"

Then Genkai walked down the steps and said, "I know them. They came to my temple when they visited Japan a couple years ago. So I could set you guys up with a trip to New York and see if you could open up a Japanese branch of it. And if you need to then I would let you guys use my place for your headquarters. This way you would have an easier way to put the ghosts where they belong."

The others all looked shocked and then Boton said what was on everyone's mind, "Why were they here?"

Genkai looked at her and said, "they needed a place to stay."

Everyone face faulted at that while Genkai laughed and said, "Well that was amusing. Anyway just let me know when you wish to make the appointment and I'll have everything else all set up."

Yuske smiled and said, "Could you get it for sometime between tomorrow and next Friday?"

Genkai nodded and said, "I'll call everyone once I have everything set up."

Everyone nodded in agreement even Hehei nodded while sitting in his tree. And everyone said their goodbyes and went home for the day.