"After the defeat of the demon king, the demon's true defeat, Dr. Egon Spengler had passed on due to injuries sustained during the battle. The American born scientist created the equipment that the Ghostbusters use all over the world. What had started out as a small operation would turn into a global powerhouse in paranormal investigations and eliminations. But as we all know here in Tokyo the Ghostbusters were not the only people in the world who were protecting us from the unknown. The Sailor Scouts, or Senshi as some call them, have defended us from monsters from a Dark Kingdom that wanted to take our world over. And then you have the Devil Hunters. A family of defenders that keep us safe from demons and as their name suggests devils.

And then from the Earth Defense Force we have Duke Nukem, a man that has saved the world from alien invaders on multiple occasions. This group of defenders came together here in Tokyo Bay just days ago ….."

"I know what you are feeling Yusuke but you could have at least given someone else the remote so we could try to find a news station that was not covering the fight." Kayko comments from the couch in Genkai's former temple.

"Sorry Kayko, but I just don't want to hear it anymore. It's bad enough that it had to happen but do we have to be reminded of it every time we watch TV?" Yusuke angrily answers back as he slams a fist against a wall.

"Leave her alone Yusuke. You know Kayko doesn't have anything to do with the news broadcast." Kurama adds in trying to calm his friend down.

"I know that! I'm just frustrated is all. Sorry Kayko, I don't mean to yell at you." Yusuke replies back. And then after taking a breath to calm down he adds, "So Kayko, are our tickets ready yet?"

"Yup. Got them printed out before I came here. One for everyone. Even the Sailor Scouts and the Devil Hunters." Kayko answers showing the tickets to Yusuke and the others.

"What about the new kids?" Yusuke asks raising an eyebrow in curiosity.

"Haruhi and the others said they would come but you should let still let them know. Rukia, Sayuki, and Sasami said they would stay and watch the place while we are away." Kayko answers while turning on the TV that Yusuke had turned a minute ago.

"I'm gonna go check to see what everyone else is doing. I could use the air anyway." Yusuke states as he walks out of the temple and towards the steps.

"I guess he is doing better than he was yesterday." Kayko states as she walks over to a wall mounted video phone and calls Haruhi and the others to let them know that the tickets came in.

"How are your girls handling everything Setsuna?" Duke asks as he gets out of the shower. Since the battle he had been staying with Setsuna and the rest of the outers. And he somehow got the impression that Setsuna was the leader and not Usagi.

"How many times do I have to tell you that they don't work for me and that I serve with them to protect the reincarnation of the Moon Princess?" Setsuna asks from her desk as Duke put on his spare set of clothes.

"Until I see it happen. Based on what you told me it seems to me that you are the one making all of the decisions. But I am willing to believe you. I just need to see it first. By the way you never answered my question." Duke replies as he finishes getting dressed by putting on a pair of socks.

"The Inners are all doing okay. They are still shaken up from the battle and Dr. Spengler's death. They haven't had to deal with death as often as you or I I'm afraid." Setsuna answers as she makes a mental note that Duke had apparently other clothes than his trademark red tank top and suspenders. Sure this time it was a blue tank top but it was different.

"I think they are the ones who have it better then. No one should have to witness death as often as you or me." Duke quickly answers as he walks out the door and heads down the stairs to see what the other girls that lived in Setsuna's house were up to.

Kurama and Yukina were just pulling up to their house when Yusuke walked by on the sidewalk and offered to help put their groceries away. Yukina quickly accepts the help and heads inside with Seta following Yukina carrying in some of the groceries.

"So Yusuke, what brings you here?" Kuwabora asks as he grabbed a few bags of food.

Grabbing a few himself Yusuke simply looks to his longtime friend and says, "Kayko bought the tickets. We'll be heading to New York in a couple of days. Make sure to let everyone in your shop know that you won't be available this weekend."

"For Egon's funeral and burial correct? Yeah sure thing. You gonna stick around a bit or are you on your way to Kurama's or something?" Kuwabora asks as he and Yusuke head back to the car for the groceries.

"No Kurama was at the temple. I'm on my way to my mom to let her know though. I bet she would like to come to pay her respects to the guy responsible for me having a job. Plus she would try to get a vacation out of it anyway." Yusuke answers as he closes the trunk of the car as they finish grabbing the bags of food other groceries.

"Your mom would be like that. But yeah I hear you. Are you going to drop by anyone else?" Kuwabora asks as he hands Yukina some of the bags as he stands in the entrance doorway to his small house.

"I'll probably head over to the Tendo Dojo. And maybe even a couple of shrines and whatever I happen to pass by. Someone needs to let the others know when we are heading to New York." Yusuke answers back staring into the sky. Even though he hadn't known Egon on a personal level like he did Genkai. He still felt the familiar feelings of depression from his passing. Yusuke shook the feelings away as he waved good-bye to Kuwabora as he left knowing that being depressed at the moment wasn't going to help him at all at the moment while he searches for the others to give them the news.

"Thanks Kayko for letting me know. If I see Yusuke I'll let him know you called. Thanks again, see ya." Ukyo sighs to herself as she hangs up the phone and gets back to work in her restaurant. Hoping that the distraction would keep her mind off things only for it to be constantly be the subject of all of her customers' conversations. It was a big event she supposed.

Konatsu was serving the few customers that were in the restaurant at the moment when the phone had rang. He quickly excuses himself from the customers and walks over to Ukyo. Seeing her depressed look he sighs and asks, "Do you wish for me to close the restaurant after these few customers are done Mistress Ukyo? You seem troubled. Maybe some time away from everything could do you some good."

Ukyo cracks a smile for the briefest of moments and says, "That doesn't sound too bad actually. Sure why not. I'm going to need some time to prepare for my trip to New York this weekend anyway."

Konatsu nods in understanding and says, "If you need to talk Mistress then please consider me as an open ear. I'll help out in any way that I can."

Surprising the male kunoichi Ukyo hugs Konatsu and says, "I know you will Konatsu. Thanks. And how many times have I asked you to stop calling me Mistress?"

"Several. But you haven't said anything in a while. So I thought it grew on you." Konatsu replies wondering if he did something wrong.

"No it didn't. Just call me Ukyo okay?" Ukyo replies with a small smile of gratitude.

"Okay. Ukyo." Konatsu replies as he returns the hug. Just for both to be reminded that they had customers when one of the male patrons whistles at the sight of what he thought were two cute girls hugging.

"You want to tell him you are a guy Konatsu or should I?" Ukyo asks with an irritated look on her face. But there was also a hint of playfulness there as she was hoping to see the look on the guys face when he learned the truth.

"Certainly. I am getting tired of the looks some of these men have on their face when they see me." Konatsu replies cracking his knuckles.

"That's cause you dress like a girl. You could stop that by dressing more like a man." Ukyo replies to the cross dressing ninja.

Konatsu thinks about it for a second and says, "Okay. If you dress more like a girl in return."

Ukyo blinks back at the counter to her statement and says, "What's wrong with the way I dress? Don't you think I'm cute enough as it is?"

"You'd be cuter in a dress!" a random customer shouts at the only part he could hear.

"Sugar. Close the shop. I don't think I am in the mood to cook anything for these people anymore." Ukyo replies with a plain angry face as she readies her battle spatula.

"Please Ukyo. Allow me to take care of the trash. No need for you to dirty your hands when it is my job after all." Konatsu adds in reading his weapons at the same time.

The noises with in the Okonamayaki shop could be heard from a whole block away as the two chased everyone out of the restaurant. And for those that new the area, the sight had been a long time coming as some of them knew how disrespectful some of the restaurant's customers could be.

"Higurashi Shrine ha? I guess that Kagome girl must live here. If not then oh well." Yusuke says to himself after reading the plaque on the side of the entrance steps to the shrine that one housed the Shikon no Tama. Once up the relatively short steps Yusuke was able to see the shrine building. And the house next to it. Laughing to himself about the steps he starts walking towards the house when he sees a kid walk out of the house. The kid seeing Yusuke turns back into the house and shouts, "Mom! There is someone at the house!"

Mrs. Higurashi steps out of the doorway hearing her son's comment and sees the young man that Sota was talking about. Giving the young man a smile Mrs. Higurashi says, "Why hello there. Are you here to see the shrine or maybe something else?"

Yusuke smiles a bit and says, "Actually I am looking for a girl named Kagome. Does she live here?"

"Now what could someone your age want with my daughter?" Mrs. Higurashi asks now seeing that Yusuke was older than what she thought he was. He looked like he could be in his mid to late twenties.

"Well you see my name is Yusuke Urameshi. I am one of the founding members of the Tokyo Ghostbusters. And Kagome actually helped us out in that big battle that is all over the news and everything…." Yusuke stops midsentence when Mrs. Higurashi quickly gives the young man a hug and then a slap to his face.

"The slap was for letting my daughter fight that monstrous creature. The hug was for keeping her safe. What do you want to see Kagome about though? You aren't trying to recruit her or anything are you?" Mrs. Higurashi asks after holding onto her own hand. Just what was this young man made of that could make a slap her so much?

Yusuke fist blinks at the reaction and starts laughing. After catching his breath from laughing for a good minute or two Yusuke smiles and says, "I needed that laugh thanks. Anyway no, I'm not here to recruit her. You see before we all left the harbor one of our allies died. And Kagome asked me to let her know when we would be doing the services and of course where. So I came by to let her know that we would be going to New York this coming weekend. That would be the when and where. We already bought her a ticket. One for Inuyasha as well if he decides to come. I just wanted to pass along the message."

Mrs. Higurashi nods in understanding and says, "Of course. The next time I see her I'll let her know. How long would you all be staying in New York by the way?"

"The whole weekend. And thanks for passing along the message. I got other places to go and everything so have a nice day Mrs. Higurashi. And you too kid." Yusuke answers as he starts walking back down the steps to find the other people on his mental list of allies.

"You heard that Inuyasha?" Mrs. Higurashi asks looking towards the roof of her house.

The half demon simply gets closer to the edge of the roof so he could be seen and says, "Yeah I heard that! Kagome heard it too!"

"Oh so she is with you then? Okay then. Well then I'm heading to the store to pick something for diner. Would you like anything in particular Inuyasha?" Mrs. Higurashi asks.

"Anything you make would be good! As long as it has lots of meat!" Inuyasha replies back while Kagome giggles at the exchange her mother and Inuyasha were having.

"Okay then. I'll be back soon so don't go anywhere!" Mrs. Higurashi answers back as she leaves the shrine.

"You think she saw me too, cha?" Lum asks as she floats closer to the two. Ever since she decided to dump what's his face she had been having more fun. And Inuyasha seemed to be the one person with whom she could trust. No romantic feelings, just a sibling like thing if anything.

"Probably. How does she do that anyway?" Inuyasha asks Kagome.

"Maybe it's a mom thing." Kagome answers as she sits up from her position next to Inuyasha. "So are you two gonna come with me to New York for Dr. Spengler's funeral?" Kagome then asks looking towards where Yusuke walked off to.

"Yeah. I have no problem with that." Inuyasha answers as he follows Kagome's gaze looking for Yusuke.

"I'll come, cha." Lum answers as she floats higher up in the air also looking for Yusuke. She wanted to ask him some questions anyway.

"Cool. It would suck to be going all the way to New York by myself with a bunch of people I don't know." Kagome replies as she lays back down on her house's roof.

"Wait how far away is this New York place?" Inuyasha asks.

"It's on the other side of the world." Kagome flatly answers as she starts taking a nap on the roof.

This answer of course just causes her to have to explain to Inuyasha where there were going with her textbooks and also explain what an airplane was. She was never going to get that nap.

"So grandmother you are going to let us attend the services in New York then?" Yohko asks as she, Azusa, Chikako, and Ayako along with the other Azusa sat around on the couch as they finished telling Madoka Mano the story of what happened at Tokyo Harbor.

"Of course Yohko you girls can go. I doubt anything is going to happen after that kind of fight. We might even be able to get some real rest after this. But tell me Yohko, how do you expect to get to New York." Madoka asks as she wonders just how they were going to make the trip.

"We were going to call the Ghostbusters to see if they could help with that. They did give us the offer after all." Ayako answers for her cousin.

"You were going to just call them? What kind of answer is that? What if they can't help you get there and only made the offer believing that you would be able to make the trip yourselves?" Madoka asks the girls while shaking her head. She was beginning to question their decision making skills. At least in some aspects of life anyway.

The girls had to laugh at themselves for that one. It was a pretty dumb idea. But then their luck turned around as Koenma suddenly appeared in the Devil Hunters' house. Madoka was going to grab a weapon to protect herself and the girls when Yohko stopped her saying, "No Grandma! That is Koenma! The guy that gave the Senshi the info that they gave us that allowed us to even take part in that battle to save everyone. He's a good guy."

"Not only that but I am the son of King Yema. I also am the one who judges everyone when they pass on to the afterlife. I am the one who decides where you go when you die." Koenma adds as he felt that at least Madoka would respect him, unlike just about every mortal he met while in child form.

"But you said Koenma looked like he was your age. This child cannot be any older than 3!" Madoka yells while pointing her finger at the child form of Koenma.

Koenma sighs and says, "I can change my appearance. I just didn't have the time this time. You see I am here on behalf of some friends of mine and of these girls. The group of people are known as the Ghostbusters. Well the Tokyo branch anyway. I am here to tell you all that Kayko Urameshi has printed out the plane tickets from her computer. And that there is four for you girls. But if you wish to Madoka you may take my ticket. I wouldn't need it anyway as I can appear anywhere in the Human World from Spirit World. I came just to give you girls the news. I have some very important business to attend to so I must be going. Chao."

"See we could of just called them Grandma." Yohko adds in with a smile which just causes the others to laugh at Madoka's face that she made when Koenma made his speech and at Yohko's statement.

"How long were you waiting outside of North High for us to get out?" Kyon asks Yusuke as he leads the S.O.S. Brigade to a small coffee shop nearby so they could talk.

"Not long actually. I just happened to be walking by your school when everyone was getting out. I knew where the school was since I used to have some fights with some of the students there when I was a kid. Yeah I know. I was a middle school student then and I was kicking highschoolers' asses. They did seem to weed out the trouble makers though. That is good." Yusuke answers as they got to the table.

"So, any updates on when everything is going to happen?" Koizumi asks as he looks through the menu.

"This weekend. The tickets are already printed out. Kayko told me that she printed some for you guys too so you don't have to worry about that. Just make sure you are dressed properly you know. The simple things. If you are worried about paying us back then just work for us for real this time. We could just take it out of your paychecks. And we could use a new team to stick around." Yusuke answers.

"Wait? What do you mean by that?" Haruhi asks now wondering where this was going.

"Most of our team is either finishing their college courses or already have other jobs where they can make a living off of. The Ghostbusting thing isn't a long career choice. It is best to have the younger members of the teams be out on the calls while the older members guide them and teach them what they need to know. The originals wound up only doing this for about 10 or so years. We have already done this for 8. The original crew wound up drying up their hauntings in New York and as a result they couldn't continue doing it. But their age also became an issue. They were scientists doing some pretty athletic things with heavy equipment strapped to their backs. Their bodies got worn out quickly. We were younger than they were when we started and we were and still are more athletic and healthy than they were when we started. Nabiki's future is in business; Akane and Ranma will more than likely open up a Martial Arts dojo as that has been what they were training in Martial Arts for to begin with. Kuwabora already had a steady job in custom cars and mechanical work. Hiei doesn't need a job as he could always just go to demon world and hunt for whatever food he needs. He also has no need for the things you or I would.

Kurama has his own company that he created after helping us improve our Ghostbusting equipment. He did invent the video phone after all. And then you have Ukyo who has a restaurant to run. Shampoo always has the option of going back to her village in China as a village leader or she could just run that Ramen shop that they set up while they were here. Mouse too for that matter. So you see we will be in need of new recruits soon." Yusuke answers for Haruhi going into detail as he expected she would of just kept asking questions if he didn't.

"Where does that leave you though?" Kyon asks as he take a sip of his coffee that arrived during Yusuke's answer.

"I will stay with this. It's either that or I would also wind up in the restaurant business. Wow, I just realized that we have a lot of capable cooks working for us at the moment." Yusuke answers and then laughs as he realized what his other option would have been.

"Well then. You could add Mikuru and Nagato to that list. The last time I ate something they made it was divine." Kyon adds remembering his few occasions eating their food. Less often Nagato's and more often Mikuru's cooking though.

"And what's wrong with my cooking Kyon?" Haruhi asks in anger.

"I never had it before. At least I don't remember having anything you made before." Kyon answers as he sits back in seat and wonders if he did eat anything Haruhi made.

"Well, looks like that is a discussion for you two later. You can all think on what I said about joining us for real. We don't really care what the school's policy is on students having jobs. Hell me and Ranma have broke just about every rule the school would throw at us. Ranma in Furinkin High and me at my old Middle School. Anyway I'm gonna get going. I still have a few people to see about those plane tickets." Yusuke interrupts as he stands up from his seat.

"Don't worry about paying for us. I'll cover us. It's the least I can do." Kyon answers with a shrug figuring if he didn't Haruhi would have volunteered that they paid anyway, not that he would have objected or anything.

"Good morning Duke. How was your sleep?" Michiru Kaioh asks from the kitchen as she sets out the spread for lunch.

"Wouldn't good afternoon of been better Michiru?" Haruka Tenoh asks from her seat at the table.

"It's okay Haruka. Besides I did only wake up about an hour ago. So morning is pretty accurate for me right now." Duke cuts in as he takes a seat next to Setsuna and Hotaru.

"What time do you usually wake up Mr. Nukem?" Hotaru asks remembering her manners and not quite sure if she should call Duke by his first name. He was an adult after all.

"Usually I wake up around 8 or so in the morning. I have to stay in shape for my job and a part of that means that I am up all night and don't get much sleep at all. I'm up early in the morning so that I can get as much training in as possible. And still report in to HQ to read the Intel that they have on possible threats to the Earth. You girls would be surprised to know that I had made sure that no one started sending EDF soldiers to Japan to take you all down." Duke answers as he takes a bite out of his lunch. But while doing so he caused the all four girls to stop what they were doing and stare at Duke.

"What do you mean by that exactly?" Setsuna asks now wondering if she should have been watching for more things than just threats to the future involving magical powers.

"What do you think the Earth Defense Force would classify a group of Magical Girls? Collectively you could cause a great deal of damage should you girls have let your power go to your heads and corrupt you. The EDF even has files on Yusuke Urameshi, Shuichi Minamino, and Hiei. Their combined and individual strength would also make them a threat. Ranma Saotome and the Grand Master of Anything Goes school of Martial Arts Happosai are also on that list. And then there is the Chinese Amazon elder Cologne. She also has a file at the EDF. We are still compiling all of our Intel on Inuyasha, Kagome Higurashi, Lum, and the Devil Hunters. So far they may be able to escape from being on the list. But everyone else are too strong. Oh and by the way, if the equipment used by the Ghostbusters all over the world were to be proven to be a threat to living people that whole company would be on the list." Duke answers as if he were being asked what the weather was going to be like for the next day or two.

"So you are saying that somewhere in the U.S. there are files on all of us?" Haruka asks not liking the sound of this revelation.

"Pretty much. It all says you are to be trusted but an eye kept on your actions. We got all of our Intel on you from your fights. And we found out who you all are through our satellites. They took a picture of your faces and then we just compared them to the known citizen list of Japan. But like I said don't worry about it. You are all on the friendly list." Duke answers yet again as he takes another bite from his lunch. "This is good by the way." Duke then adds as he continues eating.

"Thank you?" Michiru answers as she looks to her fellow Senshi and wonder just what this meant for the group now.

"What do you think about this Setsuna Mama?" Hotaru asks from her seat as she continues to watch Duke eat.

"If he says we are on their friendlies list we should be good. I know Duke would know that kind of stuff." Setsuna answers as she tries to figure out why Duke would have batted for them once he found out who they all were.

"Not to change the subject or anything but can you explain how a Kayko Urameshi knew our number?" Haruka asks as she decides the weird feeling in the air was too much for her and thus she decided to do something to change that.

"She is Yusuke's wife. And after what happened at the Tokyo Harbor they thought it would be a good idea if we all went to New York to pay our respects to Dr. Egon Spengler. We would be there for the funeral, the wake and the burial. Once Yusuke told me that was their idea I gave them your numbers. Figuring that you could contact the others and let them know about it." Duke answers as he finishes his lunch.

Setsuna thought about the answer and says, "That is a good idea. I'll show up for it. What did Kayko have to say Haruka?"

"Exactly what Duke said. She did add that she already printed out a bunch of tickets. So I am assuming that when this trip happens we could wind up with a small airplane all to ourselves for the whole trip there and back." Haruka answers as she starts to finally eat her lunch the odd feeling in the air now gone.

"That was nice of them to get us tickets already." Hotaru states as she starts to drink her juice seeing as she had already finished her lunch.

"It is nice of them. Wonder what they would have done had we said we couldn't make it?" Haruka asks as she grabs herself and Duke a drink from the fridge.

"Let's not worry about that. Seeing as we are gonna join them we should just worry about getting everything we would need for the weekend." Michiru answers as she finally sits herself down to eat after serving everyone their lunch of chicken cutlet sandwiches on toasted sliced Italian bread.

"I'm guessing that means you are coming with us, right Mr. Nukem?" Hotaru asks from her seat.

"It does. Oh and you can just call me Duke. Everyone else does." Duke answers and then adds seeing that every time Hotaru wanted to ask him something that she wanted to say his first name.

Cherry Hill Temple is what Yusuke read on the sign leading to yet another set of steps. Yusuke started to wonder what was it about shrines and temples that made people make you climb a slight of steps to get to them. Once at the top of the shrine an old man ran up to him and tried to exorcise him with a Shinto cleansing tag. Yusuke though simply sidestepped the small old man and says, "Wow. I actually have to say that's a first. Usually people try to hurt me with a knife or something."

"Grandpa! What are you doing!" shouted a hair haired young woman whom was being followed by a group of what could only be her friends.

"Rei! Stay back! This demon is very strong. He might try to eat you or something!" the older man shouted trying to protect his granddaughter.

"Old man eating people is not my thing. And my demon blood is very minuet so I have no idea how you managed to sense it." Yusuke responds back surprising Rei and her friends as well as Rei's grandfather who never expected a demon to admit to being one.

"Wait what do you mean by that?" Rei asks as she and her friends stop in their tracks.

"Look my name is Yusuke Urameshi. And I know who you girls all are. Are you saying you already forgotten me?" Yusuke asks as he looks to the girls.

"Wait you were at the harbor. And you had one of those ghost hunting things…." Minako states as she starts to put the pieces together.

"He is one of the Ghostbusters and as a result he must of remembered what our names were, much better than we did of their names at least." Ami finishes as she looks at Yusuke now wondering why he was there.

"Yeah. Anyway I am here to tell you all if you want to, we have already printed out plane tickets to New York. And my wife for some reason thought it would be a good idea to buy them before finding out if you guys want to come or not." Yusuke interrupts knowing that if he didn't they would all have added something to their little discussion.

"For the funeral of Dr. Egon Spengler correct?" Ami asks already have seeing the news figuring that is what the tickets would be for.

"Yeah. So what do you all say? You gonna come or not?" Yusuke asks while keeping the old man from putting more cleansing tags on him finding them to be annoying more than anything else.

Usagi looks to all of the others as they all share an unspoken conversation and says, "We would be honored to. When would we need to be ready by?"

"This weekend is when we leave. Actually I think we may be leaving on Friday night. So if any of you are willing to share your number we could stay in contact and I'll let you know more when we get back and as we make start making reservations for hotels and stuff." Yusuke answers as he then flips over the old man and gives him a stare and says, "Will you stop that! They don't even do anything!"

"Grandpa leave him alone. He is not going to hurt us…. By the way you said something about having demon blood?" Rei adds to Yusuke's request and then asks Yusuke as she quickly remembers why her grandfather was even attempting to cleanse Yusuke anyway.

Sighing Yusuke simply decides to answer the question and says, "Yeah. You see my ancestral father was one of the very few demons who got to call themselves a Demon King. His name was Raizen. He was a very powerful fighter. The only reason why he died is because he starved to death."

"You sound almost like you met him." Makoto interjects with a thoughtful gave on her face as she looked at Yusuke trying to figure out why.

"That's because I have. You see he was the kind of demon that would live on for centuries. But like I said he only died because he starved himself to death. In case you are wondering what his kind of demon ate for food, it was humans." Yusuke answers.

"What! Why would he starve himself? Don't demons hate humans?" Usagi asks wondering what could have made a demon decide to not eat.

"He fell in love with my ancestral mother. He refused to eat because he was afraid he might wind up eating her or her reincarnation. He did that because if he could have been with her in any of those lives he would have tried to form a relationship with her then. He was a sucker for love." Yusuke answered causing all of the girls to not only weep at his words but to have hearts in their eyes. This caused Yusuke to take a step back to keep away from them.

"That is so sad"

"That is so romantic"

"I didn't think demons could feel love"

"I shall say some prayers for them later. That is a heartbreaking story"

"…" Rei had nothing to say. Well she did but then she heard what her grandfather had just said and couldn't come up with something. Just a moment ago he was trying to exorcise Yusuke and now he was gonna say a prayer for a demon king and some woman from who knows when? What the hell just happened here?

"Yeah… anyway I still have a stop to make. So I'm gonna get going now." Yusuke says more to himself than anything. Rei simply nods and waves as Yusuke walks back down the steps to her family's temple. It wasn't until later that she started to wonder how did Yusuke know which temple she was at.

"All right Kayko. I'll let them all know. And if Yusuke shows up I'll send him your way. Thank you." Nabiki sighs as she sets the phone back down on the receiver. She turns and heads back into the hall and then the living room. Seeing Akane there trying to do some homework she sits down and says, "That was Kayko. The tickets are all printed out. We just need to choose a hotel for us all now."

"That's good. By the way who was America's second president?" Akane asks.

"John Adams. Why?" Nabiki asks back now curious to what homework Akane was doing.

"My American History teacher gave us a take home test on the American Presidents. And for some reason that name escaped me." Akane answered back writing down the answer.

"You're taking American History?" Nabiki asks now wondering why she didn't know that.

"Yeah. I want to become a teacher remember? I chose history as I figured it would be easier to teach than anything else." Akane answers back never taking her eyes off her test.

"How is that going to help you run a dojo?" Nabiki inquires as she sits next to her younger sister wondering what Akane was thinking.

"That is going to be Ranma's thing. He is going for a Phys Ed degree so he can teach in a dojo. I figured this way I can help those who come to the dojo that need help with their school work. And this way at least one of us are making a living should there be any dry periods in student enrollment." Akane answers as she turns the page on her test. She was really wishing that she remembered to take better notes in class.

"Why don't you just use a textbook or something?" Nabiki asks seeing her sister having some trouble.

"Didn't think of that. I'll be right back" Akane answers and then gets up from her seat to go back to her room.

Nabiki rolls her eyes at her sister as she grabs her test and looks over the answers to the questions that Akane has done already. And it didn't take her long to figure out that Akane needed more help on this test than she thought. And so like the good big sister she is she started erasing the answers that Akane would have got wrong. She wasn't going to change the answers but she was going to at least help her sister by preventing her from getting a wrong answer. She wasn't taking the test for her after all. "So Akane how has Ranma been these last two days?"

"He's doing better now that he is sure that Ranko isn't going to pass out from using too much of her energy or anything…you didn't touch my test did you?" Akane asks as she walks back into the room with her textbook in hand.

"Only erased your wrong answers. Benjamin Franklin wasn't a U.S. President." Nabiki responds and gives Akane an example of one of the questions she got wrong.

Akane slaps her face and says, "Damn it! I knew that! What the hell was I thinking?"

"Akane how long have you been at this?" Nabiki asks thinking that Akane might just have been trying to do her homework just to avoid going to sleep. Nabiki knew she was after all, there was no way she was going to get a good night's sleep with nightmares from that demon rolling through her head.

"Since yesterday." Akane answers sheepishly knowing that she should take a break but refusing to do so.

"You two need to get at least some sleep. I know what you saw was frightening but if you two don't sleep that would just make it worse on you later." Kasumi interrupts from the hallway as she enters the room.

"Kasumi!" both sisters shout as they hug their older sister. It had been too long in their minds since they last saw her.

"Oh my have I gotten popular. But please let go. I don't know if I can survive your combined strength." Kasumi teases as she hugs them both quickly.

"Sorry sis. We just have had a bad couple of days." Nabiki answers as she takes a step back from her older sister.

"That's okay. So why don't you two get cleaned up and get some rest. I'll take care of everything else. I'll even make you two some tea to calm your nerves." Kasumi responds as she does what she can to help her younger sisters out.

Akane and Nabiki both share a look and turn to Kasumi together and says, "We'll try."

"That's all that I ask. If you have a nightmare at least you would have got some sleep. It's unhealthy to be going any day without any sleep. I know it will be hard but at least try. It's better than nothing correct?" Kasumi responds as Nabiki and Akane smile and head up to their bathroom to clean up and get some rest. Thinking that now that Kasumi was there that they could get some rest.

"Oh Kasumi. If Yusuke shows up let him know that Kayko said she called everyone else already. And that he should head back to HQ. She called his mother as well as Ukyo, Shampoo and Ranma. Well Aunty Nodoka answered at that house but you get the idea." Nabiki adds as she walks up the stairs following Akane.

"Alright I will, thanks Nabiki." Kasumi replies back as she cleans up the living room.

Kasumi then turns on the TV and sees the damage at the Harbor and decides to change it to a weather forecast station. She heard of what happened from everyone else already. She didn't need to hear the news report and have to listen to them spew out their own theories of what happened. So she settled for having the weather forecast so that she still gets the news she wanted on the weather and have the TV on without becoming enraged at the report.