Hey guys. This is my second fan fic, and probably the first MAJOR one. Since this is a crossover, I'd be glad to get comments and reviews to get better. Anyhow...

Timeline would be non-canon, of course, but the characters in Dragon Ball would be in the form they had been during the late Cell arc. Harry Potter-universe wise, it would be during the summer chronicled in the book "Order of the Phoenix". Only change is that Harry is at Privet Drive! --

Anyhow, enjoy


"Yes. This is magnificient!"

The house was the very definition of perfection. Shiny, stainless steel applications adorned the kitchen. A large light bulb sent light bouncing through out the rooms. The floor, despite the wet appearance, was dry and smooth. Everything was perfect. Chi-Chi looked at it all with admiration. After long hours of toiling work, she had achieved it. The house was totally clean. And not just that. Its inhabitants had been affected, Chi-Chi noted with pride, by this change.

"Mother? Mother?"

Gohan, Chi-Chi's 11-year old son, came running through the halls. He slowly stopped at his mother, then bowed deeply. After a few moments, he quickly came up again.

"Mother, I've finished my homework, like you said. When will Father be here?"

'Ah yes, I've forgotten about Goku', Chi-Chi thought. "Actually, he should be back soon, son. I guess he's having a harder time bringing supplies in then I thought."

However, as she said this, large stomps made their way throught the house. The house itself shook with the very vibrations of this new calamity.

Gohan, though, wasn't taken back. He in fact, embraced this new sound. "Father! You're here!"

Gohan's father, Son Goku, was making his way through the path in the dense forest in which his family made their home. Along with a few huge tree trunks tucked under both his arms. After some time, he stopped at the house, and with a great heave, threw the trunks. Despite their size, the trunks landed in a clearing behind the house, each one piling on top of the other like logs.

"Goku, you're going to hurt yourself doing that!", Chi-Chi said as she looked with happiness at the trunks, all piled up, a smile on her face.

"Sorry, Chi-Chi, I'll try to be careful. Anyhow, that will last us through the winter, but if they don't, then at least for a few months.", Goku said as he stretched his arms. "But all that made me hungry! Do you have anything prepared, Chi-Chi?"

Chi-Chi, when hearing this, laughed out loud. Despite all the changes to his personality, here was one thing that didn't change. She was about to reply humorously, but stopped for a moment. She heard a loud ringing inside from the house. Something that was disrupting the perfection of the house itself. Something wrong.

Going inside the house, despite the confusion on Goku and Gohan's faces, Chi-Chi looked desperately for the source of the disruption. After minutes of hard searching, she found it. A small, alarm clock. The time was set at 7:32.

And it was ringing.


Chi-Chi woke up, breathing hard. It was all just a dream. She was back at her small, quaint home, in an area called East District 439. It was early. Very early.

Chi-Chi, despite the dream, started to go back to sleep. She turned around to see her husband, when she was shocked.

Goku had vanished!


Heh, left it on a cliffhanger, eh? Well, that's Chapter 1, hope you enjoyed that. Chapter 2 is bound to get better, lol.

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