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Chapter I Spring a.k.a. Mating Season

Naruto sat on his couch in his apartment. He was deep in thought over a major issue that was brought to his attention by Kyuubi. He had to find a mate sooner or later or Kyuubi would find one for him. Naruto did not want that. Nor did he want to rush something like this but he was fifteen and he had to find a mate before his seventeenth birthday. 'Great, I have two years to find a mate. That's so much time' he thought sarcastically. He decided not to go meet team seven at the bridge because it was the start of spring and every start of spring since he was eleven, Naruto would get the urge to jump the younger Uchiha and fuck him into the ground. When the third got wind of it he excused Naruto from any classes and when he graduated the academy he was excused from training for a few days.

Naruto knew he had an attraction to Sasuke but he did not know if Sasuke felt the same way. He knew by skipping training that day that Sakura and Kakashi would bother him afterward. Naruto was not looking forward to that. Naruto had the feeling that Sasuke was going to be forced to tag along so Naruto decided to not answer the door. His thoughts wandered back to his current predicament. He had only told Neji, Hinata, Shino, Lee, and Shikamaru about what was going on and they tried their best to keep Sasuke away from Naruto. 'Bad thing about this whole thing is that I am going to get worse further into the season.' Naruto gave an annoyed sigh as a knock cut through his thoughts. 'I knew it' Naruto got up and went to the door. He expected to see Kakashi and Sakura with a pissed Sasuke, but he saw Neji. The Hyuuga stood there looking at Naruto. Naruto nodded his head and let Neji in. Naruto closed the door and went to the kitchen to prepare tea. Neji sat on the old couch waiting for Naruto to join him.

Naruto brought over two mugs filled with chamomile tea. Setting a mug in front of Neji, Naruto sat next to the Hyuuga. They drank in silence until Neji saw fit to speak.

"You realize that Akatsuki will be after you when you are in this state"

"No, they won't. From what Tsunade told me, the leader of the Akatsuki betrayed his own comrades and he ended up getting killed by them."

"So Itachi no longer has any purpose."

"Not true. After the death of Akatsuki's leader, the remainder of the organizations members made Itachi the new leader of Akatsuki. Instead of capturing the demon holders they are protecting them. Akatsuki has changed without notice from anyone."

"You are right, but how did Tsunade find out?"

"Itachi came to the village himself to talk to her. He requested that Tsunade allow the Akatsuki to protect me and any other holder that have escaped notice. She granted him permission and ever since then Akatsuki has back us up." Naruto turned to Neji and stared at him. "That is not why you are here is it?"

"Naruto, Itachi is requesting that…"

"I should hurry up and find a mate because the other demon lords are getting a bit restless and their pestering Itachi. I know."

"What other demon lords Naruto. I thought it was only Shukaku and Kyuubi."

"No. There are six others. Remember the demon lords are the tailed beasts so Shukaku and Kyuubi are not the only ones."

"Makes sense. Why didn't you go to training today? Did you forget that Sasuke is staying home because his brother is here?"

"I forgot about that. Oh well. Besides I would have torn Sakura to pieces."

"That's right. I better go because the devil and the pervert are coming."

"Hahaha… Good one. See ya"

No more than two minutes since Neji's departure was there a knock on Naruto's door. Naruto walked to the door and saw Sakura and Kakashi. Sakura was pissed and Kakashi just read on. Naruto looked at Kakashi for a while until the jounin nodded his head and picked Sakura up before disappearing. Naruto sighed before closing the door and heading to the kitchen. Upon entering the living Naruto noticed a black clad figure. Naruto glanced at said figure and noticed that it was none other than the man he wanted to fuck into the ground.

Sasuke sat on Naruto's couch waiting for him to finish with Sakura and Kakashi before he confronted the blonde. Something was not right and he wanted to know. So many questions ran through his mind and he wanted them answered.

"Sasuke is there a reason why you didn't use the door"

"Naruto I need to talk to you."

"Not now I'm busy"

"Really? With what?"

"Do you really want to know?"


"Sasuke please hurry up"

"What's the hurry? Expecting someone?"

"No. It's just…never mind. You know where the door is show yourself out"

"Naruto why are you avoiding me? What have I done that you have to avoid me so much"

"Trust me, if I tell you, you would surely hate me."

"What would make me hate you Naruto?"

"I'll talk to you later Sasuke. See ya" Naruto walked towards his bedroom to take care of a forming problem.

"Naruto don't brush me off"

"I just did" Naruto continued to walk until Sasuke grabbed his arm.

"Sasuke please…"

"No, not until you answer me" Sasuke looked at Naruto. Meanwhile Naruto was trying to keep himself under control and he was failing miserably.

"Sasuke please. I don't think…"

"Naruto just tell me why you have been ignoring me why you have ignored me every spring for the past five years." (A/N: Let me explain. The way I see and write it is that Naruto had began the mating cycle thing on his eleventh birthday thus explains the five year thing. Figure it out.)

"Trust me you don't want to know" Naruto was shaking and every second that passed between him and Sasuke and Naruto had lost control.

"Naruto? Are you ok?" Naruto was now gripping Sasuke's shoulders. His head was bowed downward, his bangs covering his eyes. Naruto stopped shaking but had lost all control. Sasuke just stood there looking at Naruto. He was confused as well as a little frightened because he started to feel Kyuubi's chakra beginning to rise.

Naruto looked up at Sasuke. His eyes went from the vibrant blue that they were to dark green. Sasuke looked at Naruto strangely because from what he recalled Naruto's eyes turned red when Kyuubi was taking hold of his body. The new shade of color in Naruto's eyes puzzled Sasuke, but he did not have the chance to think on it further because Naruto had taken his lips in a violent kiss. Sasuke tensed a bit before relaxing and allowing Naruto to claim dominance. Every shred of coherent thought that was in Sasuke's mind escaped him when Naruto pressed him against the floor roughly. Sasuke moaned as Naruto began to grind him. Sasuke arched his back gave out a loud moan when Naruto started to grind harder. Sasuke did not know how much his moaning and participation in the situation was fueling Naruto's lust for him.

Sasuke could feel himself get closer to the edge and he knew that Naruto was not going to stop anytime soon. Sasuke felt his pants and boxers being taken off and Naruto's hand stroking him slowly. Sasuke gasped and arched his hips into Naruto's touch. Naruto then began to stroke him harder and Sasuke was moaning and whimpering in pleasure as he was getting closer to the edge quickly. He heard a knock on Naruto's door but he paid no attention to it and neither did Naruto.

Naruto heard his door open and he heard Sakura gasp. Just when she gasped Sasuke came hard in Naruto's hand. Naruto chuckled a bit as Sasuke lay on the floor completely dazed and not realizing the Sakura was in the room. Naruto brought his cum covered hand to his mouth and he proceeded to lick Sasuke's essence off. Sakura gave a sort of crying squeak before running out of Naruto's apartment crying. When Naruto finished licking his hand clean, he picked Sasuke up and placed him on the couch. Naruto then proceeded to make his way to the bathroom to handle his erection, but before he could get one step away from the couch Sasuke grabbed his wrist. Naruto turned around and looked at Sasuke. Sasuke sat up on his knees and unzipped Naruto's pants. He was surprised to find out that Naruto did not wearing any underwear. So Naruto's painfully hard erection poked out of Naruto's pants and into Sasuke's mouth. Naruto moaned and urged Sasuke to continue. Sasuke complied and began to suck Naruto's cock.

Down the street from Naruto's apartment

Sakura was thinking back to what she saw in Naruto's apartment. Naruto was on top of Sasuke doing something and Sasuke was enjoying it. Sakura could not believe. She just could not come to terms with what she saw. Then anger began to brew inside of her. Naruto had taken Sasuke away from her. He had did the thing that Sakura wanted to do to Sasuke. Now sakura has no chance with Sasuke because of Naruto. She had to do something about it.

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