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Warnings: Character death, Deatheater Meetings, minor battle scenes

Spoilers: Post half blood prince.

Authors Note: Yeah. This is a sort of time turner fic. It's in Severus's point of view. It will get a little dark, though not too badly. I've decided to postpone the other fic I was gonna do that's Hermione/Remus and the other Hermione/Draco one because this one hit me.

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Chapter 1:

For once in his life, he told himself not to question things. He would not wonder why he was doing what he was doing, feeling what he was feeling, or acting the way he was acting. For once in his life, Severus would ignore all the mumbling that was going on about this turn of events. For once in his life, he would not suspect that he was not being told the truth and investigate this possible deceit. For once in his young life, he'd live without question. At least on this subject, that looked like it served no importance to him.

A new student had arrived mid-year. Scanning Hogwarts: A History had been no help at all to him on this matter. Of course, he already basically had the whole book memorized. Quoting it would be an easy task for him. He simply thought that he had overlooked any mention of transfer students or any student at all being admitted after first year, let alone it being a seventh year. He hadn't. This really was a first in Hogwarts history. The new transfer student had arrived that morning.

He chose not to stare at her, as if she was an outer worldly being or some kind of half-breed creature. The rest of the school was doing that enough for him. He only needed one glance at her to memorize every feature she had. He could recount the exact number of freckles around her nose, her bright, happy brown eyes, her cluttered auburn hair, running down just above mid back. Why he even bothered to know that, he didn't know. He didn't care about her. She was a bloody Gryffindor.

Another bloody Gryffindor.

He wanted to kill them all. They were all senseless to the point of risking their lives for trivial things. They were so overprotective, that they probably killed each other out of frustration. They were lazy, unintelligent, skiving rabble. And what made it that much worse for him was that each and every single one of them had a better chance of getting jobs they wanted and living comfortably just because they were 'noble' Gryffindors. He almost snorted at the thought.

Sirius Black and James Potter were the worst of them. If ever any two people deserved to get theirs, it was them. After all the crude, vulgar insults he had been on the end of, he was only one step from using Unforgivable curses on them. He wasn't the defenseless boy he used to be. For months now, he had been training with the Deatheaters. Having received his mark just before school began, he was prepared for anything the two idiots had to say. He could take both of them on now, and they couldn't do anything. Not only did he know the wide array of dark curses he had been taught, but he had made up a few of his own. He only hoped nobody else knew of them.

He had made an elementary mistake last term of losing his N.E.W.T sixth year Potions book. He had jotted down revised versions of all of the Potions. Obviously, the author wasn't as proficient at Potions as he was believed to be. The revisions weren't what he was paranoid of being read. He had spells in there- spells that would get him thrown in Azkaban, spells that would get him killed.

He ignored the boy next to him trying to get attention, chancing another glance at this new girl. Hermione Granger. What an interesting name. It was certainly not a known wizarding surname, though. She must have either been a half-blood or a Mudblood. He snapped out of his wonderings about her heritage. He told himself not to be bothered with finding out anything about her. Not that he could now anyway. His relationship with her was already decided before he could even think about it for himself.

She was sitting between Evans and Lupin, across from Potter and Black. Pettigrew was nowhere to be seen. The sniveling fool was probably trying to kiss up to someone. Granger girl was already smiling and laughing with the dimwits. He didn't mind Evans as much anymore. She had proven herself to be an intelligent Mudblood with interesting views. He almost felt a bit bad when he realized he had messed up too badly in the past years to try and forge any sort of alliance with her. That coupled with her growing return of feelings for bloody Potter sealed the deal.

"How may I help you, Trevors?" Severus practically barked, a sneer crossing his thin lips as he finally turned to give into the group of Slytherins that had been trying to get his attention for the past few minutes now.

"We were just wondering if you'd like to join us for Quidditch after dinner." The brown-haired boy asked him in a neutral tone that conveyed no emotions.

"And why would I bother to do that?" He countered. His voice had lost the annoyance and showed no emotion, just as the boy he was talking to. That was Slytherin protocol. No emotion other than negative one.

"Because you refused once again this year to go for the team. As captain, I insist that you change your mind." Blake Trevors demanded.

Severus's sneer returned to his face. "You can insist if you wish. It will do nothing for your purpose. You have a capable seeker with all limbs in tact as of current time."

"He will not be that way for much longer if he doesn't catch the snitch one more time. We beat Hufflepuff because I am an amazing Chaser. We almost lost because that fool third year can't catch the damned ball. You will take over, Snape." His tone was now slightly raised, anger protruding.

"I refuse." Severus simply replied, his voice lowered back to its normal level. "I'm leaving. Good evening, gentlemen." He stood up and made his way through the Great Hall.

He couldn't help but look at the sky as he walked the long distance across the hall to the large double doors. They were shining fearlessly. Each star emitted a sort of glow that rivaled the one next to it. It was as if they were having a competition, each trying to outdo the other. They had such power… more power than any Divination fool or half-breed Centaur could give them credit for. They were simply amazing.

He returned his attention forward, once he had reached the doors. Stepping outside, he turned his direction of travel away from his usual one to the Slytherin Common Room and took another familiar trek to the library. It was a Friday night, but Severus had already completed his homework. There wasn't any sense in trying to procrastinate a week's worth of homework into a weekend when it could be done in bits and pieces, leaving two free days for relaxation. His reason for going to the library was for pleasure, not business. But before he could even set foot onto the staircase, he felt a presence behind him.

It was Granger. He didn't know why he had such an odd reaction when he first saw her that morning. He had to convince himself again and again that it was for no reason. He didn't like not being in control. Controlling emotions was always an easy task for him, but the arrival of this girl struck up many emotions he couldn't place. It all started when she had looked into his eyes.

Why would she do it? The look in her eyes still peeved him to no extent. She looked almost relieved when his eyes met hers. He couldn't help a flash of curiosity and the feeling of wind being knocked out of him before he set his expressions to stone, trying to mask the feelings she had for some reason ignited. Why would this little Gryffindor look relieved to see him? He wasn't some sort of stud or whatever the girls in his house had called Black, Potter, and Lupin when they thought no one was listening. He didn't even know this girl. Did he?

He had scanned his memories endlessly, even though he knew right off he didn't know her. Once seeing hair like that, he was positive he couldn't forget it easily. So, this look she sent him which turned quickly to a smile, was quite unsettling. She smiled at him. Didn't she know who she was dealing with? He almost felt anger at it. Silly twit. Useless Gryffindor. That smile of hers was knowing. She didn't know anything. She couldn't know anything.

"Evening." She said, a smile passing her face as she strolled up the staircase. That damned smile again.

"Granger, is it?" Severus called out, walking almost beside her, but not quite. What did she damn well know? Or was she just playing dumb? If she was, it would be the end of her life. He swore to it.

"Yes, Sir. Hermione Granger. And you are Severus Snape, no?" She asked, a gentle look passing her face, as she stopped to turn to him.

He also stopped, facing her. He tried to delve deep in her words. He didn't question how she knew his name. She most likely got it by some tactless remark Black made. He didn't give her any sort of acknowledgment. Damned not trying to figure this out. "What do you know?"

He berated himself for his momentary lapse of judgment and loss of control as he snapped at her. He was taught better than to be rude to a lady, however, this girl had managed to do what had taken others years to do in just a few years. She truly irritated him.

"I'm sorry?" She asked, a look of confusion passing her features. It looked so real, but he couldn't help but think there was something more to it.

"You know me or something about me, Miss Granger. I could tell it this morning when you looked at me, and I could tell it just know when you smiled at me." Dammit. He had managed to lose courteous behavior again.

"I'm afraid I'm not aware of what you're talking about, Mr. Snape." And just like that, she had him. The way she said his last name…

"I apologize for my rude behavior, Miss Granger." Then, he turned around to leave, but she called out to him. He didn't know why he did it or how much trouble it would cause him the future. All he knew was that he was almost helpless to ignore her wishes. To anyone else, he would've dismissed them and made a witty remark.

There was something about this Granger girl. She radiated innocence yet experience, bravery yet tact, intelligence yet modesty. She was something he wanted to tear apart. He wanted to take her down, to shred her innocence, her nobility, her body, everything. He had had half of a conversation with her and had only seen her for a day, but he felt like he was at a warpath with her. Not at her. At himself. He wanted to get rid of her so he could go back to being himself.

The only thing worse than having unwanted emotions was to have unwanted emotions and not understand why.

Just with a look, she managed to infuriate him beyond belief, and yet, she'd done nothing but be cordial with him. An innocent, new, little Gryffindor lamb walking into a wolves' den. Didn't she realize what a big mistake she was doing even talking to him? He could kill her, and by Merlin, he was tempted to. Naïve, stupid, little girl.

"It looked like you were heading to the library. Would you like to join me, Severus?" He turned to face her, a sneer crossing his face, knowing it would scare her off right away.

"And pray tell, why would I do that?" He asked, knowing that even if she ignored the warnings she must have gotten from her new friends, she would now definitely leave him alone and giving him grief- tempting him to devour her in the short time he had seen her.

"Because I'd like your company." She answered simply, her stance unwavering. Damn damn damn little Gryffindor.

"As you wish."

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