Chapter 1 : Introduction

Fairytales. A dangerous disease that is cast upon children everyday.

A disease. A hoax. A lie that hides them and covers them from the harshness of reality. Hence, the children are left oblivious and clueless. Stories of deception consisting of princesses, princes, dragons, glass shoes, dwarfs, witches and fairies… As we grow older this dawns to us that reality is far from a mere storybook. Much Much more deadly and much more evil than a wicked witch or dragon…


Everyday, all of us dream of a world of fairytales. Where we are the princesses and princes… and where everyone is happy and everyone lives happily ever after.

Cinderella… was my favourite bedtime story. Okaa-san used to read it for me every night when I was young… It is now my most hated story… a story that I dare not to touch.

Reality is a completely different dimension to stories in fairytales… yet… many live in one, and never notice. Except these fairytales doesn't start happily…or end happily. Nor is the princess the most beautiful, kind and fairest of the town. Nor is the prince the most charming and heroic man of the town…if there is one at all.

No. There were no fairy godmothers or glass slippers in my life. I for one thing, wasn't exceptionally beautiful or exceptionally outstanding at singing and dancing… nor am I kind-hearted or the fairest.

I know some resemblance though.

Like Cinderella, My whole family passed away when I was young- thus I was left alone in this cruel world…alone.

Like Cinderella, However, I had a stepfather, He for one thing has never done anything wrong to me…nor has he ever looked at me or spoken to me.

Like Cinderella, but not really like Cinderella, I had an evil step brother. Syaoran Li.

Well... I had always secretly named him that. He must probably been the biggest fault of my life. And I admit. I was scared of him. Very. Very scared.

I'm not going to say anything like "This is my story" because this is not a story at all; nor a fairytale. This is neither a diary nor a diary entry. I can just say… I'll just say this is my thoughts and ponders I have.

Well. Hello? I'm Sakura. Sakura Kinomoto. I am about to tell you some of the darkest secrets of my life. Full of betrayal, tragedy, survival, money, gambling and love. Well. Not really gambling- but it gives a good effect right?
I had decided to write my tears on paper- and let the tears run down the page.

Well here goes. Back to 7 years ago…back to when I was 10…back to when my family was alive. In a warm cozy home in Tomoeda…on a cold night of November 24th 1999…