A/N This is a drabble. I had some real life people in my head. But in the fanfiction world I'd like to imagine that the girl is Hermione and the boy is Draco. I'm not sure…you can imagine who ever you like for this story.

I own the entire plot…it's completely my story since I'm not using characters or Harry Potter references or song lyrics of any sort. This is all mine.

Made to Shatter

She felt like breaking down. He had repeatedly told her he loved her. He made her believe her heart was safe with him. So she gave him her all. She fell deeply in love with him without heed or caution. When he told her he had fallen in love with someone else her heart had been shattered. She gave him her all…and most of all she gave him not only her heart but her virginity. She felt so used and discarded. She felt like a used tissue or a childhood toy. No one was there to pick up the pieces of her shattered heart except for herself. She knew it was ok to mourn the loss and be angry. But she refused to let it consume her and blind her to the rest of the living world. She would come out of it all with her head held high.


A/N I hope everyone liked this…kind of based on a friend of mine. So this is for her.


Flair Verona the Slytherin Queen