Chapter One
Questioning the Arrow

"Roxas come on! We're going to be late!" the excitable brunet called from the other end of the hall, racing over toward Roxas. The blond boy sighed and continued emptying his bag into his locker.

"Sora, relax. It's an assembly, we have time," he assured the other boy. Sora bounced on the balls of his feet.

"But Riku's speaking and I wanna get a seat where I can see him!" he exclaimed, blue eyes sparkling at the mere thought. Roxas rolled his eyes and slammed the locker shut, getting dragged by his companion down the hallway.

"Somehow I figured as much," he mumbled. Sora grinned widely and slung an arm over Roxas's shoulders.

"Aw Roxy, you know me too well," he said with a wink.

"Why do you insist on calling me Roxy? It makes me sound like a major flamer." Sora stared blankly at the other boy.

"What's wrong with being a flamer?" he asked.

"Nothing," Roxas insisted.

"No seriously, what?"

"Sora, if there was something wrong with being a flamer, I wouldn't be friends with you."

"I'm not a flamer!" Sora protested loudly as the two sophomores entered the auditorium. Roxas nodded to himself. Sora shook his head and led the blond through the crowd of students toward a row of seats.

"Sora, there's nothing wrong with being a flamer. I just don't think it's right for me."

"What's not right for you, Roxy?" a redheaded girl asked as the two boys came upon their group of friends. Roxas shook his head and slipped into a seat next to her.

"It's nothing Kairi, really," he assured her with a grin.

"Sure, Kairi can call him Roxy but when I do it, I get called a flamer," Sora grumbled as he sank down into a seat between a boy with spiky blond hair and a petite brunette.

"That's because Kairi has a vagina," the blond said bluntly, glancing over at Sora.

"Thanks, Cloud, thanks."

"Well, Cloud's right. Besides, you're our favorite flamer," the brunette girl added as she leaned over, pinching Sora's cheek lightly. The blue-eyed boy screamed and pulled away, digging his face into Cloud's side.

"Owie, Selphie! Stop it!" he cried, burying himself deeper into Cloud's side. Suddenly a hand grabbed a fistful of hair and lifted him up and out of his hiding spot. "Ow, ow, ow!" he shrieked. He came face-to-face with an older brunet with longer hair and piercing grey eyes.

"Go find your own boyfriend to hide in," he said solemnly, releasing Sora's hair and pushing him away from Cloud. Sora rubbed his head and sat back.

"Jeeze Leon," Cloud snorted and shook his head. Leon shrugged and folded his arms over his chest.

"I'm just saying he either needs to go find Riku or stop being a pussy. I mean, it's Selphie."

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean?" Selphie suddenly interjected, leaning around Sora to glare at the older brunet.

"Never mind."

"No, what?"

"Nothing, Sel. Just drop it."

"You're so mean, Squall!" Selphie huffed and flumped back in her seat, staring at the seat ahead of her. Leon's right eye twitched slightly and he narrowed his eyes at the green-eyed girl.

"Never call me that," he said before stopping all together, also staring at the seat ahead of him. Sora stared between his two friends for a moment before nodding slowly.

"O…kay. Anyway, where's everybody else?" he asked. Selphie suddenly perked up and began doing a headcount.

"Let's see. Naminé's sitting next to Kairi who's next to Roxas who's next to Leon who's next to Cloud who's next to you who's next to me. Wakka's skipping out and went home, Yuffie and Aerith are backstage helping the speaker, Riku's playing MC so he's on the stage somewhere too, and I haven't seen Tidus yet," she finished with a slight pout.

"What about me?" Tidus asked, appearing above Selphie's head. The green-eyed girl shrieked happily and latched onto the freshman's arm, pulling him down into his seat.

"Yay, Tidus is here!" she exclaimed happily. Sora laughed and looked at Tidus.

"Hey kid, nice of you to join us."

"Yeah, it's great to see you too. Surprised you didn't get shoved into a locker on your way," Tidus replied teasingly. Sora gave him a sheepish look and pointed toward Roxas.

"I made sure Roxas was with me before I went anywhere."

"Figures." The lights in the audience suddenly dimmed and the lights on the stage came on. Riku rose up from his chair in the corner and walked into the center of the stage with his mic, silver hair flowing behind him.

"Okay guys, listen up," he said, watching as half of the auditorium fell silent and the other half kept talking. Riku tapped his foot on the ground impatiently and spoke again.

"Hey, shut up!" That silenced everybody in the room. Riku smirked and began talking again. "Anyway, hi, thanks for coming out today for this wonderful assembly. I mean, think about it. Shorter classes, we get out of school earlier, it all evens out!" That aroused cheers from the crowd.

"Get on with it, Masaki!" Principal Maleficent said from the side of the stage, staring at Riku darkly. Riku shifted slightly and nodded.

"Er, right, anyway. I hereby would like to introduce our guest speaker for today, Ms. Quistis Trepe!" Riku announced, stepping out of the spotlight and allowing a young blonde woman to take his place. She smiled and held her mic with dignity, looking out into the crowd of high school students.

"Good afternoon, everyone. I'm sure most of you are grown up and have been through puberty already," she began.

"Yeah, except for Sora," Roxas snickered under his breath.

"Shut up!"

"Guys, quiet down!" Kairi hissed to them. The two boys went silent and focused on the speaker again.

"Now I realize that at your age, you're going to get some urges to do things with other kids your age. Drugs, alcohol, and even sex. You should not be having sex at your age."

"Gee, guess we missed that memo," Cloud chuckled quietly.

"Shut up, Cloud," Leon replied but was smirking as well.

"Even if you are having sex, you should be doing it safely. However, keep in mind the consequences that come from having sex. Sex should be a personal choice, not something you're pressured into doing," Quistis continued preaching. Sora chose to tune her out and looked onto the stage, locking eyes with Riku. Aquamarine eyes twinkled back at him and Riku smiled, nodding slightly at his boyfriend. Sora's face split into a grin and he looked at Selphie.

"Doesn't Riku look absolutely gorgeous?"

"Well of course he does. I mean, he's Riku. But honestly, do you always examine how hot he is every time you see him?" Selphie questioned, tilting her head slightly.

"I don't know. I like to think of it as appreciating what I have."

"Yeah well I like to think of it as an obsession," Tidus cut in.

"Well who asked you?" Sora remarked.

"I asked me."

"That didn't make sense."

"Oh knock it off," Selphie said, lacing her fingers with Tidus's. "It's not important. Let Sora obsess with Riku if it makes him happy."

"I'm not obsessing!" Sora protested.

"Just listen to the speaker, Sor."

"Not only could you get STDs or pregnant, you could instantly regret it. However, I do have to say, gay sex does not count as sex. Sex is defined as intercourse between a man and a woman, not two men or two women. Therefore, homosexual sexual relationships do not truly exist." Quistis paced around on the stage.

"…guess we missed that memo too," Cloud said thoughtfully. Sora blinked and looked at Quistis.

"What's she talking about?" he whispered to his friends. Selphie shook her head and looked up at Riku on the stage, who was starting to look furious.

"Homosexuality is not the way to go. First of all, it's frowned upon greatly in society, plus it's just not good for the planet. If everybody became a homosexual, there would be no rise in the population and the human race would die out."

"Isn't she stretching things a little too far out?" Kairi raised an eyebrow.

"I don't know…" Roxas trailed off.

"If you're going to have sex, at least have straight sex. However, it's still morally wrong to have sex before marriage."

"Riku looks pissed," Naminé pointed out.

"Well think about it, Nami. This lady is busy slamming sex and then homosexuality…Riku's got a boyfriend. Don't you think he has the right to be mad?" Kairi asked the blonde freshman girl.

"Um, I suppose so."


Quistis continued on her speech for another 20 minutes or so, contradicting herself time and time again between preaching abstinence and downing homosexuality. Riku gritted his teeth with each word that he was hearing, focusing his attention on Sora.

Beautiful, sweet, lovable Sora.

Fuck anybody that was going to tell him that loving such a wonderful person was wrong. Without thinking, Riku jumped up out of his chair and walked over to Quistis rather stiffly.

"Well, Ms. Trepe, sorry to interrupt you but we're out of-" he was cut off by the bell ringing, signaling the end of the day. Riku smiled gratefully and finished his sentence. "Time." He turned to his audience and waved his hand. "Go home, have a nice day, enjoy it!" Everyone in the auditorium rose as Riku walked off-stage to put away his mic. Tidus stood up and led Selphie out of the auditorium, not letting go of her hand. Sora followed after them along with the rest of their friends. Leon and Cloud turned toward the stage and left, going off to find Yuffie and Aerith most likely.

The six remaining teens wound up in the hallway, standing in a group next to the auditorium door. Sora looked over them all and leaned against the wall.

"So what're everybody's plans for this afternoon?" he asked.

"Well, Nami and I are going shopping," Kairi replied.

"Since when?"

"We decided on it during the assembly," Naminé answered. Selphie glanced at Kairi quietly, looking a bit offended that she hadn't been asked to go with them. Sora noticed the semi-hurt look but chose to ignore it when Selphie brought another smile to her face as cover.

"And I'm going to Wakka's," Tidus interrupted, shifting his bag on his shoulder.

"I thought you were coming over today?" Selphie looked over to Tidus, the hurt look returning again. The boy merely shrugged and draped an arm loosely around her waist.

"Sorry Selph. Wakka's training me today for blitzball, y'know?"

"Well then, there go my plans," the brunette sighed softly. Sora looked over to Roxas.

"Roxy, what are you doing?"

"Absolutely nothing. Figured I'd crash at your house for lack of anything better to do," the blond replied.

"In other words the parents aren't home?"

"Basically." Roxas nodded and scuffed his toe along the floor.

"I'm coming over too then," Selphie declared just then.

"Fine by me." Sora grinned and stretched out. Sitting in that auditorium for 45 minutes was rather painful. "So where's Riku?"

"Try looking behind you a few inches and see if you can't spot him," Riku teased as he grabbed onto Sora's shoulders, draping his arms over them. Sora glanced back and beamed.

"Hi!" he chirped. Riku gave him an amused smile and kissed the tip of his nose.

"Hey there. What's going on?"

"Selphie and Roxas are coming over. Are you?" Sora asked, turning around in his boyfriend's grasp to face him.

"I already told you yes when you asked me that this morning," Riku reminded him.

"Ooh, right." Kairi shook her head at Sora and Naminé giggled.

"Well guys, Kai and I are off!" Naminé announced and waved as she and Kairi began leaving.

"See ya tomorrow!" Kairi called over her shoulder before the two girls disappeared outside. Tidus glanced down at his watch and sighed.

"I better go too. Wakka said to be at his place by three and it's 2:53 now. I'll catch you guys later." He kissed Selphie's lips lightly and waved before running out of the building and down the street toward Wakka's. The four remaining teens stood in the hallway looking at one another.

"So are we going to get going or what?" Selphie questioned, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

"Yeah, might as well," Roxas agreed as the group began heading outside. Fall had begun to set upon the islands as the leaves were changing color and the nights got a bit cooler. However, during the day it was still warm enough for them to go without jackets.

"Oh! I just remembered that I have ice cream!" Sora stated out of nowhere. Riku rewarded him with a strange look as he laced their fingers together.

"Okay and?" he said in attempt to get the boy to continue.

"That was it. I'm hungry." Sora shrugged. Riku laughed and ruffled Sora's hair.

"Goof," he said fondly.

"Yeah but he's our favorite goof," Selphie pointed out.

"So hang on. I'm your favorite flamer and your favorite goof?" Sora raised an eyebrow. "Is that even possible?"

"Must be since you're standing here," Roxas replied with a small smirk.

"Wait, wait, wait. Who called you a flamer?" Riku questioned, tilting his head slightly. Sora immediately pointed to Roxas.

"He did." Riku turned his head and looked at Roxas coolly. Roxas stared at him blankly and rolled his eyes.

"Please. Riku you know it's true. And like I said, nothing wrong with being a flamer," the blond said in his defense.

"I don't care, it's still rude. Assweed." Riku turned away then.

"Assweed? What'd I do?" Roxas cried, looking at Selphie and tugging on her sleeve. "Huh?"

"You insulted Sora. Therefore, Riku's not pleased. Therefore, you have been dubbed as an assweed and shall remain so until Riku changes his mind," Selphie retorted with a large grin. It was clear that she was pretty amused by the whole situation. Roxas sighed and shook his head.

"I was kidding though," he mumbled as the four kids walked up the path to Sora's house.

"…so was I," Riku said slowly, giving Roxas a look that plainly said 'Are you stupid?'

"Oh." Roxas grinned sheepishly. Sora snickered and unlocked the door, ushering everybody inside.

"So, my room or living room or den or what?" Sora asked as he shut the door behind him.

"Your room and your bed," Riku purred, standing behind Sora and nuzzling his ear. Sora squeaked and twitched.

"Riku not now!" he exclaimed but smiled contently. Selphie giggled behind her hand and Roxas remained looking confused.

"I agree with Riku though, your room," Selphie cut in, bounding up the stairs toward the brunet's bedroom.

"Kay well, Sora and I will meet you up there. I want ice cream," Riku stated.

"Well then what does Sora have to stay for?" Roxas inquired. Riku's eyes shifted and he narrowed them at Roxas.

"He wants ice cream too," he explained and pushed Roxas toward the stairs, dragging Sora back with him into the kitchen. Sighing loudly and shaking his head at Riku's antics, he climbed upstairs slowly, entering Sora's room. Selphie was sitting on the bed with a PS2 controller in her hands and Burnout 3: The Takedown loading on the TV. Roxas decided that since Selphie was using the PS2 it wouldn't hurt for him to use the computer that was sitting in the corner. After all, Sora had cable; he still was on dial-up. Opening an internet browser window, he went through the process of checking his email. Not that he had any anyway, but it never hurt to check.

"Mwahuhahua! Take that, jerkface!" Selphie shouted at the TV as she rammed the opponent cars into the wall, wiping them out momentarily. Roxas chuckled and turned toward the TV for a moment.

"Have I ever said that you're crazy?" he asked lightly.

"No but thanks for saying it now," Selphie replied, never looking away from the screen as she continued taking down the other cars that attempted to speed by her. Roxas looked back at the computer monitor and clicked on the address bar. Typing in the address for Myspace, he came across the homepage and logged into his account. He scanned over the contents of the page briefly, noticing that he had no new comments or anything. Suddenly a flash of red caught his eye and he looked over to the right-hand side of the screen.

"Cool new people," he mumbled to himself, looking at the three pictures displayed. The one that had gotten his attention was a beauty with long spiky red hair and unnaturally bright green eyes. Captivated by the colors of the figure, Roxas clicked on the redhead's profile before he could even process what he was doing. Once the profile had loaded, Roxas glanced over at the picture and stared in awe. He didn't move, didn't blink, and for a short time, didn't even breathe as he took in the sight before him. Selphie noticed that the clacking of the keys on the keyboard had stopped and she paused her game, looking over to where Roxas was sitting. Noticing that the boy was staring, she smiled and perked up.

"See something you like, Roxy?" she asked him. Roxas didn't answer her as he continued staring at the picture, ignoring everything Selphie was saying. After all, it probably wasn't important anyway, most things she said never were.

Out in the hall, Sora and Riku clamored up the stairs, Riku with a bowl of ice cream and Sora with a bit of ice cream running down his neck. Cringing at the sticky mess, he wiped at it with his hand and licked it off of his fingers. The two entered Sora's room and spotted Selphie staring at Roxas, who was staring at the screen. Riku raised an eyebrow and glanced at Selphie.

"What's with him?" he asked slowly with a confused look on his face.

"I don't know. He suddenly just stopped and starting staring at a picture on Myspace," she explained, watching Roxas as well. Riku peered around Roxas's shoulder and noticed the boy the blond was looking at. Looking back at Sora, he raised the other eyebrow.

"He likes cock?"

"Huh? Not to my knowledge…he likes Kairi. Unless Kairi's hiding something from us," Sora said slowly, coming up behind Riku.

"Ugh, trust me, she's not. Would you like me to prove it to you?" Selphie retorted.

"Sel, vaginas scare me," the brunet whimpered and hid behind Riku. Riku rolled his eyes and shot Selphie an amused grin, hugging his boyfriend.

"Selph, you're scaring him," he pointed out. Selphie shook her head. Roxas continued ignoring his friends, focused on the half-naked boy in front of him.

"Roxas?" Sora called out. The blond ignored him.

"Hey Roxas," Riku tried. The blond ignored him too.

"Hey Roxy!" Selphie shouted. The blue-eyed boy jumped and fell out of his chair, landing on the floor with a loud thud. He looked around in bewilderment, suddenly noticing that his friends were behind him.

"Oh, hey Selph," he said lamely. Riku snorted and rolled his eyes.

"So he only snaps out of it when Selphie calls to him?"

"What?" Roxas blinked in confusion.

"You were staring at that guy for like, 10 minutes," Riku pointed out to the blond, Sora nodding in agreement.

"What guy?" Roxas asked, reaching behind him in attempt to minimize the browser window. Riku pointed to the screen and the picture on it.

"That guy," he said flatly. "Care to explain what you found so captivating?" he said jokingly, leading Sora over to the brunet's bed and kicking Selphie onto the floor, curling up with his boyfriend.

"Nothing!" Roxas denied quickly.

"It's okay Roxy…being a cock-soldier's kinda fun," Sora said thoughtfully, leaning against Riku's chest. The silver-haired boy chuckled at the way the tanned teen put it, kissing his temple lightly. Selphie sat up from her place on the floor and crawled up onto the bed again, laying at the foot of it.

"Nothing wrong with being curious about someone who has the same body parts as you!" she exclaimed cheerfully, also rather amused by Roxas's new predicament.

"I'm not curious though…I have my own body parts," Roxas said slowly, not liking where this conversation was going. Sora began to chew on Riku's fingers lightly, noticing that there was dried ice cream on them. Riku didn't seem bothered with Sora chewing on his hand and looked at Roxas.

"Yeah, I didn't think I'd be interested either back in the day. But now look who I'm stuck with," he said rather fondly, nodding down at Sora. The brunet boy blinked and looked at his older boyfriend.

"You make it sound like it's a bad thing," he mumbled around Riku's fingers. The green-eyed boy blinked and shook his head.

"I'm just kidding, I'm not stuck with you. Don't be so sensitive," he teased, sticking out his tongue. Sora bit down harder just to spite him. However, Riku didn't yelp in pain like Sora thought he would. Instead, the junior let out a small groan and looked at Sora.

" …you know that felt good, right?" he informed him. Sora stared back at him with a raised eyebrow.

"…kink," he simply stated. Riku winked and snickered.

"You love it," he retorted back. Roxas blinked at his two friends and shook his head, returning to the original point.

"I'm not curious."

"Suuure you're not," Selphie drawled out, laying on her stomach and facing Roxas, who had crawled back up into Sora's desk chair.

"Well are you!" Roxas exploded, staring at the brunette feeling slightly irritated. The green-eyed girl blinked and looked at her hands.

"Maybe…" she said, quieter than before. Roxas didn't say anything for a moment, perhaps too shocked to form words for what he was thinking. "Hey, it's natural at this age!" Selphie defended herself after an awkward period of silence. Roxas threw his hands up into the air in exasperation.

"Is this the Twilight Zone? Did I take a wrong turn somewhere?" he exclaimed, feeling his head spin at all of the new knowledge he was obtaining.

"In an alternate universe, yes," Selphie answered. Roxas blinked and remembered something important.

"You have a boyfriend though." Sora looked up from Riku's hand and looked at Roxas instead.

"…and?" he prodded, not quite sure what Tidus had to do with Selphie being curious. Then again, it didn't surprise him that much that Selphie was curious about girls to begin with.

At least that would explain why Selphie liked to stare at the pretty girls.

"…" Roxas paused for a moment, knowing that he was digging himself into a deeper hole. "I thought it was a girl," he said then, nodding back at the picture on the screen.

"Bull!" Sora screamed at the same time Riku and Selphie declared "Liar".

"What?" Roxas shouted, scowling at his group of friends. Selphie leaned forward and pointed at the screen.

"With a chest that flat?" she asked. Roxas frowned and pointed at Selphie's own chest.

"You're flat!" he announced. Sora looked over at Selphie's chest curiously.

"No she's not."

"Will you stop looking?" Riku covered Sora's eyes.

"Hey!" Sora protested. Selphie pouted and scowled at Roxas.

"So I'm a late bloomer, gimme a break."

"That's okay, Selph. You're catching up," Sora replied, prying Riku's hand off of his eyes. Selphie beamed and sat up.

"Thank you, Sora. You get cookies later," she decided. The brunet's eyes widened and he smiled.

"Cookie? Cookie!" he hollered, bouncing on his bed. "Cookie cookie cooooooookie!" Riku rolled his eyes and half-glared at Selphie.

"Thanks Selph. Now you got him hyper." He shook his head. Roxas stared at Sora briefly before snorting.

"Okay, Sora's opinion doesn't count. He's just kinda retarded right now," he declared. The tanned boy gave him a flat look and stopped bouncing. Riku shifted his gaze to Roxas and raised an eyebrow.

"And you're not? You're the one that thought Axel was a girl," he reminded the blond.

"Is that his name?" Roxas countered, inwardly cursing himself for sounding so eager.


"How do you know that?" Riku opened his mouth to answer Roxas when Sora cut him off.

"Because Axel's a big jerk!" he replied with a frown. Riku raised an eyebrow and looked down at the boy leaning against his body.

"He's not that bad. He's in some of my classes."

"Yeah well, he took my pudding," Sora grumbled. Riku stifled his laughter and ran a hand through Sora's hair.

"That savage," he said sympathetically, biting his lip to keep from laughing. Roxas closed his eyes and shook his head.

"Okay Sora, you're not helping." Selphie stretched out and tucked her legs under her, sitting so that she could face all three of the boys.

"I don't know him very well, but he seems pretty cocky," she stated.

"Cocky how?" Roxas asked, turning his attention back to Selphie.

"You know, overly-confident and whatnot."

"Why's that?"

"Why're you asking if you're not interested?" Sora questioned, pointing at Roxas accusingly. Roxas sighed and shook his head.

"I'm not…it's called being curious," he said, instantly regretting it when he saw a knowing grin grow on Selphie's face.

"Told you he was curious," she giggled.

"She has a point there," Riku said. Roxas sputtered and waved his arms in the air.

"Not about that! Not that kind of curious…" he trailed off, cheeks staring to go red. Sora snickered behind his hand.

"Roxy's blushing," he informed his companions. Selphie nodded slowly.

"Riiight," she said, not believing a single word that was coming out of the boy's mouth.

"Whatever you say, Roxy," Riku added.

"I'm not! I. Am. Straight." He put extra emphasis on the last word, making sure he was heard loud and clear. Sora continued laughing to himself and Roxas looked up, seizing a pillow from the floor.

"Shut up!" he snapped, throwing the pillow at Sora and smacking him in the face. The other blue-eyed boy blinked and wrinkled his nose.

"Ahh! Riku, Roxas hit me!" he yelled, tugging on Riku's sleeve.

"Hit him back," Riku suggested. Sora's eyes lit up and he nodded, pausing for a moment before leaping off of the bed, tackling Roxas out of his chair and onto the floor.

"What the-get off of me!" Roxas shouted, kicking at the other boy. Riku smirked down at the pair on the floor.

"Sora don't stay on him too long, he might get excited," he taunted the blond, Selphie giggling at the sight. Roxas didn't appreciate Riku's sense of humor though and flipped him the finger.

"Sorry, there's only one person I plan on fucking." Riku smiled cheekily. Roxas opened his mouth to retort when he suddenly felt his hands slam down against the floor. Sora had pinned him flat and was now straddling him to the floor. He smiled down at Roxas calmly.

"Now…just admit that you're curious about your arrow-ism," he prodded, waiting patiently for Roxas to answer.

"Arrow-ism. That's an interesting way of putting it," Selphie stated with a laugh.

"Well it's true." Sora nodded. Roxas glared up at the smaller brunet on top of him.

"I am not curious," he repeated himself. "I just want to know why he looks like a chick," he said as an excuse.

"He doesn't look like a chick," Riku pointed out.

"No kidding," Sora agreed. "I like his hair though…" he trailed off, getting off subject.

"Well, he has girly features then," Roxas huffed. "But then again, so does Sora."


"So do you," Selphie scoffed.

Roxas scoffed back. "Do not!"

"Apparently you didn't realize that you have almost exactly the same kind of build as Sora does. Therefore, if he has girly features, then so do you," she explained. Riku nodded once Selphie had finished.

"Actually, you do. I never really put it together, but Selphie's right. You both have girly upper-bodies and girly legs," he noted.

"And?" Roxas raised an eyebrow. Selphie let out an exasperated sigh and looked at the ceiling.

"And that means you have girly features too," she said firmly.

"Well nobody's ever told me I look like a girl!" Roxas defended himself. Sora pouted from his spot on the floor, rolling off of Roxas.

"Lucky bitch," he muttered.

"Hey, it's not a bad thing," Riku said to the brunet on the floor, reaching down and pulling on his elbow to bring him back onto the bed. Sora crawled back up next to Riku and snuggled against him.

"Yeah, I know…" he sighed softly. Selphie knew that Sora was a bit sensitive about being girly and turned the conversation back onto Roxas.

"Well, I'm telling you now. You're girly too," she said with a grin, knowing that she was getting under the blond's skin.

"Well don't bother," Roxas shot back.

"But I already did." She blinked in confusion.

"Well, I'm not curious okay? The end!" Roxas finalized, sitting upright once more. Sora stared at him doubtfully and smirked.

"Then do tell me what was poking my stomach," he demanded. Roxas blinked and shrunk back from Sora's gaze.

'Shit.' He thought to himself, thinking quickly.

"My hand."

"He had your hands pinned," Selphie reminded him. Roxas tried again.


"Mmhmm, sure sure." Sora waved off Roxas's excuse. Riku placed his hands on Sora's stomach and held him protectively, rewarding Roxas with another strange look.

"See, now you're just making up stuff," Selphie said to Roxas, Sora giggling to himself at this.

"I am not!" Roxas protested again.

"Why don't you just admit that you're wondering what it'd be like to be with someone who has a cock already?" she countered, looking down at Roxas from her perch.

"Because it's not true!" Roxas shouted. Sora sighed and muttered something along the lines of "Just a hopeless cause". Selphie shook her head and chose to ignore Roxas for now, turning to the couple on the bed next to her.

"Which reminds me. How'd you guys know you both liked boys?" she asked, knowing very well that Roxas was going to listen whether he liked it or not. Sora played with Riku's fingers and looked up into his boyfriend's face.

"Do you wanna answer first, or shall I?" he asked.

"You go first. I wanna hear this," Riku decided, leaning back against the wall behind Sora's bed. Sora grinned widely and looked at Selphie and Roxas.

"I don't like cock," he announced proudly. "I just like Riku's for some odd reason and I don't know why…" he trailed off, blinking unsurely. Riku grinned and laughed quietly.

"I like that answer," he said to the brunet.

"…so you're just Riku-sexual?" Selphie asked him.

"Pretty much yeah." Sora shrugged. "I mean, I had a crush on Kairi for God's sake!"

"What's wrong with that?" Roxas interjected, repositioning himself back in the chair he had originally been in.

"Dude…she's like my sister," Sora said slowly.

"Incestuous feelings are never a good thing," Selphie responded.

"Sometimes she acts like she could be your mom though," Riku pointed out with a thoughtful look. "Which kinda makes it worse…"

"Ew!" Sora screamed. "Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew!" Selphie paused, waiting for Sora to finish his ranting.

"It wouldn't really be incest though…" Roxas stated.

"…anyways." Selphie turned to Riku. "What about you, Riks?" she asked with a cheery smile. The silver-haired boy glanced back and forth between Sora and Roxas.

"…yeah umm, I don't know…I guess I hit puberty and was like 'yay girls' or something." He shrugged. Sora stopped his string of "ew"s and listened to what Rikuy had to say.

"Then when we had to change in the locker room for P.E. and sports, I started noticing features on boys, and I got curious," Riku continued.

"That fucking word again," Roxas muttered under his breath. The junior boy ignored the sophomore and kept telling his story.

"Then I dated this guy…for like a week, so it didn't really count. But the experience was way different than with a girl, though both types are great. I guess to summarize, I'm just not picky. I had a wider variety to choose from and got the best of both worlds," he finished up.

"So you're bi," Roxas stated rather than asked.

"Basically." Riku nodded. Sora's eyes were wide and he glanced at Riku.

"Wait, who'd you date?" he asked.

"Um…do you remember that kid in junior high…fuck I forgot his name. It was something weird like…" Riku stopped to think. Sora waited impatiently, staring at Riku intently. "Oh yeah! Zexion was his name. That guy." Riku nodded to himself.

"…you never told me that," Sora said.

"Again, it was only a week, so it doesn't really count," Riku repeated himself.

"Still, you never told me that," Sora argued back. "I'm your best friend! Even before we got together, I was your best friend! How could you not tell me that?" he exploded.

"Because I was still kind of nervous about that stuff," Riku replied.

"But now! You could have told me earlier than this, like when we got together!" Sora continued to rant.

"It was junior high damnit," Riku said sharply.

"Riku!" Sora whined. Riku stared at Sora briefly, silently wondering if his boyfriend was retarded.

"Does it really matter anymore?" he asked the brunet.

"…does what matter?" Sora blinked.

"…" Riku shook his head slowly. Selphie snickered quietly and Roxas joined in. "Never mind Sora," Riku said to his boyfriend. "You and your A.D.D." he muttered to himself.

"Your boyfriend's kinda retarded, isn't he?" Roxas said between his laughs. Riku rolled his eyes and threw his shoe at Roxas. The blond caught it and got up, walking out of the room with Riku's shoe in his hand.

"What'd I do?" Sora cried, looking at Riku with large eyes. "Huh?" Roxas soon came back into the room without Riku's shoe, sitting on the floor once more. The oldest boy sighed and laced his fingers with Sora's.

"You didn't do anything, Sor," he assured the brunet. "And you," he said, directing it to Roxas. "You better bring my fucking shoe back."

"I don't know where it is," Roxas replied with a shrug. Riku sighed dramactically and shook his head.

"Roxy, just because I figured out my sexuality and you haven't doesn't mean you have to be a bully and steal my shoe."

"I know my sexuality, Riku." Roxas glared.

"Right," Selphie scoffed. "Mr. 'Checking out Axel for 15 minutes.'"

"What?" Roxas exclaimed. "And it was 10!" he corrected her. He mentally kicked himself then for even admitting it.

"You're so full of it Roxas…just admit it," Sora said to him.

"No I'm not!"

"I can't really blame you though, he is pretty dreamy," Selphie said out of nowhere. Roxas blinked at her and shook his head, standing up from his spot on the floor. He walked out of the room, returned with Riku's shoe, and threw it on the bed.

"Fuck this, I'm going home," he mumbled, grabbing his backpack from the spot next to Sora's desk.

"Oh come on, Roxas. Stop being such a drama queen," Riku said to him. Roxas shouldered his bag and crossed the room.

"Roxas?" Selphie called after him uncertainly.

"Hayner and Seifer should be home by now," he muttered, opening the door to Sora's bedroom. "I'll see you guys tomorrow." And with that, he disappeared out of the room, thundering down the stairs and out the front door. Sora sighed and looked out the window, watching Roxas run down the street to his own home.

"Do you think he'll be okay?" he asked his other two companions.

"Roxas is just confused, Sora. I'm sure he'll be fine," Selphie reassured him with a smile. "Besides, it's probably shocking for him to realize that he could be potentially less than straight."

"…he's got to have some reason to deny why he would be looking at Axel," Riku pondered thoughtfully.

"What do you mean?" Selphie questioned the older boy.

"I mean, Roxas knows something that we don't. And we're going to find out even if it kills us," he declared. Sora nodded in agreement.

"Riku's right. We can't let Roxas stay confused forever."

"Why the hell not?" Selphie rolled onto her back.

"Selphie!" Both boys shouted.

"Okay, just kidding. But maybe we should just leave it alone for now. After all, Roxas looks ready to kill."

"Agreed." Sora nodded furiously.

"We'll see what happens over the next couple of days. In the meantime, let's just mind our own business okay?" Riku said to the two sophomores.

"Deal." They all agreed, pushing Roxas and his problems out of their minds as Selphie resumed her video game, tossing Sora a controller and offering a challenge.

"I'm home," Roxas called out glumly, not expecting to hear anything.

"Kitchen!" the voice of Hayner, his older brother, rang out. Roxas dropped his bag by the door and wandered into the kitchen, spotting Hayner unloading a bunch of white take-out cartons.

"Hi," Roxas greeted him, poking at the cartons.

"Hey, where have you been?" Hayner asked him as he grabbed two plates, handing one to Roxas as he began opening the Chinese take-out boxes.

"Sora's," Roxas simply said. Hayner nodded and began scooping food onto his plate.

"Well, Mom and Dad won't be home until late and I don't know where Seif is, so help yourself to food," Hayner said to him. Roxas nodded and spooned a small amount of rice onto his plate, grabbing a fork from the drawer. Hayner looked at him curiously.

"Is that all you're eating?"

"Yeah, I guess," Roxas replied, forcing himself to take a mouthful of the rice and swallow it. Hayner stopped piling food onto his plate and looked at his younger brother.

"Okay, what's wrong?" he asked. Roxas slammed his fork down and pushed himself away from the counter.

"Nothing, god! Just leave me alone!" he shouted before whirring past Hayner and heading for the stairs, racing into his bedroom and slamming the door shut, jumping onto his bed and slamming a pillow over his head. A few moments later he heard a knock on his door.

"Roxas? Are you okay?" Hayner called from the other side. Roxas sniffed and gathered his voice.

"Yeah, I'm fine!" he lied, hoping Hayner would just leave. The older boy got the hint and nodded despite the fact that Roxas couldn't see him.

"Okay…I'll just save you some dinner for later?"

"Whatever," Roxas mumbled and rolled over, facing his window. Hayner moved away from the door and Roxas heard his footsteps fade down the stairs, back into the kitchen. The blond sighed and stared at his wall, suddenly feeling very tired and drained of all energy. His thoughts drifted aimlessly, shuffling between Sora and Riku's relationship to Selphie's admittance of being less-than-straight to the assembly from earlier and finally back to the thing he didn't want to think about.

That boy. Axel, or whatever Riku had called him. Roxas bit his lip and curled into a ball, feeling a bit sick to his stomach.

'What the hell is happening here? It was a guy…I shouldn't be looking at a guy like that. And besides, what about Kairi? I mean, I still like her a bit too…not that I can tell her that. Not yet anyway. Maybe the guy thing was just a fluke. Yeah, that's it!' He decided, glancing at his computer in the corner of the room. His mind's eye brought him a picture of the boy; the spiky red hair and the bright green eyes. Roxas looked at his hands in shame, shaking his head quietly.

"I was just looking," he told himself. He closed his eyes and pulled his blanket over his head, blocking out all of the light.

"There's nothing wrong with just looking," he mumbled to himself, willing himself to go to sleep and forget about everything, just for a little while.

Woo, well, here we are with a new fic. I'm pretty excited actually. Although the beginning up until Selphie, Riku, Sora, and Roxas are going to Sora's irritates me because I lost the original eight pages. Anyhow, I'm kinda proud of this fic so far.

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