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ARose of Their Love

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Summary: SASUSAKUOnEsHoT Sasuke and Sakura is a true rose. They are associatedwith that flower in more ways than one. Read and believe.

Yes, perhaps my heart is at stake,

Thus my reason for committing such a grave felony

The incentive was bittersweet.

For such I've gained reprisal for my love ones, I was obviated to see my dearest.

My Flower.

It vexes me to see, heed, sense without my blossom adjacent to me.

Together, we emit the image of a gallant rose.


She, the withered flower,

I, the despicable thorns.

For her to wilt, it pains me so.

Indeed, I was once seen as a rose, complete and alive.

Marveled for my petals,

Feared for my thorns.

Yet someone as delicate as her pervaded me.

She was harmed by my thorns;

Cuts and bruises covered her vulnerable body.

I was moved, her determination, it shook me.

And not long afterwards, I fell.

So deep in the abyss, so deep I couldn't resurface.

I didn't bother to though,

She was with me, I was content.

We became one; she became a part of me.

But we had to part, for I had poison in those thorns.

One cursed me with such a fate.

If I would be incapable to acquire the corrective,

My flower could die for she is a part of me.

I wasn't prepared, I know.

I acted I did, but I know I'm not.

But… my desire for her to be spared besieged me.

I left.

I was oblivious to the consequences.

"You are my life…" those words, I carried so ever gently,

Yet I forget.

To obtain the curative for the abhorrent poison,

I was required to slay one's life.

I knew who, I didn't vacillate and I was fervent to.

But it by no means occurred to me that I would be killing a part of me as well.

And so I went to the devil, himself.

But all was well, I obtained what I sought.

All was well, I deemed.


As I've remedied myself, an insufferable side effect it contained.

A part of me was lost.

Happiness did not seethe through me, more anguish did.

But I still had hope, my flower.

As I came back,

Alas! Was I too late?

I forgot…

I am her life, I left her.

She lost a part, she would die.

And all because I wished for her to be spared.

I killed her.

But I see her tears, I still had hope.

"…You're back"

"For you…"

She withered, yet she blossomed once more.

I was afraid but no more,

My flower is alive.

She engulfed me in a hug as I returned to her embrace.

Sharing a kiss so passionate,

We are once more complete.

Flower, to show our love,

Thorns, to protect it.


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