Title: Christmas Wish-List
Author: Princess Destiny
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Rating: M 15+
Summary: 'One Hour Challenge' #122, 124, 303 and 329: Response Fanfic. Usagi asks Mamoru what he would wish for, if he could have anything in world for Christmas-and he blurts out "Sailor Moon"! Who'd have known such an innocent question could start a chain reaction?
Couple: Usagi And Mamoru
Chapters: 1/9
Status: Completed
Year Completed: 2003

Comments: Hi everyone! Yes-another Fanfic! And a Christmas one at that. :Grin: I know Christmas is past, but I just couldn't resist. A thought just popped into my head and I had to write it down. What if Mamoru was asked what he wanted for Christmas and he blurted out that he wanted Sailor Moon? What sort of chaos would that cause? And yeah, it's another 'Mamoru gets a clue' Fanfic. Hehehe. It's another oldie, but it was completed in 2003, so I'm posting it up here. The Sequel 'Gift-Wrapped' is coming out soon, so you'll need to read this one in order to understand that one.

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Princess Destiny


By Princess Destiny

Chapter One

It was two days till Christmas and Usagi and the girls were gathered at a table in the arcade, having their usual after-School snacks.

Mamoru was at the counter, looking his usual annoying self and studying some books.

Motoki was leaning against the counter nearby and the arcade was full of laughing happy people.

Just the sort of mood that Usagi adored. Christmas was a wonderful time to share with those you loved. She threw a quick look over her shoulder at the busy dark-haired medical student. Except him, of course. Mamoru didn't seem to like Christmas at all.

In fact, when she'd called out a 'Merry Christmas' to Motoki a half hour before, Mamoru had muttered something that sounded suspiciously like 'Bah humbug'.

She giggled and picked up a french fry, studying it in amusement before popping it into her mouth.

"-and that's the List." Makoto finished, looking down at the pad in front of her on the table-top.

The girls had been compiling a List of goodies for their mini-Christmas party that they were having on Christmas Eve. That way, she'd have all Christmas day with her family. "You put Snickers?" she asked.

"Yup. And Mars bars, peppermint chocolate bars, choc bullets, choc peanuts-" Makoto read from the List, grinning mischievously.

"Yadda, yadda, yadda. We're done," Rei cut in, throwing a glare at the blonde. "I think we have the entire store already."

"Don't be a party-pooper, Rei." Usagi told her, smirking. Her blue eyes glinted innocently as Rei's glare increased in volume.

"I know you, Usagi! You're going to come up with something at the last minute." The Priestess-in-training retorted.

"Twinkies?" Ami said suddenly, sipping on her straw and looking thoughtful.

"Ami!" Rei and Makoto howled in outrage. "Not you too."

Usagi and Ami giggled.

Something popped into Usagi's head and she looked around the table gleefully. "Hey guys, if you could have anything in the world for Christmas, what would it be?" she asked eagerly.

"You first," Rei said dryly, knowing the blonde was dying to tell them what she wanted.

"Well, I'd love to be a fairytale Princess and get married to a handsome Prince." Usagi said dreamily, eyes far away.

"That's two," Ami noted absently leaning her elbows into the table.

"Okay, fine!" Usagi sniffed. She looked around carefully, then leaned in close to the girls, who also leaned in to hear her. "Okay, well what I really want is, Tuxedo Kamen."

Makoto and Rei cracked up and Ami blushed.

Usagi glared at them all, affronted. She'd been serious! "Think about it guys. He's a gorgeous guy who's always there when I need him. He's so kind to me and okay, he's mysterious, but what more could a girl want than someone who cares for her?" she reasoned.

The three girls stared at her.

"That actually made sense," Ami said, dazed. Her eyes sharpened on Usagi's face. "Are you feeling ill?" she demanded.

"Yeah, are you?" Rei said suspiciously.

Makoto leant further over in her seat next to Usagi and peered into the blonde's chocolate shake. "Did Motoki spike this or something?"

"Guys!" Usagi wailed loudly.

"Keep it down, Odango!" Mamoru shouted over his shoulder, nose still buried in his books.

"Shut up, jerk!" she shouted back, glaring over her shoulder.

She turned back to the girls and glared at them. "Besides, Tuxedo Kamen is a real guy. Why wish for something that you probably won't get, when there's someone there that you might actually have a chance with, one day?"

"True," Ami approved, picking up her burger and taking a bite. "Mut moo mave poo bwe-" she muttered around her mouthful.

Usagi, Makoto and Rei stared at her.



"I didn't catch that."

Ami swallowed and cleared her throat, then started again. "I said; but you have to be careful what you wish for. Tuxedo Kamen has no idea who you are. You could never tell him your real identity. What sort of a relationship would that be?" she whispered across the table to them.

"Luna said we wouldn't have to hide our identities forever," Usagi told her smugly. "As soon as we find this Princess, maybe..."

"No, we'll have to hide ourselves even more then," Makoto said knowledgeably. "We're her Guards."

"Damn." The blonde said, downcast. "Well...maybe some day." she went on wistfully.

"There, there," Makoto patted her shoulder.

"Okay, so on to me. I want to be a famous idol!" Rei said dreamily, eyes starry.

"Like I didn't see that one coming," Makoto said dryly. "Me, I want my own restaurant some day."

"Also predictable," Rei retorted, glaring down at her plate of fry's. "Don't make light of my dreams."

"Sorry, you're right," Makoto apologized, hands up placatingly. "And Ami...wants to be a Doctor, right?"

"Right," Ami confirmed, burger heading for her mouth again.

"But they're our dreams. What about wishes?" Usagi said, pondering it.

"Same thing." Makoto said, nodding. She reached up and toyed with her ponytail.

"Except we'll all get our wishes some day with hard work, whereas Usagi won't" Rei taunted, sticking out her tongue at her best friend.

"Will too!" Usagi said, sticking her tongue out too.

"Will not!" Rei returned easily.

"Not now guys," Ami said, looking around at the busy arcade. It was packed. In fact, it was probably a bad idea to talk about any Senshi business, as they had planned. The Temple would be safer.

"Fine." Usagi glared at Rei and stuck her tongue out one more time before getting to her feet and flouncing over to where Motoki was sitting next to Mamoru. "Hey Motoki, what would you like for Christmas if you could have anything?" she asked him, practically talking into his ear.

Motoki blinked at her, then smiled. "I think I already have it. I always wanted to open a place where there was food and games for teens and kids."

The blonde blinked at him, then smile. "Well, that's one of five who got their wishes."

"What did you wish for?" Motoki asked mischievously, grinning when the blonde blushed.

"Oh, nothing much," she mumbled, looking around for a distraction. She couldn't say she'd wished for a super hero! She'd never hear the end of it from Mamoru-baka.

Mamoru! She turned her blue eyes to him. What would he wish for? She was really curious. "Hey, Mamoru?"

"Go away. I'm busy, Odango," Mamoru murmured distractedly, running a hand through his dark hair.

"Just one question and I'm gone, jerk." she retorted good-naturedly.

"Fine, fine. Shoot." he said in annoyance, trying to tune her out. All she'd done since she'd entered the arcade was waffle off at the mouth-and now she was bothering him.

"I wish," Usagi muttered under her breath, picturing herself with a shot-gun. Nah, Too messy. Okay, now for the question. What would he answer?

"If you could have anything for Christmas, what would it be Mamoru-baka?" Usagi asked him teasingly, blue eyes curious. What could a good-looking, rich guy like Mamoru want, if he could have anything.

She scowled at her own thoughts. Mamoru was not good-looking damn it!

If Mamoru had been paying more attention to the group of giggling, cheerful girls, if he hadn't been so busy buried in study and if he really even cared what Usagi said, he wouldn't have blurted it out. Someone up there just hated him!

"Sailor Moon," he said absently.

To his misfortune, a slight lull had come over the arcade and his words came through crystal clear to anyone standing near.

Murmuring broke out all over the arcade as person told person what Mamoru had said and soon, Everyone was staring at him, with expressions ranging from glee to shock. They all knew the handsome, silent guy who always fought with Usagi. And to hear something like that from him was...stunning.

There was a dead silence from everyone.

"Excuse me!" Usagi blurted in shock, gawking at the dark-haired man. Her! He wanted her for christmas!

Motoki continued to gape, stunned. Had Mamoru just said what he thought he had said? And if he had...that meant that Mamoru had a crush on Sailor Moon? Woah!

"What?" Mamoru said in annoyance, head rising from his book to stare at the blonde. What had he said to make her look like that? And why was her group and Motoki and the whole damn arcade gaping at him in a completely flabeghasted way?

"What? What?" he said again when neither answered him. And then, to his astonishment, Usagi's gaping mouth snapped shut and she gave him the most evil look he'd ever seen. Okay, now he was nervous!

"I just asked you what you wanted for Christmas more than anything in the world," The blonde said, blue eyes glinting at him with mischief and mirth. Well, well! Mamoru wanted a super hero for Christmas. Boy, was he never going to live that down!

"And? Did I say anything?" Mamoru demanded, shifting in his seat. He glanced around again to see everyone grinning at him.

Oh hell! What had he said?

He tried to recall, but came up with a complete blank. Lets see, he had a Ferrari, a big bachelor's pad, all the best electrical gear a guy could want. Had he said...a family?

He paled and met Usagi's gleeful look head-on. Would the blonde be so malicious as to take delight in his absence of family? No. No, she wouldn't...so that just left...

His deep blue eyes widened in complete horror as it suddenly hit him what he had probably said.

"Sailor Moon. You wished for Sailor Moon for Christmas!" Rei chortled, unable to keep silent for any longer.

Motoki snickered and gave Mamoru a teasing grin. "How very adventurous of you, Mamoru. Asking for the girl every guy in Tokyo would love to get his hands on. I had no idea!"

As the others teased Mamoru, a thought occurred to Usagi. What a weird coincidence that both enemies had wished for super hero's? She wished for Tuxedo Kamen and Mamoru had wished for Sailor Moon. "Weird," she muttered.

"The likely-hood of getting the Leader of the Sailor Senshi to come to you gift-wrapped is-" Ami glanced at Usagi's face, which was still filled with unholy delight. "Six billion to one." she finished calmly, a slight smile on her face.

Mamoru was stunned. Completely poleaxed! He sat there, mouth hanging open, eyes wide and horrified.

"I asked that?" he managed through his dry mouth. Of all the things he could have said, he said that! Was he crazy?

Now the whole arcade knew of his obsession with the super-heroine. And worse-Odango Atama knew it! He was absolutely never going to live this down.

Mamoru groaned and dropped his head into his hands. "I'm an idiot!" he muttered over and over.

Usagi leant closer to the dark-haired man to hear what he was saying and her grin widened. "Yes, you are." she whispered into his ear, making him jump. She smirked at his stunned expression. For the moment, forgetting that she was Sailor Moon and that Mamoru had asked for her for Christmas.

"I am so loving this!" she taunted, staring directly into his eyes from centimeters away.

"Kill me now." Mamoru groaned. "If there's any justice in the world, a random bolt of lightening will shoot down from the sky and strike me dead!"

"I can arrange that," Usagi said promptly, throwing an open look at Makoto.

Makoto grinned back, then caught Rei's angry expression and shrugged.

"Damn." The blonde girl sighed, disappointed. What good was being the Senshi of lightening if you couldn't smite a jerk with it?

"Hey, buddy?" Motoki walked over to Mamoru and leant in conspiritally. "Just what were you planning on doing with the heroine of all Tokyo when you got her in your clutches?" he said slyly.

Mamoru shot him a dirty look.

"Pervert!" Usagi shrieked, suddenly remembering that she was the girl they were all talking about. Mamoru had wished for her! And he wanted to do hentai things with her? She flushed brightly, averting her eyes from Mamoru.

"Shut up!" Mamoru roared at her, loosing his temper. As if it wasn't embarrassing enough that the whole place knew his secret wish, but to have Motoki and Usagi act like he was some dirty guy out to paw a young girl!

"That's disgusting," he added with a growl, un-amused.

"So what did you intend to do with her?" Rei asked with interest, throwing Usagi a sly look to match Motoki's.

"Yeah! Give." Makoto said eagerly, green eyes on Mamoru's face.

"I'd like the earth to swallow me up! Or a fireball to consume me. Or-be turned into a pillar of ice so that I'd never have to be this embarrassed in my life again!" Mamoru bellowed at them all, infuriated.

Was there no end to this torture? Two little words and his 'Mr. Cool' image had gone out the window to be replaced with 'Mr. pervert'!

"I can arrange that!" Usagi exclaimed. "And that...and that too." she added thoughtfully, looking at Makoto, Rei and Ami in turn.

The three Senshi glared back at her and shook their heads frantically. Could Usagi be more obvious!

"Huh?" Mamoru said intelligently, then his blue eyes narrowed on Usagi when he realized what he'd said and she'd said. He'd said it, thinking of the Senshi...what about her?

"How exactly are you going to arrange my demise, Odango?" he mocked her, resting his elbow on the counter and then putting his chin in his hand and regarding her in a thoroughly insulting way. He knew the Senshi. And no matter how much she wanted him to take a flying leap off a cliff to get rid of her nemesis, she couldn't do any of those things!

"I know the Senshi." Usagi said loftily, tossing her head.

To Be Continued...

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