The Remedy

By Cold-Zephyr

Starring: Christy Hemme, Jeff Hardy, Ashley Massaro, Scott Levy a.k.a. Raven

Also Featuring: Jay Reso a.k.a. Christian Cage, Jackie Gayda, Matt Hardy, others to be announced

Summary: Christy now works for TNA and is currently in a love angle with Raven. Her world is turned upside down when she meets a beautiful stranger on the job. Will he be the one to finally tame this wild girl?

Disclaimer: I am neither Vince McMahon nor Jeff Jarrett. I own squat and lots of it.

Rating: It walks the line between PG-13 and R-18

Genre: Romance/Humor (and tiny specks of drama here and there)

Really Long Author's Notes...Reading Optional: I'm back, baby! After 2 years of writer's block (especially since my beloved muse Jericho has decided to quit sniffle), I have finally returned to with new material. I've read lots of Harlequin Mills-Boon romances (guilty pleasure, heh) and some bestsellers like "Confessions of a Shopaholic" since I took a hiatus, so that and the rumors of Christy moving to TNA to play Raven's girlfriend have fueled my creativity in a huge way!

"The Remedy" is, I think, the most mature and (hopefully) realistic fanfic I've done, since the characters, being adults, now openly discuss the topic of sex (unlike in my last fic, "They Stuck Me With You", where it was avoided completely), but there are no actual sex scenes here. It's an amalgamation of a lot of sources of inspiration, including the fic "Win A Date With Trish Stratus" by Crimson Coin (it's on my favorites list), an episode of Average Joe: Hawaii, the movies Hitch and The 40-Year-Old Virgin, the rock musical-turned-movie Rent, and the Harlequin Mills-Boon novel "Unzipped" by Karen Kendall. I also got a lot of the facts used here from Wikipedia.

I hope you'll forgive my weird pairings (and the May-December-ness of Raven and Ashley). I'm an "anything goes" kind of writer. LOL!


Chapter 1: Florida Invasion (Christy's POV)

Honestly, what girl doesn't love the wind in her hair?

I'm gonna miss the wind in my hair during WWE photo shoots alright, but there's nothing like driving down the road at full speed with the top down and Aerosmith blaring on the radio. The view is amazing: there's an orange sunset to the west, and I'm riding on a dusty road with my best friend behind the wheel of a sleek black BMW.

"Get ready, Florida, 'cause Christy Hemme is taking over!" my blonde companion yelled into the wind as we crossed the border.

"Watch that wheel, Ashley, I at least want to make it there alive."

She pouted as she focused on the road ahead. I could barely contain my own glee. "Ash..."


"This is so surreal...I'm in Florida! HELLO FLORIDA, I LOVE YOU! WOOOHOOO!"

Sunlight in our faces, we laughed all the way to Orlando where we had rented an apartment. In times like these, it's great to have a best friend like mine. When she found out I was fired, it took me all my convincing power to stop Ash from quitting the WWE herself, but I was utterly grateful when she agreed to move to Orlando with me.

"Wow," she said as we opened the door to our new apartment. She ran to the window. "This is one amazing view!"

"And a place would make Donald Trump squirm with envy," I added. "So what are you doing tomorrow, my dear roomie?"

She looked around at the pristine white walls and the well-polished wooden floor. "That's for me to know and for you to find out. Let's start with tonight's plans. Feel like bar-hopping?"


"I know it can be tiring to have twenty guys hitting on you every time you walk into a bar, Ash, but girl, you really know how to beat them off with a stick."

She let out a snort. "Well, the drunk guy begging us for a three-way was totally the last straw."

A waiter walked up to us with two cosmopolitans. "Ladies, from the man at the corner table."

We whipped our heads around at the same time (our friends think it's cute how we flip our hair the same way) and my eyes feasted on a muscular, rugged, rebel-type guy smiling at us. His dark blonde hair was in a loose ponytail, there was a bit of stubble on his face, and he was wearing faded jeans. Sexy, in a dark, angsty kind of way.

Not my type at all, but Ashley always fell for bad boys.

"Oh. My. God." Ashley's jaw nearly hit the floor.

"He's hot, Ash. I know."

"Yeah," she said, "Christy, that's the guy I saw outside our window!"

...Huh? "Oh, was that what you meant by 'amazing view'?" It was awfully hard to suppress my laughter at this point. Hey, even Ashley Massaro can lose control over a guy sometimes.

"Well, he was bending over to change his tires," she admitted, shrugging.

Dirty mental images, dirty mental images..."Guess I can't blame you. Shall we?"

He grinned up at us as we made our way to his table. "Hey there."

"Hi," my best friend gushed. "I'm Ashley, and this is Christy."

"Have a seat, ladies," he said, motioning to either side of him. "Name's Scott, but everyone calls me Raven."


"I can't thank you enough for this opportunity, Mr. Jarrett."

"No prob, Christy. TNA is more than happy to have you working for us." He smiled warmly from behind his desk. It kind of startled me how nice he was, actually; having seen a couple of episodes of TNA myself, I could've sworn beforehand that he would hit me with the wrong end of a guitar if I said the wrong thing. "Your first storyline, Christy, is as a girlfriend to one of our top stars, Raven. Okay?"

"Absolutely, Mr. Jarrett. But who's Raven?"

My new boss stared wide-eyed at my question. (I later found out that that was not the best way to start things off in a new company.)

A light bulb went off in my head. "Oh, so you're my boyfriend!"

They both looked wide-eyed at me. Ash nearly spat out her drink (her third or fourth scotch). "What?"

"No, I mean, for the new storyline," I added quickly. "Jeff Jarrett said I'll be playing your girlfriend."

"Oh," said Raven, and that easygoing smile was back on his face. "Sounds like fun, Christy."

Just then, a group of guys joined us at the table. There were three of them: one was lean but toned (and really cute), one was big, with a goatee, and a third one, tan and very muscular, looked significantly younger than the other two.


Raven stood up and introduced them to us. "These fine ladies are Christy and Ashley. Girls, I want you to meet my buddies Jay, a.k.a. Christian Cage, Mark, a.k.a. Bubba Ray Dudley, and A.J. Styles."

"Hello, ladies." The cutest one of the three smirked down at us. "You're looking at the champ right here." I laughed at his oddly endearing casual arrogance.

"Doob," I saw the youngest one grunt as he elbowed Christian. "Hi, I'm A.J."

"Beer for everyone!" the big guy yelled across the room. "And it's all on me!" he said, causing the bar to erupt in "Bubba! Bubba!" chants.

I hung around for about five more minutes before getting up. "It's been great, people, but I don't wanna show up drunk on the first day of the job, so I'll just see you all tomorrow. Have fun, y'all." God, I am sooo not used to being the party pooper. I am never, ever the one to leave the bar first. Of course, I've got to set my priorities straight if I want to impress Mr. Jarrett.

"'re leaving now?" Ashley slurred. "But there are lots of cute guys," she continued in a poor attempt at a whisper.

"More for you then," I laughed. "Knock yourself out."

"I only want the one..."

"Sure, honey. Hey Raven, bring her home for me safe and sound, alright?"

"You're talking to the beer master, dollface. You've got nothing to worry about." For a moment I was tempted to challenge him to a drinking contest, but I thought better of it. Poor Ashley never could hold her liquor quite as well though, despite the fact that she was three years older than me. Oh well.


I went over the script one more time before stepping out of the car (I, er, "borrowed" Ashley's). Well, here it is. The three most important letters of my career from this point on: TNA. Ladies and gentlemen, expect the unexpected.

"Hey there!" a trim and toned brunette greeted me as I walked into Universal Studios. "You must be the new girl. Christy, right? I'm Stephanie, but you can call me Trinity."

"Nice to meet you," I managed weakly. I was never sure how to act around female wrestlers. Back in the WWE, I noticed that while a lot of them were nice, some of them could be...well, Divas backstage.

"This is my friend Gail," she said motioning to a tanned Asian girl lacing up her boots.

Gail took a quick glance at me before returning to her wardrobe. Yep, that's the kind of Diva I'm talking about. Somehow I think I've seen her before.

"Gail used to work at the WWE." Oh, that explains it. "She's not exactly friendly, but she'll warm up to you soon enough."

"I'll bet." Once I can prove to her that I'm not thin air. Can't please everybody, I guess. "Have you seen Raven?"

Trinity led me two hallways and a corner to a locker room with "Raven" embossed on the door. I thanked her before she went back to the girls' locker room and knocked gingerly.

Looking around, I think my new working environment here at Universal Studios isn't so bad. Granted, the offices aren't as cushy as the ones in the WWE, and it's rather plain-looking backstage (white walls everywhere), but it's clean and functional, which is definitely a good thing.

"Hey, you!" Raven said as he opened the door. "Nice to see you, um..."

"It's 'Christy,' sir," I supplied, raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, sorry. Alcohol kills brain cells, you know."

I giggled. "Speaking of which, I never saw Ashley again after I left the bar. You wouldn't happen to know..."

"I couldn't get an address out of her other then '634 something someplace,' followed by a minute of gibberish. I decided I'd just let her spend the night at my place. We found the apartment today, though, so she's home safe like I promised you."

"Oh goody." For a moment I was relieved, but shock hit me, and my eyes became as round as saucers. I could feel my face turn pale. "S-she spent the night at your place?"

Raven shrugged. "Well, yeah."

"Uh, did you two..."

"You're on in five, guys," Jeff Jarrett called from across the hall.


A/N: I know I'm a bit rusty, but give me some time to shake it off. After all, I haven't been writing for two years, LOL! I still don't have any clue as to who my secondary pairings will be yet, so I hope you guys can help me out by telling me what you'd like to see or what you think looks good. Want Jackie/Charlie (my favorite pair! I've written them since before they were officially together)? Or A.J./Trinity? Anyone else? A slash pairing, perhaps? Wanna break up Ashley and Raven and hook them up with other people? (I'm hoping not, but if it doesn't fly...) WWE/TNA crossovers are welcome as well. All suggestions will definitely be taken into consideration, and as my fics show, there's no such thing as a weird pairing to me:)