At 9.30, all the 7th year boys were still confused at the girls' early departure from the common room. They had gone upstairs at 6.30 and they hadn't heard or seen them ever since. They wondered what they were doing as it was too early for them to go to bed surely.

In the Girls Dorm:

"This is really fun" Ginny giggled.

Hermione, Parvati, Lavender and Ginny were in their pajama's sat on top of their quilts that were all in the middle of the room. They had bowls of sweets and chocolate that were bought from Honeydukes that day and a magical bottle.

It was the truth or dare machine.

They had been playing for a few hours and still weren't bored of it. The girls started off with easy ones but they were gradually getting harder.

Lavender wasn't on speaking terms with Hermione after the whole 'Won-Won' incident, even though she now went out with Seamus.

Hermione had suggested a game of truth or dare earlier when they were all bored. They agreed so they set everything up and each swore that what ever was said in the room was not to be told to anyone else.

Ginny spun the bottle.

"Parvati it's pointing at you. Truth or Dare"
"OK we dare you to go into the common room and tell Dean what you really think of him!" Parvati turned bright pink.

" Can i change out of ma PJ's"
"Fine! At least mine are decent." She gave Hermione a pointed look. She was wearing pale grey shorts and Ron's overly large orange Chudley Cannon shirt. "Isn't that Ron's shirt?" She giggled as she made her way out of the door.

Hermione turned a faint pink and tried to explain. Ginny giggled as she followed Parvati out. Hermione was about to leave as well when Lavender blocked the door. She glared at her for a minute.

"Lavender? What the-?"

"Ron's mine! Stay away from him!"


"You heard me."

"Lavender, Ron's my friend. I'm not going to stay away from him just because you tell me to."

"You'll do as I say Granger; otherwise I'll make your life hell."

"Lavender, listen to yourself! This isn't you."

"You don't know anything about me."

"Whatever Lav." She dodged around Lavender and was about to leave when she was yanked back by her hair.

Lavender raised her fist and hit Hermione and as soon as she realise what Lavender was about to do, she punched her in the face as well. They both yelled.

Hermione's nose bled and she looked at Lavender who was clutching her face. The top of her nose was swollen and her eye was already starting to turn colour.

Hearing all the noise, Ginny and Parvati ran back up the stairs to see what was going off, even though they had a good idea. Ginny ran straight to Hermione and led her downstairs leaving Parvati and Lavender up in the dorm.

Everyone in the common room had heard Lavender yelling at Hermione and then both of their yells followed by silence. Ron and Harry paled and ran towards the girl's staircase where Ginny and Hermione were. They both froze realising they were in their pajama's still and that there were a few wolf-whistles.

Harry saw Hermione's nose and led her to the chairs that he and Ron had just left. Ron got rid of the crowd and sat on the chair next to her.

"What happened up there? We heard Lavender yelling at you about Ron." Harry asked as Ron hung his head slightly.

"Yeah well that's about it."

"So how'd you end up with a bloody nose?"

"We hit each other." Hermione stated simply. "She was mad that I had Ron's shirt on. The one that I borrowed from him earlier as he spilt juice down mine. He gave it to me to keep saying it was too small for him. She went for me and I went for her."

"So she gave you a nose bleed, what did you do to her?"

"Must have been something good!"

"Well, she went for my nose..." At that moment, Lavender came down the staircase with Parvati sporting her new black eye. "and I went for her eye." Hermione finished. Everyone looked at her in awe.

"Wow. Mione, you must have a good punch on you." Ron said. "Look, I'm really sorry Mione. It's my fault she gave you a blooded up nose." He pulled her into a hug.

Across the room, Seamus was trying to talk to Lavender.

"Lav, do you still fancy him? 'cuz if you do, I don't think I can carry on going out with you."

"I don't know."

"Well until you do, let's go on a break yeah?" He walked over to Dean and sat with him. Lavender turned toward Hermione and saw Ron hugging her.

"See what I mean?" She announced. "She's a lying bitch!"

"What the hell are you on about Lavender?" Ron asked when he saw her angered expression.

"That little cow in your arms." She then mimicked Hermione "'No, of course I don't go out with Ron. We're just friends. Lavender, you're crazy.' No Hermione, I'm right. You obvious are going out with him."

"There's nothing going on between me and Hermione. Even if there was, it wouldn't be any of your business!" Ron yelled back at her. With that, she stormed up the stairs again. Parvati went to chase after her but remember her dare. She ran up to Dean and kissed his quickly on the lips before running up the stairs leaving his shocked.

Ron cleaned up Hermione's nose with her wincing every now and then. Harry and Ginny sat of the sofa next to them.

"I think I'm sleeping in the common room tonight." Hermione announced to them.

"Why?" Ginny asked earning her some funny looks.

"I can't go back up there with her. Hey our games still not finished!"

"Do you want to keep playing?" Ginny asked and Hermione nodded in response. "Okay then, I'll play but this time we're not playing with them." She indicated upstairs. Ron finished clearing the blood.

"Mione, we'll play. Won't we lads?" He asked around the room. A chorus of 'yeah' and 'okay' were heard.

"Thanks Ron. I'll go and get it."

"Oh no you won't, I'll go" Ginny ran up the stairs and returned with the game, sweets and chocolate levitating behind her.

Everyone got into a circle, most of them still sitting on their chairs or on the sofa. Ginny placed everything in the middle and sat in the one gap left, between Harry and Neville.

'This is going to be interesting' she thought.