Title: Drowning
Fandom: Firefly
Pairing, etc: River/Jayne
Prompt: #15 Blue (for "fanfic100")
Word Count: 111
Rating: Teen
Disclaimer: JAYNE IS ALL MINE, gorramit! So, hands off! Just kidding! Joss is GOD and owns EVERYTHING, including my soul.
Author's Notes: UnBETAed flash-fic written in 10 minutes, as per a Muse Inspiring suggestion at the LJ community "ficinspiration" entitled 'Free Writing'. Instead of hand writing (which I USUALLY DO and I think MIGHT be the Muse Problem), I decided on "Free Typing" and didn't take my fingers off the keyboard for the whole 10 minutes till this came out.

River couldn't breathe. She was drowning…drowning in the blue as it washed over her and stole her breath, left her limbs weak and immovable.

The blue usually looked ice cold and unforgiving, but the girl found it to be the exact opposite--warm and enveloping and so very comfortable. Even though her lungs ached for air, she never wanted to leave.

As if from far away, she heard her name being called:

"River? River, baby girl...you ok?"

Swimming up through the cerulean depths she dragged in a shuddering breath to answer the man panting and breathless above her.

"The girl is fine, Jayne. Just went for a swim in your eyes."