Title: Sweet Revenge
Fandom: Firefly
Pairing, etc: Pre-River/Jayne
Prompt: #39 Taste (for "fanfic100")
Rating: Teen (?) for language
Disclaimer: JAYNE IS ALL MINE, so hands off! Just kidding! Joss is GOD and owns EVERYTHING, including my soul.
Author's Notes: UnBETAed flash-fic written in 12 minutes. Short "missing scene" inspired by an LJ post in Rayne-Shippers by 'strangerface' asking about "Roll!Fic." (aka: River snatching the roll off of Jayne's plate at the end of "Safe.")

She caught him sneaking out of her room as she returned from the lavoratory. Watching him close the door softly she almost laughed at how easily he startled and at his expression when he spun around to retreat from whatever nefarious deeds he had been engaged in.

"Did you find what you were looking for?" she asked.

Jayne stood stock still; he never said a word.

"Invoking a right to remain silent does not work, you know. Not with me."

Shit. He had forgotten she was a reader.

Swallowing thickly a couple of times, he licked his lips and smiled; the precious chocolate was still evident on his teeth.

"Payback's a bitch, ain't it?" he asked chuckling. "Next time, hands off my food." Jayne then strode away, hooking his thumbs in his belt loops and feeling quite pleased with himself.

River was incensed--she had saved the few credits her miserly brother had given her to buy that; and real chocolate was an expensive, rare commodity. The angry look she flashed at the merc's retreating backside turned to a pout when she realized she had never even gotten a bite of that bar. So, with a huff she slammed her door open, fully intending to throw a temper tantrum.

Until she saw, sitting upon her cover and still in it's wrapper--was half of that candy bar.

Smiling, River sat down on her bed and gently unwrapped it. When she noticed the indentations from where he'd bitten into it, she ran her tongue over the grooves...and bit down on the sweet treat right where his mouth had recently been.

Chocolate had never tasted so good.