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Chapter 7

Why Betting is Bad…

"It's almost time…" Tsunade whispered evilly as she took a sip of her sake. A grin formed on her lips.

"I can hardly wait to see that pervert's face."

Her duo assistants, Shizune and Tonton, sighed pathetically at their boss. Shizune can never understand why her sensei is so obsessed about gambling. It's not like she always win anyway, usually not at all. Don't forget, Tsunade is given a title of the 'Biggest Loser'. Worst, Sakura is slowly taking up her bad habit too! What a shame!!!

However, this time, Shizune wasn't complaining because she was very sure that Tsunade was going to win this time. It was a matter of time only.



At the Hokage's office…

After finding out Naruto's pregnancy, Tsunade hurriedly told Shizune to find Jiraiya as soon as possible. She needed to ask him regarding Kyuubi and the seal, whether it will affect both the child's and Naruto's.

It didn't take long before Shizune appeared with Jiraiya in front of her. Seeing how fast they got here, Tsunade didn't need to know where Shizune found him. It was obvious.

"So, I heard that Naruto was pregnant. Is it true?!" Jiraiya asked eagerly. This was the most interesting and shocking news he ever heard in his life.

"Yes, I already did a check up and it's positive," answered Tsunade.

Jiraiya's eyes grew as big as saucer plate and he was speechless at the moment. This worried Tsunade, "Oi, what's wrong with you?"

"What's wrong?! Don't you see it Tsunade? This is going to be the BIGGEST and HOTTEST NEWS ever in history! The VERY FIRST MAN to be PREGNANT!"

Tsunade rolled her eyes, "Tsk, like I didn't know that. But before that, I need to ask…"

"How many months?" Jiraiya enquired.

"Err… about 2 weeks. Anyway, about my ques-…"

"Damn! That brat is always full of surprises! He really did keep up his reputation! That's my boy alright!"

Jiraiya beamed proudly. He was oblivious of the raging blonde, who tried asking him her question without being cut off.

"So, does the Uchiha kno-…"


Tsunade's fist connected on his face.


Jiraiya groaned, rubbing the huge lump on his cheek, muttering something incoherently. Dumb old-bitch. Unfortunately, Tsunade heard it.

"WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!" fumed the busty blonde as she cracked her knuckles loudly, ready to give him another punch. Fearing her wrath, Jiraiya quickly thought up of something, "Oh Nothing! Say Tsunade, I was thinking… how about a bet?"

Tsunade's anger immediately dissipated when she heard the word 'bet', "A Bet?"

The old hermit smirked. Heh. still a gambling-whore I see.

"Yes, a bet! And you are going to love this one. It involves our most favourite couple at the moment."

Tsunade was all ears now. "What is it?" she asked curiously.

Jiraiya grinned maliciously before explaining the bet, "I want you… to get Sasuke not to have sex with Naruto until the baby is delivered."

Tsunade was stunned for a moment. Despite how interesting the bet was, it was extremely hard and challenging. She cupped her chin, thinking deeply whether she should consider it or not. As far as she knows, Sasuke has a huge libido when comes to Naruto. It's not going to be an easy one. Not at all.

"So what do I get if I win?"

"If you win, I'll give you… 1,000,000,000 yen."

Tsunade eyes bulged out after hearing the amount. 1,000,000,000 yen!!! IS HE SERIOUS?!!!

"But if you failed, then you will have to give me 1,000,000,000 yen," Jiraiya continued.

The excitement in her suddenly died down. It's a HUGE risk here. Stopping the Uchiha from doing something that he enjoys is impossible! And not only that, does she even have 1,000,000,000 yen in the first place?!


Looking at his ex-teammate worried expression, Jiraiya couldn't help but provoke her, "Awww… what's the matter Tsunade? Thinking of backing down the bet? Scared to lose again?"

He then pretended to shrugged, "(Sigh) Oh well, seems that's the case, I guess… I'll better get going with my research then. See ya around Tsunade."

"Deal!" Tsunade shouted quickly. So much for pride huh…

Jiraiya smirked triumphantly, his plan was working. That 1,000,000,000 yen is so going to be his.

"Ja!" He disappeared in a puff of smoke.

"Hmphh! That baka."

Shizune looked at her sensei worriedly, "Tsunade-sama, are sure about this?"

Tsunade didn't reply her. And no, she wasn't even sure at all. How on earth is she going to make Sasuke not to have sex with Naruto. Worst case scenario will be Sasuke finding out about the bet. Hell will definitely break loose.

"Oh yeah, aren't you supposed to ask Jiraiya-sama about Naruto's pregnancy?" Shizune asked. There was a long pregnant silence before Tsunade shrieked the top of her lungs.


End Flashback


Tsunade's face suddenly turned serious. "You know what surprises me?"

"What?" asked Shizune.

"The Uchiha actually followed my orders." Now come to think of it, he did. He may be a genius, but he did follow her orders exactly.

"Oh well, what can I say, doctor's order." Tsunade giggled.

But she couldn't help but pity Jiraiya.

Oh well, he started it in the first place so… Too Bad!!! Muahahaha!!!


Jiraiya couldn't stop pacing in his office. The bet was not turning in his way that he had expected. How can this happen?! Worst, this is Tsunade he's betting with!!! The number one loser!!!

He glanced at the large green suitcase on his desk and bawled. All his hard earn money from his Icha-Icha books. I can't believe this…How could I lose? Is god punishing me for writing porno books? Or peeking at the women onsen?

In worst case is when Sasuke finally found out about the bet. He is so dead by then.



"Mmm…Sasu… ke. Pl-Please… ah… stop!" pleaded the blonde as he tried to unhook his horny husband's hand on his body. It was finally the ninth month and Naruto was expecting soon. Thus, Tsunade suggested that she will take over his Hokage duty temporary until he delivers.

Sasuke however ignored his plea and continued sucking and licking the delicious tanned neck making his beautiful blonde moan in pleasure. He was given off duty for this month as well to take care of Naruto. However… much to Naruto's annoyance, the bastard spent most of his time molesting him than taking care of him.

"Dammnit Teme! Can't you uhh… see… I'm busy here?!" whined the poor pregnant blonde. Sheesh! How am I going to finish cooking lunch if he keeps on continuing like this!

Sasuke only grunted in response and one of his hands slowly made its way to Naruto's soft ass, giving it a nice squeeze. Naruto squeaked and slapped the offending hand off his butt, "OI, STOP IT!"

Pretending not to hear, the avenger nipped his earlobe before taking it entirely in his mouth. Naruto shuddered when he felt his ear being sucked hungrily by his husband.

Kami-sama, I swear that nine months of no sex really drove him into a starving sex maniac. Thought Naruto as he has been observing Sasuke's character this pass few weeks. However, he couldn't blame Sasuke for being horny. He too admitted that he himself missed their sex life, but of course, not as much as Sasuke.

But still… I have to give it to him that he was able to hold up until now. It shows that he cares for our babies…

Naruto was never this proud of his bastard. He really does deserve a great reward for this. Suddenly, an idea struck in his head. His lips slowly formed a cheeky smile. Oh, he has found a perfect reward for his beloved Sasuke. And he's so gonna love it!

Sasuke immediately stopped his ministration when he saw Naruto putting the spatula down and turned off the stove.

The blonde slowly turned around to face him and gave him the most beautiful smile ever which is only reserved for him. He then put his arms around the raven's neck, pulling his face closer to his. Sasuke's hands automatically went around his hubby waist and pulled him closer to his body.

"Ne Sasuke… you have been a very good boy for the passed nine months, right?" Naruto cooed seductively. Sasuke cocked an eyebrow questioningly at the 'good boy' statement. Was Naruto trying to compliment him or seduce him? It did sound naughty and kinky though.

Good boy? Where the hell did that come from?! Since when has he ever call me that? Usually bastard, jerk or asshole, but definitely not Good Boy! Heck, he doesn't even call me that when we have sex!

He studied Naruto's expression again. It reads, 'I know something that you don't' and how Sasuke hated that expression. It spells A.L.E.R.T!

He's definitely planning something. Otherwise he wouldn't start acting like this. I hope it's not one of his stupid mood swings again. God, how I hate it!

Naruto continued smiling lovingly at his husband, eagerly waiting for Sasuke's respond. This was what in Naruto mind now:

Sasuke suddenly hugged him tighter, pulling his body closer to his and purred hotly in his ears. "Oh am I? Well… I didn't know that. But since I'm such a good boy, what will my reward be Naru-chan?"

Now to start the teasing, 'Do you want to know?'

Sasuke will be so aroused by then and he will start to beg, 'Tell me...'

Then he will whisper while brushing his lips against Sasuke's ear, making the raven moan softly. 'Are you sure you want to know?'

'Please Na-chan… tell me,' begged Sasuke. This is where he will used his sexiest voice that will make Sasuke die of organasm.

'Your reward will be…

"Alright Dobe, if this is one of your silly jokes again, I don't wanna hear it."

That… really killed the moment.

Everything that happened in Naruto's mind earlier suddenly came shattering down like a glass.

Sasuke suddenly felt Naruto's arms slid off his shoulder and his body was pushed away forcedly. He found Naruto sneering spitefully at him that made him worried and scared too. Shit. What have I done now that made him so angry?

"Naruto, what's wro-…"

"Bastard. Whatever I say is always a joke to you, isn't it? And here I was serious of wanting to give you a reward for controlling yourself from screwing me and being patient all the way for the passed 9 months during my pregnancy!"

Sasuke was speechless and shock. Reward? Naruto wants to give me a reward? This… this is really too good to be true. Indeed, he was not expecting this. If Naruto is going to give him a reward, the reward must be good… really good.

"Well, in that case. I think I should just forget about it. I guess I was wrong to even think about it in the first place since you rejected it before I could even say it out," continued Naruto but unfortunately, Sasuke wasn't even listening.

"If you have nothing to say then GET OUT of the kitchen until I call you when lunch is ready." with that said Naruto went back to his unfinished cooked lunch. He picked up the spatula and turned the stove back on.

The way Naruto pouring his frustration in his cooking, their lunch is definitely going to taste nasty. But like the hell he cares! It was the bastard fault in the first place for making him so pissed.


"Eh?" Naruto noticed the stove was off. Suddenly two strong arms wrapped around him gently but firmly and he was pulled back towards a hard chest. Naruto turned his head slightly and saw familiar lustful red eyes. A small tint of blush appeared on his cheeks. There's no denying how hot Sasuke is with that look.

"Tell me," Sasuke whispered huskily in his ears. Heh, like hell Naruto is going to answer. Didn't the bastard just rejected it earlier? So Naruto pretended not to know, "Huh? What are you talking about?"

"The reward…"

"What reward?"

"Don't play a fool with me Naru-chan. You know what I am talking about. So tell me," Sasuke's voice suddenly became dangerous. He was losing his patience.



This time, the blonde was afraid. A cold sweat trickled down his forehead and he gulped heavily. However, he ain't giving in. Like hell, he's going to let Sasuke win this. He managed to muster his courage and answered back.


The Uchiha sighed. Naruto can be so difficult sometimes.

"If you don't' tell me now, I am not going leave you alone. I'm going to bug you and even molest you until you give in. So if you want me to leave you, I suggest you tell me now."

Naruto cursed inwardly. Since when Sasuke became as annoying as he is?!

He tried struggling again but was futile. Sasuke was not letting him go until he gets his answer. Shit, why does he always lose in this kind of situation?!

Damn it! I hate being the uke!!!

"Oh Fine!"

Sasuke smirked victoriously. This is why I love being the seme.

Naruto sighed dejectedly, might as well get it over with, "For your reward… (gulp)… I will… wear that stupid white silk kimono that you kept pestering me for the past 3 years."

Sasuke couldn't believe what he has just heard.

He has been a huge fetish for silk kimono ever since Naruto wore it as an undercover geisha in one of their missions before they got married. The kitsune never looked more gorgeous than any supermodels (both female and male) in the magazines or posters.

Not to mention how utterly fuckable he looked in it especially the way the silky cloth hug his slim body. The Uchiha almost drool at that thought.

So after the mission, Sasuke immediately bought the most expensive white kimono with the best silk quality and had the Uchiha symbol embroidered behind it of course. But unfortunately, the dobe refused to wear any kimono after that mission because firstly it was freaking hot and it's too damn complicated to wear.

But an Uchiha never gives up. Whatever the Uchiha wants, he will get it. So everyday he pestered his love to wear it but as we all know when our dear Naruto makes up his mind on something, there is no turning back because that's his ninja way.

But today was his lucky day.

"But let's get this straight first bastard, you will get your DAMN reward only after I'm FULLY RECOVER from giving birth, got it? So means you still have to wait for about a month," said the blonde quickly before his bastard husband try to negotiate the deal further.

Tsk! He still has to wait. Damn.

"Alright bastard, you got your answer already. So let me go & get out until I'm done!"

Sasuke hesitantly let him go & slowly walked out of the kitchen. Naruto sighed dejectedly once more. Geez, I swear his crazy libido will be his death one day.

He then picked up the spatula and resume back cooking.

Sasuke on the other hand just stood in the middle of the living room. He was still thinking about his reward. After all he has gone through for the passed 9 months of hell, he finally earned something wonderful, besides reviving his clan of course.

He slowly closed his eyes, tilted his head back and prayed silently, "Kami-sama, please make my dobe deliver soon so that I can finally have my well-deserved reward."


Naruto froze when he suddenly felt a gush of water in between his thigh. Don't… tell me… it's… it's…

He dropped the spatula. "Sa-Sasuke!" the frightened blonde called out. But no answer.

"SASUKE!" he yelled out desperately this time. But still no answer.

Shit! Please don't tell me he went out?!

As uncomfortable as he was, the blonde managed to move himself out of the kitchen to look for his husband. To his relieved, he found the raven standing in the middle of the living room and … looking up at the ceiling?

Naruto frowned. What so interesting about the ceiling that he couldn't hear my calls?

"Oi Teme! Are you deaf?! Didn't you hear me calling you!" he shouted angrily. Still, the Uchiha paid no attention to him as he continued staring at the ceiling.

Naruto fumed dangerously when Sasuke completely ignore him, "Bastard! You better not be ignoring me, do you hear me?!"

Again no respond.

Oh for god sake! When I said to leave me alone, doesn't mean he has to totally ignore me like this!!!

The pregnant kitsune couldn't take this anymore. He picked up the nearest object, which turned out to be a dumbbell of all things and aim it directly the raven's head. He didn't care of he had to KILL the bastard as long as HE GETS HIS ATTENTION!


"OWWW!!! WHAT THE HELL DOBE?! THAT HURTS!" Sasuke yelled angrily while rubbing a huge bump on his poor head.

"GODAMMIT BASTARD, MY WATER BAG JUST BROKE!!!" the blonde screamed furiously at his husband who immediately shut up.

Naruto… is…

He tilted head back once more and closed his eyes, smiling serenely.

Kami-sama, thank you.



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