Winry's Creation
by SkyFire
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Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Genre: Gen. Drama/Humor
Rating: PG (at most)
Summary: Tired of her seemingly one-sided affections for the Fullmetal, Winry does something a bit... drastic.
Characters: Rockbells, Elric bros., Mustang & co.
Warnings: WIP

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To evilredmenace: I think you'll find a lot of answers to your questions in this chappie. It should clear things up, at least.

Part 2

Time passed.

Two weeks after leaving the Mad Hermit's house, everything was finally going smoothly in the Rockbell residence. Pinako, it didn't need to be said, hadn't been terribly impressed with her granddaughter's automail experimentation, let alone the addition of alchemy to the mix.

The object of contention was out back, mending an old tumbled stone wall, lighting the yard around him every so often with a flash of alchemic light.

"He's not really Ed, you know," Pinako said.

Both women were standing on the back porch, watching their houseguest work.

"He's good enough for me," replied Winry. "He's considerate and gentle in a way the other Ed isn't. He's like he was before. Before he and Alphonse went away to study alchemy. Before they tried to... Before the shadows darkened their hearts and eyes. He's good enough."

A derisive sniff. "He's still not really Ed."

It had taken Winry a long time to admit to herself that her feelings for Edward Elric were one-sided and probably always would be. He was a being driven by only a few goals, none of which directly involved her. She was his mechanic, nothing more.

For a long time, she had been shattered, heartbroken. Even after he had left and became a State Alchemist, she had held on to her childhood dream of one day marrying him, moving in to a big house, and having a lot of kids. Most of them would be automail mechanics like her, but of course Ed would sink his alchemy-focused fingers into a few and they would take after him.

The night she realized that the dream was only that, the night her tears dried, the night she decided on her new course of action -- she burned all the pictures she had drawn of the two of them from her earliest childhood on. Crayon stick-men to minutely-detailed pencil sketches of the two of them and their future family.

All burned that night.

Once the flames had died down to embers and then the embers themselves were reduced to ash, she had gathered the first of her necessary materials and started on her new project...

...the end result of which, thanks to the help of their local mad alchemist, was now toiling to repair the old stone wall.

She could not have the real Edward Elric, so she had made a perfect replica of him out of automail and had the Mad Hermit imbue it with all her memories of Ed.

The alchemy had worked like a charm, and her creation didn't know that he wasn't the real, original Fullmetal.

For all intents and purposes, he was.

He didn't even obviously look like automail.

Covering the mechanical bits was a new form of metal Winry had been experimenting with; a metal that had the pale grey sheen of steel, the light weight and strength of titanium, and the elastic flexibility of real skin. It wasn't as cool to the touch as typical automail either; warmed slightly from the electronics hidden inside. On his head, she had implanted thousands of fine brass wires; bound back into Ed's trademark braid, you could hardly tell it wasn't really hair. His eyes were golden disks centered by the small video cameras that let him see, framed with more fine brass 'eyelashes' and surprisingly evocative 'eyebrows'.

He was, in her opinion, perfect. Like the real Ed in every way that mattered. The powers of Alchemy were unexpected, but readily accepted as an inseparable part of his character as it had been since he was a boy.

Unlike the original Elric, however, her Ed seemed more than content to stay in Resembool with the Rockbells.