Title: Liam

A/N: Here is the last chapter. I'm uploading it un-betaed because my betas are very busy right now. Since I know your patience is limited, here it is. Hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as I've enjoyed writing it.

Title: Liam

Name: Joy

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Rating: PG-13

Three months had past since the birth of Liam Galen Krit Cale. After the initial activity of countless aunts and uncles busing themselves with gift obsession, life got back to normal. Krit and Zack thought it was only proper they should get the little boy his first motorcycle- luckily a variety of toy motorcycles were found. They opted for getting a few to grow into- for the present time the stuffed motorcycle would have to do while the battery operated remote control one would wait till Liam was older.

Jondy, Cindy, and Rachel went for the developmental toys with bright colors and shapes. Cindy found an inch worn that made different noises at each section. Fiona and Bling got the softest blue bear they could find.

Krit, Jondy, Rachel and Zack headed back to Colorado while they tried to decide how life should go. Rachel and Zack were a bit cautious about moving in together while Krit and Jondy were ready to go over Niagara Falls in a barrel. Since this would require either Krit moving in with both girls or Rachel find a new roommate, all options seemed to be a little off. Rachel had moved with Jondy from their home in Washington so the situation was a bit heartbreaking to her.

Jondy on the other hand, felt awful because she wanted to be with both her best friend and Krit. Logan and Fiona suggested all four of them move to Washington State since Rachel had family there and it would be a great deal closer to the Cale clan. The inclusion of Zack in this supposed move was a clear sign how far Logan had come in his acceptance of the X5 in their family. Presently the four were headed back to Seattle for three-month party for Liam. To no one's surprise Logan was the most doting father in the world who would use any excuse to celebrate his wife and child.

"I don't know what you're talking about. Liam looks like Logan's baby pictures. He's got the blond hair and blue eyes… The eye shape and nose are very Max but the rest is all Logan," Fiona insisted as she cut up cucumbers for the salad she was working on.

"No way! Baby Boo is the spittin' image of Max just with blond hair and blue eyes. He's going to have her colorin' in no time," Original Cindy insisted setting the table for the family dinner.

"I think he's a nice mix of both of them," Bling said in his non-confrontational way. Both women looked at him like he was nuts.

"Hello all!" Jondy announced the arrival of the Colorado crew. Krit followed his love inside with Zack and Rachel in tow. You would have thought it the arrival of the newlywed game with the smiles and giggles.

Rachel looked well suited amongst the X5's while still standing on her own two feet. Zack jokingly called her 'The General' because she firmly embodied the idea of a small woman with a large voice. She had successfully mediated arguments between the X5's that got slightly out of control by simply standing up and yelling, "QUIET!!!"

"Well, look who's home?" Cindy said leaping from the counter she had been resting on. Hugs were shared all around. It took only seconds for Fiona to spot one of the significant changes to the group.

Jondy had two pieces of conspicuous looking jewelry on her left ring finger. "Krit- what the hell have you done without our knowledge?" Fiona demanded seeing the beautiful diamond ring on Jondy's finger.

Krit turned slightly red and spoke, "I thought it the most appropriate thing to do considering…"

Fiona's brow began to knit together, "Considering what?"

"Don't kill me!" Krit said hiding behind Jondy.

Fiona's attention turned to Zack and Rachel. "How bad was it?" she asked the people who would have had to deal with the effects of the couples… activities.

They looked at each other and then Zack said, "Pretty bad. The smell of sex and hormones were in the air for days… It was more disturbing than anything else to see the bruising and bite marks. It was one of those times I thanked God I'm not female."

Fiona turned again to Krit and Jondy, "So my dear how far along are you?"

Jondy smiled and patted her stomach, "Eight weeks… We're here to see if Jessica would be willing to monitor me from time to time… A little more risky then Liam since we're both X5." Jondy tried not to show the ache in her heart for the life in her womb. She wanted this child- badly.

Krit nestled her into his arms. "We'll do everything we can… I promise. We're going to find a place here for the time being before moving back to Washington with Rachel and Zack."

"Why don't ya stay with me for now?" Cindy offered. "I'd like to have some life in my little house now that Max is gone and I ain't got a boo of my own."

Krit hugged Cindy and nodded in gratitude.

Fiona hugged Jondy and sighed deeply. "Wow… You're just beginning to show. Liam's going to have a couple cousins soon," Jondy said laying her hand on Fiona's belly.

"You know you can count on us to help with medical expenses?" Fiona informed Jondy. The two women held each other in a moment of true sisterhood.

Cindy strolled over to Zack who was hugging his honey. "What we got here sug'r? That looks awfully like a set of matchin' rings to me?" Original Cindy said looking at the lily-white hands intertwined.

"You won't have without me there?" Fiona said with a deep pout.

"Wow, those hormones really are kicking up a storm, aren't they?" Zack responded, prompting a punch from the pregnant woman. "No, we didn't. You remember you told me about the Claddagh ring from Ireland that Ryan gave you as a promise ring- That's what we did…. Now where is my nephew?"

Bling spoke as he wrapped his arms around his small wife, "Logan, Max and Liam went for a walk. Logan wanted your arrival to be a surprise to the Little One. Like Liam will remember you and be surprised!"

"Hey, I died for that kid. He better remember me," Krit demanded much to the amusement of the others.

"He's got a good memory by default- even at three months I'm sure he will recognize them, " Fiona soothed. "For goodness sake, the kid is the size of a six month old, sits up by himself and has assigned grunts of different consonants to identify each of us."

"Well then I should definitely be his first word," Krit exclaimed.

"Enough with the ego, okay?" Jondy said quietly. "I'm sure our munchkin will call you daddy first I'm sure."

"I hate to admit this, but I really wanted you to get pregnant," Krit seductively whispered into Jondy's ear. "The idea of getting to see your body soften and swell with our child," a primitive growl was let forth.

"Stop it Krit!" Zack said with disgust. "This is why we can't live with them…" Zack said turning to Rachel, "I hear all the things he says to her that are meant only for their ears. I can't turn sensitive hearing on and off as well as they can so I'm perpetually hearing things I don't want visuals to!"

"It's okay baby. We'll figure something out soon," Rachel said softly.

"I mean really. I know way too much about Logan and Max's sex life as well as Krit and Jondy's. It's a wonder I'm not deaf by now from the…" Zack was silenced by a small kiss from Rachel.

"You're talking too much!" she insisted.

"Well, I never thought I'd live to see a day when someone could utter those words to my big brother," Max said as she pushed the stroller inside the penthouse. Logan took her coat as Liam gazed around the room at the several large people that he was not accustomed to being in his home when he arrived home from a walk with mama and papa.

From the little prince's perspective they must be nice people because mama and papa were hugging them and generally happy to see them. Liam recognized the tall bald one as Bbb and the small pale one as Fff. The curly haired one came over and picked him up and gave him a big hug and kiss. Liam felt the need to acknowledge he knew who she was by calling her Ccii.

Now there was a new tall person that looked very much like mama. He held Liam and quickly reminded him that he was his favorite uncle- whatever that meant. "Can you say 'Krit'?" the man asked in a strange way that only made Liam stare at him like the man was nuts. Liam did attempt the strange name and got Kkrr to come out. More than any other baby his age could boast…

Two blonde women cooed over Liam for a while until a masterful blonde male laid claims to holding his nephew. The man looked very pale like papa but even more so. Zack reintroduced himself to his nephew with a gentleness that brought tears to aunt Fff's eyes. When Liam was returned to the waiting arms of mama, he was very confused. He fussed for a moment or two to show his displeasure at being handled like a sack of potatoes and hoped mama would feed him.

"He is very like you Max," Logan said as Liam held his finger while nursing at Max's breast.

"He's like both of us. I'm sure we'll see the blending of our humor and manner as he grows," Max said as she stroked her son's cheek. "I'm glad he has your eyes. I so desperately wanted that."

"Well, he definitely has your appetite," he said kissing his wife's cheek.

"We're going to be an aunt and uncle soon. We're really a family," Max said as her eyes teared up.

"Who'd have thought that with my hermit habits and your childhood either one of us would be here like this…" Logan whispered getting choked up.

"Come on Loggie," Fiona called from the dinning room. "You niece or nephew is starving…and so is your sister. So get you butt in gear and get over here." Max laid Liam on her shoulder to burp him as she and Logan made their way to the family meal they longed for and didn't know they wanted until now.