Summary: AU - Prime Minister Uchiha Sasuke has been caught in act in attempt of pedophilia. How will he be able to maintain his political position as the issue presses on?

Rated: T, for political themes, sexual issues, verbal profanities

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Prime Minister: Uchiha Sasuke

Prologue – Issues


"So are you, by any way, going to explain this?" asked the Prime Minister's Head of Staff, Nara Shikamaru, thrusting a hot press newspaper onto the Prime Minister's desk.

It was a pretty tense situation at the PM's office that morning. After a whole week of celebrating the election turn-outs, there was serious national business to be done and that article just had to be printed today. The Prime Minister inched the paper closer to take a look at the front headlines, which came along with a photograph – a very clear one, to say – of him, in a sleek, black suit, wringing his arm around a young, teenage girl in a high school uniform. It wouldn't be much of an issue, if only it were not portrayed right at the entrance of an international-class hotel.

Uchiha Sasuke sighed as he put the paper back down on the desk. He rested his head on a hand, thinking about the journalist that certainly had the wildest imagination to call him, 'pedophilic' and summon up a story of him having relations with underage women. He pondered on how the issue would take effect on his political polls. Could it be possible that the parliament would put him in impeachment on the case? Heavens, please, no, he thought, he'd only been Prime Minister for less than two weeks now.

Why did this all have to happen now, when he finally could boast over his elder brother with his position?

Uchihas, for decades, have been living on law and politics. The family was the country's own version of the Kennedys, without the tragedy curse. Before he ran for PM, Sasuke was like a vermin that couldn't live up to the family tradition. Sasuke failed on his first attempt to enter university, while his elder brother succeeded to enroll in a world-wide known law school named Harward, or something like that. Some years later, his brother owned the world's most prestigious law firm, while Sasuke was crawling, ever so slowly, through the magic and mischief of the national political world. Finally, he reached the top, posing Prime Minister of the infamous nation. So would he let such cheap, untruthful gossip taint his political career after so long waiting for the moment to come?

Oh no, he would not.

Prime Minister Uchiha Sasuke stood up from his revolving chair and handed the paper back to the Head of Staff Nara Shikamaru. "That can be explained," replied the Prime Minister; adding a smirk to his features, he continued, "but since such issue has developed into an interesting subject, why don't we play with it a bit?"

Nara Shikamaru raised an eyebrow. Whatever the PM was planning, it didn't sound good to him.

Hyuuga Hinata nearly choked on her breakfast the moment she opened the folds of the morning paper. Other people might not recognize the girl, for the face had been checkered, but she knew at once it was herself.

"Quite disappointing, isn't it?" her younger sister, Hanabi, chipped up, commenting on the article in the paper. "For once, I was thinking that this country would be led by a decent, young politician. But it turns out that he's been hitting on underage women. Such disgrace to the nation."

"What?" spat Hinata. "Is that what they say?" Her eyes frantically skimmed the page-long article.

Certainly they've got it wrong, thought Hinata.

Daughter of the well-known hotel kingdom, Hyuuga Hinata, shook her head in disapproval as she continued to read the article. She definitely was not a teenage prostitute, or whatever they mentioned she was. How dare they mess with the Hyuuga Hotel kingdom heiress?

For goodness' sake, she was at the hotel (which someday-in-the-future she would own) with the whole family. The family was holding a gathering, and since the family's business had huge effects on the nation's economy, they had decided to invite the Prime Minister. That particular evening, Hinata had extra errands to run at her school, so she had rushed from school straight to the gathering without bothering changing, for Hanabi had brought her evening gown earlier to the hotel. Lady Fate had decided that just as Hinata hurdled through the entrance, that Prime Minister would be on a private stroll on his way out. The picture was taken as the kind Prime Minister was helping her up after she stumbled in collision.

How in the world could they interpret it as her flirting with the Prime Minister?

Though Hinata was quite relieved that the press had not yet to mention her name specifically, she was sure they were bound to any time near. Especially, since they already wrote, 'one of the nation's most grossing company's heiress'. As if there was any other company in the country that could bring such income, thought Hinata, rolling her eyes.

"Funny isn't it, it's as if they're pointing at us, you know, 'company heiress'," said Hanabi, reading her sister's mind. If only you knew, replied Hinata, mentally. "Though I don't think it's a bad idea: going out with the PM. He's barely thirty, good-looking, intelligent, and most important, not married yet." Hanabi paused. "Hell, probably he's the youngest PM in the world… not to mention, a bachelor PM…"

"We'll be late for school, if we don't leave any minute now," said Hinata, abruptly, stashing the paper aside.

Hyuuga Hinata would definitely have this business settled immediately. Definitely.


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