Pazu had always assumed that kisses were simple, easy. From watching teenage couples around town, he'd seen for himself how simple kissing was. All they had to do was lean forward, close their eyes and….it happened. So, why did he get so nervous when, just after they had escaped Laputa, Sheeta leaned forward, apparently hoping for more than just a hug?

When she did, he squeaked (A most un-masculine noise for a hero.) and tried to step away from her, only to run into the side of the kite. Her eyes fluttered open, confused.

"Pazu, is something wrong?"

"Uh, ah, no! No, no, no, Sheeta! I just…." Pazu trailed off when he realized that he had nothing to say. Well, now he felt like an idiot. First, he'd ruined the moment and now he couldn't even say why. But, Sheeta didn't seem to mind. In fact, an amused smile was starting to play across her lips. Oh, don't say lips….

"Pazu, are you--" She giggled and covered her mouth. "--scared?"

"What? N-no." He stammered as he tried to sidestep around her. "I was surprised, that's all."

"If you didn't want to kiss me, just say so." She said, stepping towards him. He stepped back again, only to realize that he was trapped in the corner. He held up his hands and stammered,

"I d-do! I really do b-but you, um, came on really strong, that's all." He dropped his hands and gently clasped one of her own. "Believe me, there's nothing I'd like to do more. But I-I don't know how. It scares me."

"How about I just count to three? On three, we kiss." Pazu nodded, anything to get this embarrassing moment over with. Unconsciously, his grip on Sheeta's hand tightened. "One…..two…three." Together, they closed their eyes, leaned forward and…


….banged foreheads.

I planned to go farther than this, but I had a change of heart. Leaving it hanging like this is just too good of an idea. Whatever happens next, I'll leave to your imaginations.

I've seen Castle In The Sky twice, and my one beef with it is the fact that there was NO KISSING SCENE! Augh, am I the only one who noticed how touchy-feely Pazu and Sheeta were in the movie? And no kissing scene? That was the ultimate let down, Miyazaki! Well, I tried to remedy that, but it seems like I've failed. Oh, well, I like this fic just the same!

Lyrical M.