Hi everybody! This is a new story that I just came up with last night. Has you could tell by the title it's a fairy tale. The pairings in this story are of course InuKag, MirSan and maybe SessRin. But I'm not to sure yet. Anyway on with the story.

Prince Inuyasha meets Kagome


Long ago in a big castle that was white and blue, had trees and beautiful flowers growing everywhere. The castle was ruled by King Sano and Queen Kikyo (Yeah I know in the last story I had I made kikyo a real slut. But in this story I'm deciding to be nice to her.). All the people in the town loved them cause they were doing such a good job and tried to make everyone happy in their town. They were also friends with their neighboring kingdoms.

And a year ago Kikyo gave birth to their first child, a girl, a princess, and they named the princess Kagome.

And today our scene leads us to the room where the princess slept. Today the king and queen were have a banquet for their daughter's first birthday and all the neighboring kingdoms were coming to greet the new princess.

We see Kikyo wearing a beautiful blue dress that hugged her curves and she had her beautiful raven black hair in a high ponytail with her tiara on top of her head. Kikyo was rocking Kagome who was wrapped up in a pink blanket. Kikyo looked down at her with so much love and care.

"Oh Kagome, one day you will rule this kingdom and take over of what your father and I started before you were born." Kikyo said to Kagome who was looking up at her with those beautiful big brown eyes.

"Kikyo darling there you are." King Sano replied while walking into the room wearing black pants, a white kimono, black armor and a black cape and he also had his sword by his side and black boots. Sano had light brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, and was well built for a human.

"Oh Sano, isn't Kagome so beautiful?" Kikyo asked while turning her gaze from Sano to the baby girl in her arms. Sano walked up to her.

"Yes, she is very beautiful. And she reminds me of her mother."

Kikyo blushed and the two kissed.

"Well, we better get downstairs. Everyone is waiting to see Kagome." Sano replied. Kikyo nodded and got up and followed behind him.

Every one of the kingdoms came. There was the kingdom of the east, north, south, and the west. But of course there were more kingdoms but those were just some examples. And every one of them came up to the king and queen to look at Kagome and talk with the parents. And the last one to come up to them was the kingdom of the west. And that kingdom was ruled by a great dog demon named Inutashio, he had the most beautiful longest silver hair, the most beautiful amber eyes and of course was very kind. He was also wearing white pants, a white kimono, black boots, black armor with a tint of red, a black cape and two swords at his side. (Sorry if I didn't describe his clothes all that well. I was trying to make it sound like the clothes he wore in the one of the movies that I saw.). His wife, Izayoi, was full human, she had the most beautiful raven black hair, beautiful baby blue eyes and she was wearing a very pretty red kimono with a ribbon in the back. And at Inutashio was a young boy who looked about 5yrs old, had his father's silver hair that was just above the rear, had his amber eyes and had claws and of what Kikyo and Sano could tell he was a full blooded demon. He was wearing the same thing as his father but had blue armor and no cape. And in the arms of Izayoi was another little boy who looked 1yrsold, had his father's color of hair and eyes. But there was a difference between the two boys was that this boy had cute, fuzzy dog ears, so right then Kikyo and Sano knew that the boy was a half demon. The hanyou was wearing red pants, a red kimono with a white shirt under it. (He's wearing what he usually wears in the show.).

"Oh Izayoi, it has been awhile hasn't?" Kikyo replied with a smile.

"Yes it has." Izayoi replied with a smile.

"And who is this cute little boy in your arms? I mean I know who this other cute young boy is. And Sesshoumaru you have grown quite a bit since the last time I saw you." Kikyo replied while looking from the toddler to Sesshoumaru.

"Thank you, Queen Kikyo." Sesshoumaru replied with no emotion.

"Well at least your attitude is still the same." Sano replied.

"Well this little boy is named Inuyasha." Izayoi replied while looking at Inuyasha with a smile. Inuyasha just looked at her with those beautiful big amber eyes.

"Well it's nice to meet you Inuyasha." Sano replied while sticking out his hand for Inuyasha to shake. Inuyasha just looked at him in confusion, but he took the hand.

"So, this beautiful baby girl in your arms must be Kagome." Izayoi asked while looking at Kagome who looked back at her but mainly back at Inuyasha.

"Yep this is our little girl." Kikyo replied with a smile while looking from Izayoi to Kagome. Kagome took out her hand towards Inuyasha.

" I'm guessing she wants to shake your hand Inuyasha." Inutashio replied while looking at Inuyasha. Inuyasha looked at his father then looked at Kagome who still had her hand out while giving him a small smile. Inuyasha smiled back and took Kagome's hand and shook it. The two toddlers giggled while smiling.

The adults just looked at this in awe while Sesshoumaru just looked at it with no emotion.

"Maybe one day these two will be great friends." Sano replied.

Then Inuyasha went into his kimono and took out a golden heart shaped locket with a paw print craved on it. He held it out towards Kagome and she held it in her small hand.

"Aww! Are you giving this to her, Inuyasha?" Kikyo asked while smiling at Inuyasha. Inuyasha just smiled back and nodded.

"Aww! That's so sweet of you, honey." Izayoi replied while smiling at her son.

Kikyo placed the locket around Kagome's neck, "There now she can wear it all the time."

Inuyasha just smiled.

But in the shadows there was a man figure with long black hair, had dark red eyes that held so much hatred and disgust has he watched this scene. He was wearing black pants, a black kimono, black boots and a black cape.

"This happy tale won't last long." The man said and with that he walked out the castle doors.

Late that night…


There were explosions heard throughout the castle.

Kikyo ran up to where her daughter slept. Kikyo grabbed her from her cradle and wrapped her tightly in her pink blanket.

"Kikyo! Let's go now!" Sano yelled while running into the room. Kikyo nodded while following her husband.

"Who is attacking us?" Kikyo yelled since the explosions were still heard.

"Demons!" Sano yelled while holding onto Kikyo's hand.

"Demons? Why are they attacking us? We didn't do anything to them!" Kikyo asked loudly.

"I don't know! But let's not worry about that right now until we get to safety!" Sano yelled.

Kagome started to cry. "Oh, shhhh, it's okay Kagome. Mommy's here, shhhh." Kikyo cooed trying to calm her down while holding Kagome close to her.

"You majesty this way!" One of the guards yelled while leading them towards a back door.

The three made it outside.

"Where do you think you're going?" a voice asked from behind them. The two looked behind them to see a man figure with long black hair, dark red eyes and was wearing black pants, kimono, boots, armor and cape.

"Naraku!" Both Kikyo and Sano replied with anger in their voice.

"Oh so you remember me. For a minute there I thought that you would have forgotten about little old me." Naraku replied in a creepy way.

Sano got in front of Kikyo and took out his sword.

"Sano?" Kikyo replied.

"Kikyo I want you to run. Run as far as you can away from here. Run until you find somewhere safe." Sano instructed while not keeping his eyes off of Naraku.

"No Sano! I'm not leaving without you!" Kikyo yelled.

"Kikyo! You have too! You and Kagome are in danger! So don't worry about me, just run!" Sano yelled.

Kikyo looked from Sano to Kagome and her eyes started to tear up. "Forgive me." Kikyo cried as she ran from the scene.

"Don't let that bitch get away!" Naraku ordered.

"You leave them out of this! Your opponent is me!" Sano yelled and with that he charged Naraku.

With Kikyo she continued to run with tears rolling down her face.

"Sano." Kikyo cried softly.

Then she looked down at Kagome who looked up at her in worry. "But I have to keep you safe and out of Naraku's hands." Kikyo sobbed.Then she heard..


"SANO!" Kikyo screamed. Then she heard those things coming towards her. Kikyo began to panic and she ran until she reached a stream. She looked at it and looked down at Kagome. Then she noticed at the stream there was a basket. (No it didn't automatically appear there! Let's just say someone forgot it there!). Kikyo then knew what she had to do.

She ran to the basket and looked at Kagome one last time. "I love you so much Kagome. And I wish we could be together forever. But I have to do this, so you can find somewhere safe and somewhere where Naraku won't know where you are." Kikyo then kissed her daughter's forehead and placed her in the basket and noticed the locket.

"And maybe one dayyou will find Inuyasha. And I pray that you two will become friends or maybe even more than that." Kikyo heard them coming closer.

Kikyo started to cry even more. "Goodbye, my sweet baby Kagome. I love you with all my heart and I pray you live you life happily and safely and out of Naraku's hands."

And with that Kikyo pushed the basket down the stream. And she watched it go and right then she was grabbed from behind. "AHHHHH!" she screamed

. "Let's bring her to Naraku." One of the demons suggested.

When they brought her to Naraku. Kikyo noticed her husband's body on the ground.

"What have you done to him?" Kikyo screamed at him.

"I just brought him to where he belongs. In hell." Naraku replied with an evil smile.

"Damn you! Damn you to fucken hell!" Kikyo screamed with tears rolling down her cheeks.

"I would but I have a question to ask you. Where is you precious daughter?" Naraku asked.

"I don't know. And if I did know I would never tell you!" Kikyo yelled.

Naraku sighed, "Then you leave me no choice." Naraku then took out his sword and started to walk towards Kikyo. Kikyo looked at him showing no fear.

'I'm doing this for you Kagome. And your father and I will be watching you. Just live happy.' And with that one last thought Naraku killed Kikyo.

-Else where down the stream in the western lands-

A young woman in her late 20's early 30's, she had long black hair that was in a ponytail, and had her working kimono on that was red and brown, she also had brown eyes. She was putting water in a bucket when she saw a basket floating towards her.

"Now what on earth could be in there." The woman wondered to herself. The woman grabbed the basket and brought it to shore.

"Man this thing is heavy. I wonder what's in it." And that's when she heard a cry.

"Huh? What's this?" And with that she opened the basket to see a baby girl.

"Oh my, a baby." And she inspected the girl to see if she was all right.

"She seems to be fine." She took out the girl and instantly she calmed down. And she noticed the locket and looked at the baby's eyes. "Wait! I recognize you. You are Princess Kagome from the kingdom just a little east from here."

"Something must have happened. Cause I know your parents would never have you floating down a river without a cause."


"Lady Keade!" a young girl called out.

"Over here Rin!" Keade called out. (Yeah I know Keade is supposed to be older. But right now she's this age okay.). Rin ran up to her. She was a 5yrold girl, with beautiful black raven hair that was in a little ponytail, she also had brown eyes and she was wearing an orange and white kimono. Rin noticed the baby in her arms.

"Who's that?" Rin asked while pointing at Kagome.

"Well, this is the new member of our orphanage, and her name is Kagome." Keade replied while looking from Rin to Kagome.

Rin waved at Kagome, "Nice to meet you, Kagome. And I hope you have a great time here."

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