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Chapter 25

Kagome groaned as she watched her beloved hanyou rush up towards Naraku. 'There must be something I can do to help him.'

There is Kagome.

She gasped at the sudden response. 'You again!'

"Kagome?" Sango said her name after hearing her sudden gasp. "Is something the matter?"

The young miko lowered her gaze not hearing her adopted sister's words. 'Is there seriously a way to help Inuyasha?'

Yes all you have to do is trust me along with yourself.

"AH!" Inuyasha roared out as he swung his sword towards the evil demon. Naraku grunted as the young hanyou charged towards him his arm transformed into a sharp tentacle. The evil demon met the hanyou's sword with a rough clash.

The two growled at each other. "Don't go thinking I'm going to let a stupid hanyou like you defeat me!"
Inuyasha scowled and shouted out. "And don't go thinking you can defeat me so easily!" He swung his up and threw it done forcing a wind out of it.

Naraku grunted as the harsh wind blew him back, his feet slid to a stop and he threw out more of his tentacle arms. The hanyou prince jumped and dodged every one of his disgusting arms as they came towards him.

"Wind Scar!" Inuyasha roared out swinging his sword forcing the attack to fly out.

Naraku just narrowed his gaze as a purplish red bubble appeared around him deflecting the hanyou's attack.

"Ah! He produced a barrier!" Miroku yelled out angrily.

"Figured he would considering he place a barrier around this area." Sango reminded him loudly her gaze narrowed on wicked demon.

Kagome watched and gasped when she saw Naraku shove one of his tentacles into the ground. "Inuyasha!"

His ears perked up and looked behind him just in time to see the tentacle burst out from the ground. Quickly he pulled the sword in front of him forcing the arm to slam into his sword. The young prince grunted as the tentacle pushed against him.

His ears twitched when he heard something rip through the air behind him. He jumped out of the way just in time to watch more of Naraku's tentacles slam into the other one.

'Damn just how many of these can that bastard make?' He gaped when he noticed the tentacles aiming towards him.

He growled with irritation. "I'm getting sick of this!" He swung his sword cutting all of them in half and glared at Naraku. "Can't you do anything else besides throwing your stupid arms at me!"
"Wind Scar!"

Naraku growled as the harsh winds came at him. "You want more? Fine I'll give you more." He suddenly vanished once the winds crashed where he once stood.

Everyone gasped when the smoke cleared and saw that Naraku wasn't there. "Crap!" Inuyasha cursed whipping his gaze around searching for his target.

He suddenly jerked when he heard something coming from behind him. Inuyasha turned just to have tentacles rip through his stomach. "GAHHHH!"
"INUYASHA!" Kagome screeched out jerking her gaze wide with fear.

Inuyasha grunted opening one eye to find himself face to face with the angry glare of Naraku. "You should have never interfered little prince. You could have lived a longer life."

The hanyou growled, the young man's response only made Naraku snort. "Now perish." Electrical shocks went through the wicked demon's tentacle and spread throughout Inuyasha's body.

"AHHHHHH!" Inuyasha screamed out in pain.

"Inuyasha!" Kagome screamed.

"Inuyasha!" Miroku and Sango yelled out fear written all over their faces.

Naraku then shot Inuyasha off of his tentacle falling hard on the ground. Kagome yelped sharply covering her mouth. "Inuyasha." She then ran towards him shouting. "Inuyasha!"

"Kagome no!" Miroku shouted out desperately. "Come back!"

"Good riddance young prince!" Naraku shouted not even noticing the young miko racing towards the hanyou. He shot an electrical beam right at him.

"NOOOO!" Kagome screamed leaping towards the young hanyou.

"KAGOME!" Sango cried out loudly her gaze shooting wide open.

"Let's hurry!" Miroku ushered quickly racing after Kagome with Sango quickly following behind him.


The young miko landed right on Inuyasha body as the beam hit it's mark. "NOOOO!" Sango screamed feeling her heart get shot.

But what they all failed to notice was that a white light emerged around the two preventing the beam from hitting them. Naraku smirked as Miroku and Sango's hearts pounded with anxiousness as the light became to clear.

The swordsman and the slayer gaped feeling their hearts fly as Naraku's smirk faded when they saw Kagome on top of Inuyasha unharmed, untouched.

"What!?" Naraku roared out loudly.

Sango sighed in relief. "Thank goodness!"

"But how are they unharmed?" Miroku questioned suddenly with curiosity.

Kagome groaned suddenly as she got on her hands and knees. Her eyes opened to find herself gazing down at a knocked out Inuyasha and her heart sunk. "Inuyasha." She gently brushed some of his locks away from his eyes.

An angry growl grasped her attention and immediately looked back just as Naraku landed on the ground. His gaze was narrowed filled with irritation and hatred. "How the hell did you two survive?" He shouted. "You two should have been died!"

The miko narrowed her gaze. "Like hell I would know and personally I don't care!"

Naraku scowled as he angrily marched over towards the young prince and princess. "You two are becoming quite annoying."

Kagome jerked at his sudden movements but shouted angrily. "Don't you dare come near us!" She growled. "I swear if you harm Inuyasha one more time YOU'LL REGRET IT!"

"Heh like a little girl like you scares me."

"I mean it!" The miko continued to shout bravely and proudly. She turned to face him. "If you come one step closer I'll make you regret it!"

"Leave them alone!" He heard Sango yell out making him glance at her just as she swung her chain at him. He brought up his barrier forcing the chain to slam into it. He then glanced when he noticed something else flying at him and saw the holy scrolls were coming at him.

He turned towards them and placed them on fire. "Nice try monk." Miroku grunted narrowing his gaze. "But that isn't going to work."

Before the two could attack him again Naraku threw one of his tentacle at Kagome.

"Kagome!" Sango yelled out her heart pounding with pure panic. "Get out of there!"

Kagome's eyes went wide but before she had the chance to run for it she felt something get wrapped around her shoulders. "Huh!?" She was suddenly pulled into something warm.

Suddenly the tentacle was cut right in half. Kagome gasped at the sight but mainly at the person behind her. "Inuyasha!?"

Inuyasha was now on one knee holding Kagome tightly into his chest with his sword held out in front of both of them. His gaze was hard on Naraku and they were filled with hatred and possessiveness.

"Don't you dare lay any one of those disgusting arms on my Kagome!" He hissed loudly growling showing his fangs.

"What!?" Naraku yelped out, the least thing he was expecting was for Inuyasha to become conscious once again.

"Inuyasha!" Miroku and Sango shouted out smiling in great relief.

"I-Inuyasha?" Kagome repeated his name softly her heart pounding with sweet relief.

He lowered his gaze to meet hers' and gazed at her firmly. "Are you alright?"

She slowly nodded. "Y-Yes. But what about you?"

He looked away. "I'm fine."

While continuing to gaze up at him she suddenly felt something wet and warm against her hands and chest. She looked and gasped when she saw blood. "Inuyasha!" She immediately looked up at him but he didn't look at her. "You're bleeding!"

He grunted feeling a sharp pain in his gut. "I know."

"I've had just about enough of you!" He heard Naraku roar out immediately snapping him out of his thoughts just in time to find the demon rushing up to them.

Acting quickly Inuyasha got up and brought up his sword just in time to clash with one of Naraku's sharp tentacle arm. "I'll kill you no matter what!"

"Inuyasha!" Kagome called out immediately standing up. 'I've got to do something!'

Inuyasha scowled pushing him back. "Not if I kill you first!" His glare became harder. "I won't let you harm Kagome! I'll protect Kagome no matter what!"

Just has those words came out of his mouth his necklace and a bright light from Kagome's abdomen began to shine.

"What?" The young miko gaped surprisingly gazing down at the light.

"What the? What's going on now?" Sango suddenly spoke up her gaze wide.

"I don't know." Miroku responded sounding confused himself.

Inuyasha paid no attention to the sudden light as the light gave him extra strength, healing his wound, while making his sword shine bright white. He instinctively swung his sword breaking through Naraku's barrier just as he put it up cutting his chest.

"AHHH!" Naraku yelled out in surprise immediately jumping back. He brushed his fingertips across his new wound. Inuyasha gaped now realizing what had just happened and noticed his necklace and his sword glowing.

"What is this?" He suddenly questioned himself lifting his sword slightly to look at it. He noticed another bright light coming from behind him, he turned and gaped when he saw Kagome glowing. "Kagome!?"
She watched the light as it emerged from her body, her gaze was wide. 'Just what in the world is happening?'

A small white orb was now floating in front of her abdomen shining brightly. She gaped softly.

"The jewel!?" Naraku yelled out in surprise.

"The jewel?" Miroku repeated loudly darting his gaze at Naraku before gasping immediately turning his gaze back towards Kagome. 'Is he talking about that jewel!'

Inuyasha stared at her with wide eyes. 'That…that jewel just came out of her body!' He lowered his gaze to his necklace and held it. 'Just when this and my sword began to shine.' He gazed down at his sword, which was still shining. 'What does that mean?'

Kagome stared at in daze as she instinctively surrounded her hands around the jewel allowing it to float down into her palms. "What is this?"

This, Kagome, is your key to destroy Naraku.

'What!? Seriously?'

Yes Kagome, combine this with Inuyasha's power and Naraku will finally be destroyed!

'But I don't even have a bow? How can I possibly combine this with Inuyasha's power?'

Simple, just wish for a bow and arrow.

Kagome understood finding herself greatly trusting the woman's advice. She narrowed her gaze with determination. 'Alright!' She held the jewel tightly and closed her eyes.

"Kagome?" Inuyasha suddenly called out furrowing a brow. 'Now what's she up too?'

Naraku gasped at the sight. 'No she's going to make a wish!' He charged towards them. 'I must stop her!'

Miroku and Sango snapped their attention and gasped sharply when they noticed Naraku. "Inuyasha!" Sango shouted immediately catching his attention.

He turned to face Naraku. "Oh no you don't!" The hanyou charged towards him. "You won't get anywhere near her!"

Miroku used this chance to toss his sacred scrolls towards the wicked demon. Unfortunately Naraku took notice of them and swung his hand towards them and set them on fire once again. But unfortunately for Naraku Inuyasha took that chance to strike him but he quickly jumped back barely missing him.

'Please! I wish for a bow so I can help Inuyasha!' Kagome begged the jewel. The jewel shined ever so brightly and out of a white light appeared a bow and arrow.

The miko gaped in awe as they floated to her hands. "Amazing."

Naraku glanced and scowled when he noticed the appearance of the bow and arrow. "Damn you to hell!" He shot a huge red beam aiming it right at her.

"Kagome!" Sango yelled out immediately appearing at her side ready to pull her out of the way.

But before the beam could strike Inuyasha appeared in front of both of the women and sliced the beam in half forcing it to vanish.

Both women gaped. "Inuyasha!"

Miroku sighed in relief. "Thank Kami." A growl caught his attention and watched as Naraku went charging towards them. He scowled angrily. "Oh no you don't!" He unsheathed his sword and swung it right at him.

Naraku jumped away from him and noticed that his sword was somewhat covered with sacred scrolls. The young swordsman narrowed his gaze. "I will not let you get near them!"

"Sango!" Inuyasha suddenly said grasping her attention. He gave her a stern look. "Go help Miroku and distract Naraku."

Sango narrowed her gaze with determination and quickly nodded. "Got it!" With that said she raced towards her beloved to assist him.

Inuyasha turned his attention to the young miko. "And we need to come up with an attack."

"We?" She repeated jerking back surprised that he knew exactly what she was planning.

"Yes we! Since I take it the reason why these" He held his necklace and lifted up his sword, "Are glowing because we need to work together?"
Kagome narrowed her gaze. "Yes!" She raised the jewel up a bit getting his attention. "Since I'm getting a feeling that if I combine the jewel's power with yours' that Naraku will finally be defeated!"

"Alright!" He turned aiming himself towards the evil demon keeping himself firmly in front of Kagome. "Then let's finish this once and for all Kagome!"

She nodded. "Right!" As Sango and Miroku continued to fight Naraku distracting him from the young lord and the young princess Kagome quickly ripped part of her dress off and tied the jewel to the arrow.

Large gust of wind began to circle around Inuyasha's sword. "Ready Kagome?"

She placed her arrow into the bow and aimed it towards Naraku. "Ready when you are."
Inuyasha nodded and then shouted. "Miroku Sango!"
He immediately caught their attention and saw their position and knew they were ready to finish the job. The two quickly got out of range Naraku growled at the sight.

"You two really are fools if you think you can defeat me!"

"You're the fool Naraku!" Inuyasha shot back. "You're the one who dared to challenge us and now…" He snarled, "You're going to regret ever messing with us!"
"We'll see about that!" Naraku roared out shooting another red beam mixed with his miasma.

Inuyasha took that chance to swing his sword. "Backlash Wave!"

The whirlwinds flew towards the evil demon's beam and Kagome took that chance to release her arrow. "Hit the mark!"
Her purple aura mixed with the white aura of her mother, Kikyo. The two auras merged together flying into Inuyasha's attack turning it white.

The winds broke through Naraku's attack purifying it, Naraku gasped as the attack came right at him. "AHHHHHHH!" He screamed out as the winds began breaking him apart.

'This can't be happening!' He growled. 'No! I'm not done yet!' He motioned to pull himself back together.

But at that exact moment Kagome's arrow pierced through and aimed right for his heart. "GAH!" He yelled out. Just as the arrow hit his heart he immediately began to be purified.

"AHHHHHHHHH!" He screamed once he burst up in flames.

The group watched in awe their gazes wide. But yelped when he blew up releasing a explosion of his miasma burst out of him.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha yelled out quickly grabbing her holding her tightly into his chest using himself as a shield.

"Miroku!" Sango quickly said grabbing his shoulder. "Put up a barrier!"
"Right on it!" He replied loudly quickly putting up a barrier around them protecting them from the poisonous gas.

Finally the gas had cleared allowing them to gaze over to where Naraku once stood to find only his remains.

"Is…is he finally gone?" Kagome questioned loudly. She felt the sudden warmth disappear immediately grasping her attention watching Inuyasha stroll over towards Naraku's remains. "Inuyasha?"
Inuyasha used his sword to poke at his remains to discover that no movement was coming from them. "He seems to be dead."

Suddenly a flash of a white light appeared above him. The hanyou quickly reacted holding his sword up only to gap at the sight, everyone gaped at the sight of Lady Kikyo floating above of Naraku's remains.

She smiled warmly at them. "Lady Kikyo!?" They heard Inutashio call out immediately catching their attention.

They found him, Sesshoumaru and the rest of the soldiers standing on top of the stairs staring at the dead queen with wide eyes.

"Thank you, all of you." Kagome gasped recognizing the voice. 'Wait I know that voice!'

"It was all thanks to you that Naraku has finally perished from this world and while also vanquishing the jewel." She tilted her head happily. "Now everyone can finally live in peace including myself."
Her gaze fell upon her only daughter and chuckled to find her gazing at her with wide amazed eyes. 'Wow that woman…she looks exactly like me!'

"Now my dear sweet Kagome you can live without fear and live safely just like I've always prayed you would my sweet daughter."

"Daughter!?" Kagome gaped out loudly. 'D-Daughter? She's my mother!'

"Yes Princess Kagome." She gasped looking over at Inutashio as he appeared beside Miroku and Sango. He stared at her sternly. "That woman is in fact your mother, Queen Kikyo."

Her eyes went wide and raised her gaze towards the ghost. "Mother?"
Kikyo continued smile. "I've never left you Kagome I had always been with you, guiding you. I've always been watching you and I'm so proud of how beautifully you've grown inside and out. Don't ever change my dear."

The young miko just stared up at her mother astound by what she was seeing and hearing. Kikyo chuckled warmly turning gaze to Inuyasha. "Inuyasha."

He raised his gaze to met hers' as she smiled. "I leave her in your care. So please don't ever hurt her."

Inuyasha narrowed his gaze with determination. "You can count on me!"

"Thank you." She gaze fell upon everyone else and smiled thankfully. "Thank you all and I hope so see you all in heaven." She began to fade.

"Wait mother!" Kagome called out to her in dismay.

The queen just smiled. "Don't worry Kagome I'll always be watching." She completely faded but said these last words to her. "I love you."
Everyone just stared at the place where the queen once stood but soon all slowly smiled and cheered happily in victory.

"Yes! We won!"

"We finally defeated Naraku!"

"The long search has finally ended!"

Even Kagome suddenly smiled. 'So my mother was the one that was helping me from the very start. She had always been with me. I love you too…mother.'

Suddenly she heard something cling on the ground grasping her attention. She gasped sharply when Inuyasha lifted her up and twirled her around. "Inuyasha!?"

Smiling Inuyasha brought her back down and embraced her tightly. "Thank God Kagome! I thought I was going to lose you tonight!" His embrace became tighter snuggling his face into her shoulder.

Kagome felt her heart race yet sink at his words. She chuckled warmly pulling away from him slightly making him look at her. She smiled. "But you didn't because I believed that you would save me. I knew you wouldn't let Naraku kill no matter what."

He smiled. "But it was you who killed Naraku. It was your arrow that killed him."

"Yes but I also had yours' and my mother's help." She smiled proudly. "So it was because of all three of us that Naraku has finally perished."

Inuyasha continued to smile before his head jerked remembering something. "Now's the perfect chance to ask you what I've wanted to ask you for days now!"

"Huh?" She responded quickly feeling her insides warm up as her cheeks turned light pink.

The young prince got down on one knee smiling, though on the inside he was totally embarrassed and knew this was totally not him, but he loved this woman more than anything and was willing to go through one embarrassing moment just for her.

His sudden action caught everyone's attention and they all smiled. "Finally! Took him long enough." Sango joked.

Inuyasha stared up at Kagome with his heart pounding wildly and just like the day they met everything around them vanished. "Kagome, will you marry me?"
Kagome's heart immediately jumped, butterflies forming in her stomach she was speechless for a moment which caused the hanyou to be a little nervous. But soon the miko smiled and squealed out. "Yes! Yes yes yes yes yes! A million times yes!"

She embraced him just as he got up his smile was now permanent and laughed as he twirled around. Everyone in the room cheered, while some jumped up and down with joy.

Miroku and Sango smiled at one another happily while Inutashio and Sesshoumaru just smirked at each other.

Once Inuyasha set her down the two met again with a kiss.

Wedding bells chimed as Inuyasha and Kagome pulled apart from their kiss, which sealed the deal. Yes! They were now married! The two just smiled before hearing the priest call out happily. "I know introduce," Kagome and Inuyasha turned to face the crowd with their arms intertwined, "Our new royal couple, Lord Inuyasha and Lady Kagome!"
The crowd cheered happily while some whistled which just caused the two to chuckle giddily.

"Yes go Kagome and Inuyasha!" Shippo cheered out jumping up and down.

Kohaku just laughed as he clapped happily. "Now it's just my sister who needs to get married."

"Heh that won't be too long." The young fox commented with a smile.

"Oh Kagome is so beautiful!" Sango exclaimed smiling brightly happy for her adopted sister. She smiled up at Miroku. "This was definitely the event we needed to celebrate a great victory!"
"And it's about to get better." Miroku responded with a confident smile.

"Huh what do you mean?"

The boys heard and watched them as Miroku grabbed the young slayer's hand. Sango's heart began to race. "M-Miroku?"

"Sango, would you do me the honors of marrying me?"

She gasped sharply not believing what she was hearing but soon smiled and squeal tackling him with an embrace. "Yes! Yes yes yes yes! I will! I will marry you!"
The swordsman smiled happily and gave he a passionate kiss.

"Whoa." Kohaku responded his gaze wide looking back at Shippo. "What are you a seer?"
Shippo just snorted cockily raising his head up proudly. "I wish! They are just that predictable."

The two boys then chuckled.

Everyone gathered outside to say their farewells to the new couple.

"We wish you the best of luck!"

"Thank you so much!" Kagome thanked them gratefully.

"Yes do your best to restore your family's kingdom." Sesshoumaru encouraged appearing before them with Rin intertwined with her arm with Inutashio on the other side. "We want to be able to rely on you soon."
Inuyasha rolled his eyes. "Don't worry we'll have it going soon." He shook his head. "But it'll probably take us a couple months to clean everything up."

"Don't worry." The couple turned their gazes as Eric, Kate, Miroku and Sango emerged from the crowd with their arms intertwined.

"We'll company you there." Kate volunteered. "Since you will need some type of crew."

"Not to mention guards to protect you and your new queen." Eric added with a happy smile.

"And Sango and I will be your first set of guards." Miroku volunteered smiling happily.

"Yes we'll both work to make sure you're new kingdoms safe and sound!" Sango told them her gaze narrowed amusingly with determination.

"Don't forget about us!" Shippo called out with him and Kohaku appearing beside Miroku and Sango. He smirked. "There's no way you're going anywhere without us!"

Inuyasha rolled his eyes while Kagome smiled. "Of course we wouldn't forget you! You are more than welcome to come with us."

"Yes!" The boys cheered happily. They now had a home to officially call their own!

Inuyasha brought his attention to his brother and friends. "So when are you guys going to get hitched?"

They all laughed smiling at their partners which the two noticed. "Wait…" Kagome pointed at them, "Don't tell me you all-"

"Apparently we all asked on the same day." Miroku commented gazing from Sesshoumaru to Eric.

Rin and Kate giggled.

Inuyasha smiled. "Awesome those will be the first sweet events in our New Kingdom!"
They all smiled. But Kagome wagged her finger at Rin. "But you two better send us invitations for when you two get married!"

Rin laughed waving her hand reassuringly. "I won't forget Kagome I promise I'll send you one once we've set a date."

Kagome smiled. "Well Kagome," She gazed up at her beloved and her heart melt when she saw him smiling at her, "Let's get going."

She nodded. "Yes let's!"

With that said the two quickly got into their carriage while everyone waved to them while Breanna and her friends scowled.

"Got luck mutt-face!" Koga called out teasingly smiling. "Make sure you take good care of our sweet Kagome!"
Inuyasha grumbled at that nickname but responded. "Of course I will I'm not an idiot!"

The wolf demon just smiled. Soon the carriage was off and Kagome and Inuyasha smiled at one another before meeting again with a kiss, which was a perfect start to a new life…together at last!


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