"The Gorin Teams Slumber Party." Chapter 2

In the classroom...

"Listen, I'm here to study. NOT to associate with you!" Shoma says turning over the pages in his book.

"Shoma's obsessed by Momo."

"No, you are the one obsessed of me."

"That's right. Shoma loves Momo. He even wants to marry Momo."

"NO! Hell I want a flat-chested and evil barbiedoll to stick on me!"

"What's with that? You know Momo could use tennis balls as-"

"Holy SHIT! Could you PLEAAASE shut up!"

He takes the book under his arm and walks away with Momo hanging around his neck.
Shoma has a plan to make Momo leave him alone. After walking a bit she starts to snore in Shomas ear,
which he is unwilled to hear. But she looks so cute as she slides down to the floor sleeping.
He takes Momo and carries her back to the classrom.

"I did never expect how .. err .. cute she was." he whispers for himself putting her down on a chair.

Yes, those lightpink cheeks, those sparkling eyes, that long, shining hair and that wonderful smile.
She opens her eyes and sees Shoma stand in front of her.

"Syooooma!" she glomps him and he blushes. "I wanna go to Natsu-senpai now!"

"O-okay." Shoma says a bit embarassed.

Together they walks to Natsus house, knocking on the door.

"Hey, where did Momo go?"

The pillow fight continues.


Natsu, 193 slaps Roberto, 130 kicks Nagare, 80 throws

Suddenly Mr. Ayuhara yells,

"Ey, Natsu-chan. It's for you."

Natsu answers with a confused "Haaai."

"Damn who could that be, disturbing our fun." she says before opening the door. "Uh!"

"I-I-I'm sorry." Shoma says and bows, "I'm sorry if I annoyed you a bit much."

She grins, grabs his hand and pulls him inside.

"Now now, crybaby. Why don't you join us on our pillow fight competition?"

"Competition? Join you guys.. after all I've done?"

"Well it is OK if you don't want to."

"No no! That's not what I ment." Shoma says shaking on his head. "Of course I'll join in, kicking your ass for fun!"

They walks upstairs seeing Nagare and Roberto lay on the floor dizzy and green-faced.

"Come on you guys! Don't quit this already, now when Sawamura is here." Natsu mumbles grabbing a pillow from the floor.

"Tha-that's not it." Roberto stammers. "That crazy.. girl.."

Shoma and Natsu looks around but could see nothing. All of a sudden when Natsu looks at the wrong direction...

"AYUHARA! Watch out!" Shoma yells.

Just in time he takes his baseball bat and hits back the pillow on... Momo!

"Muu!" she says irritated. "Don't do such things to your wife!"

"WIFE!" Nagare, Natsu and Roberto gasps looking slowly at them.

"It is not as you think I..-" he gets interrupted by an angry sounding Natsu.

"Is that so...?"

She jumps up to the ceiling and throws down three pillows that almost chokes Momo.

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