In Case of Emergency

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Warning: This is a simple story. It may make you laugh, it... probably won't make you cry, but it's a lovely story all the same. It's about the human condition– life and laughter and, of course... Love. Yes, contained herein is an account of a love of the highest degree. A love so ineffably wonderful– fictional people had to be used to describe it.

This is a story about love.

...And all the things that can go wrong once you've fallen.


Anzu sat, looking at her clearly insane friend incredulously. "Honda... Have you lost your mind?"

"Yes," he said, nodding fervently. "I'm mad, Anzu dearest, absolutely mad– so please?"

"No!" she said with an almost astounded laugh.

"But Anzu!" He took one of her hands in his and held it to his chest. "Don't you understand? I really need this favor! You know he won't turn you down!"

"I don't know what makes you say that," she snorted. "He's just as stubborn with me as he is with anyone else. In fact, he makes up for the soft spot he has for me by being even more stubborn. How in the world am I supposed to talk him into doing something he knows he won't enjoy, I know he won't enjoy, hell, you know he won't enjoy– not to mention that he'd be doing it for someone he doesn't even like."

Honda pouted. "Now, now, don't be silly. He loves me!"

"Yeah, he would love to see you humiliated beyond all imagining, maybe."



"Please." He had started to whine.

"I said no."


"You can't change my mind."

Honda sighed, and took a step backwards. He collapsed on the couch across from Anzu's chair. "You," he said rather crossly, "are being an extraordinarily difficult woman."

She shrugged. "I'm being honest."

He sighed, having hoped that the interview would have gone more in his favor. Anzu's small apartment was cozy and warm, just recently decorated, and he should have known better than to try and tackle her in her own territory. Anzu ruled with an iron fist, and in the oversized chair she sat in, she looked more than ready to order a beheading should his entreaties grow anymore frantic.

He absently ran a hand 'round the back of his neck.

"It's almost dinner time," Anzu said, "and I have a date. Why don't you give up and–"

"Anzu, this is important. Would I really bother you with trivialities?"


"Alright, alright, so my past actions give me away." He pouted again, trying to look persuasive and cute. "But it's not just for me. I promised that I'd get another man. Please? You don't want me returning home defeated, do you?"

Anzu rolled her eyes, and set down the book she had been holding down in her lap. "I'm sorry," she said, "but it would be futile. He would say no."

"Then talk him into it! You're his girlfriend; I'm sure you have... ways of talking him into anything."

Her face reddened. "Th-that's not... I mean– we..."

He grinned. Finally: progress. "Please? I'll love you forever and ever, and I promise to pay you back with a favor in return." She didn't look convinced. "Perhaps a very well-made gift basket?" Her expression was turning annoyed. "Or how about a nice–"

"Honda," she said finally, "If it will shut you up, then I suppose I could try bringing up the subject. But just once, and if he says no then I'm not asking again and you'll just have to use Otogi instead."

"Anzu, you really are a doll!" He grinned again and hugged her tightly. "I have to report home; Arisa's on guard duty to make sure I haven't forgotten my mission."

Anzu laughed. "She really does have you on a short leash, doesn't she?"

"Woof, woof indeed," Honda replied. "Ahh, but I do love her for it. Well, I'd best be off. Lovely chat, and thank you again!" He grabbed his coat off the back of the empty chair and waved. Anzu heard him slam the door.

She shook her head. "Who would have thought? The boy can talk me into anything."

She looked at the clock. Seto was picking her up in two hours for their date and she wanted to be ready. With a giant yawn, she stood and stretched out her tired muscles. If she was going to talk the stubborn Kaiba into anything, she needed to pull out all the stops. That slinky navy dress he had bought her for her birthday would be just the thing...

After a quick shower, Anzu wrapped her hair up in a towel and turned on the TV. She glanced at the news for a moment, before pulling the dress out of her closet. If Seto hadn't bought it as much for himself as for her... Well. In any case, it was perfect, and she slipped it on in preparation for the night.

The mission was simple. Her endearingly dorky friend Honda was getting married– to a former teacher no less– in about eight or nine months, and it was up to her to ask Seto to be an extra groomsman.

"Right," Anzu snorted at the mirror as she dried her hair. "And he's really going to agree. God, I can just hear him now: Who the hell do you think I am, Anzu? Actually take part in a wedding for that disgustingly strange friend of yours? I'd rather hang by my eyelids from the top story of the KaibaCorp building. The man is as stubborn as a mule. He– Ow! Damn it!" She frowned darkly as she inspected the curling-iron inflicted wound on her forehead. "I swear, I don't even now why I bother." She rolled her eyes and gave herself a quick once-over. "He had better appreciate this."

Feeling satisfied, she turned out the light and grabbed her purse and a coat. Seto, punctual to a fault as usual, rang her doorbell just as she exited her bedroom.

She opened the door and smiled at the man behind it. He nodded slightly and her grin widened. "On time as usual," she said happily. "You ready to go?"

He nodded and took her arm after she locked the door. "You certainly look nice," he said warily. "Is there a reason?"

"To make all the other men jealous that they can't have someone as gorgeous as I am hanging all over them."

He sighed. "Anzu, if there's something you want then simply ask me. And I'm warning you now that seducing a 'yes' out of me won't work this time." He looked her over with narrowed eyes. "Though I suspect you'd be more than willing to attempt it."

She giggled. "You're so suspicious, Seto! Can't I look nice just for the sake of looking nice?"

"With you wearing a dress that I bought you– in a favorite color of mine, no less– with your hair... done, and that smile on your face that suggests something inordinately sneaky is already taking shape in your mind? No, Anzu– it's not just for the sake of looking nice."

They walked out of the apartment complex and into the parking lot. He opened the door of his car for her, and then went around so he could drive.

"Fine," Anzu said as they drove off, "you caught me. I need a favor. Would you mind doing just a little something for me? It's only one afternoon."

He raised an eyebrow, knowing that her "favor" would involve doing something that he would not enjoy doing. She would never have gone to so much trouble otherwise. "And that favor might be... ?"

She smiled and put a hand on his knee. "Don't worry; you'll find out soon."

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