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Gabriella's POV

Troy and Gabriella were in the past. They were now grown up and hadn't seen each other in years. When they were just teens both had a Myspace account. Everybody had a Myspace account. On April 1st Gabriella was sitting in her dorm room bored as a button. That is until her roommate Janet came in.

"Hey Gabi! What's up?"

"Being bored….as always."

"Yeah. That seems like everyone's favorite pastime around here."

As they were talking Janet's boyfriend Max knocked on the door. Janet opened it to see her boyfriend and her 2 year old daughter standing there.

"Hi!" Janet greeted with two kisses.

"Mommy Mommy! Can I get a Myspace?"

"What's a Myspace?" Janet was so dumb Gabriella thought to herself as she sat on her bed listening to their conversation.

Max responded to her question.

"It's an internet blog for friends. Little Amy here is way to young to have one. She got the idea from Aly."

Aly was Amy's cousin. Aly was also 13 years old and old enough to handle a Myspace.

"Then the answer is no." Janet felt a sense of pride making the decisions.


After they came and visited, Max took Amy to His mother's house, where she lived. Janet fixed two cups of coffee and handed one to Gabriella.

"Myspace huh? Never heard of it."

"You know, I used to have one….I never shut it down really." Gabriella was now wondering what ever happened to it.

"Really can I check it out?"

"Sure." Gabriella got up and turned to her laptop. When it finally turned on she connected to the internet. She then typed in and logged in. Gabriella scrolled down looking at all the glitter words and pictures. When she finally reached her friends the first picture was of Troy Bolton. She closed her eyes and scrolled down more. She looked at all the comments. The first comment she came across was Troy's. She read it, but all it said was 'I miss you'. This was confusing to Gabriella, because they hadn't talked to each other after they broke up. She hadn't remembered seeing that comment. She checked the date the comment was left April 1st 2006. Gabriella felt tears welling up inside her eyes and turned around to look at Janet.

"What is the date today?"

"April 1st 2006….."

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