A/N Wow thnx for all the beautiful reviews! To clear things up, Troy and Gabriella are in collage and haven't seen each other since they broke up in high school. Keep Reading and keep Reviewing and I will keep writing. 

Flashback: "What is the date today?"

"April 1st 2006….."

Gabriella was puzzled. She stared at the computer in complete amazement. Troy Bolton missed her. She couldn't believe it. She closed the laptop and turned around to face a fascinated Janet.

"Oooh who's this Troy Bolton?" Janet used the 'Oooh' like a pre-schooler

"Uh…Just an old….flame…."

Janet started to laugh. "Flame? Who uses the word flame?"

"Janet, I don't want to talk about it. Listen I have to go, if I skip world history again professor will flip."

Gabriella got up, grabbed her bag and walked out into the hot California sun in which was their collage campus. Janet didn't have classes until 9, so she decided to snoop.

"Okay, now lets learn about Gabriella's old flame" Janet chuckled again as she opened the laptop, just as she left it.

When she typed in the link she arrived at Gabriella's Myspace. She read all the quizzes and comments. Troy's comment was the first one she had gotten in 3 years. She kept scrolling down and clicked on Troy's name. The web page immediately changed to a blue background with basketball's on it. She read the quiz. To Janet Troy seemed pretty boring. He had the coffee or cappuccino and what did you wear today, but nothing of what Janet wanted to find.

Janet was ready to give up until she clicked on My Pics. Janet was staring at pictures of Gabriella with troy in their high school days. There was picture of Troy and Gabriella kissing and at the bottom it had a comment from Gabriella that read 'I remember that day. That was our 2 year anniversary. I love you Troy Bolton. I always will.' Janet was now wondering why Troy and Gabriella broke up.

Janet loved Gabriella (as a friend). She didn't want to do anything to mess with Gabi's life, but from everything she saw, she decided to leave troy a message

Troy, I miss you too.

Love, Gabi