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Title: Kiss Of Death

Summery: What happens when John is off on his own little mission, and Dean is left to watch Sammy. But things don't go that great for Dean when he finds out that his little brother Sammy has gone missing. Will 17 year old Dean be able to find 13 year old Sam and save him or will he be to late? This is only my second story I have ever wrote so any advise would be great thanks.

Chapter 1: Bye Dad!

Warnings: Probably some spelling mistakes and some bad language.

pg 13.

"Boys Im going out to hunt a pack of wear wolves I will be back as soon as possible!" John yelled while heeding to the door.

"Coming Dad!" Dean yelled running down the stairs.

"Where's Sam?"

"He is doing his homework." Dean said not looking into his fathers eyes.

John sighed. "Alright, Dean what ever you do don't leave this house, not even for school."

"Score." Dean said under his breath.

"I mean it, and keep an eye on Sam."

"Yes Sir."

"Alright I got to go Im already late."

"Bye Dad, be careful."

John laughed at that "I always am, now you be careful."

"I will bye."


As John said that he was out the door.

Sam came running down the stairs "was that dad?"


"Where is he going?"

"Where do you think he is going Sam?"

Sam looked down at his feet "So I guess that means I shouldn't have wasted my time doing my home work seeing how I wont be at school for the rest of the week?"

Dean rose an eyebrow and said "Yes"

"Figures." Sam said while running up the stairs and then slammed his bedroom door with all his strength. Dean just sighed.

Im just gonna explain this story so you guys can get it. First of all it is not a sequel to Dead Child Of Darkness (my first story) this story is totally different. Dean is seventeen years old in Grade twelve and Sam is thirteen years old in grade eight. Oh and In this chapter I will not be doing the interviews, if you want me to continue with them please tell me and I will start them in chapter 2, Thanks for you time