Chapter 2: Memory Lane

By: fruitloops

Tara was walking in the door to her house when she saw her mother crying and a police officer come into view.

"I'm so sorry ma'am. No one meant for this to happen. The man was reaching for a cigarette in the floorboard and your daughter had been drinking. All we know is she walked out and was hit." The officer explained to Tara's grieving mother.

"My life's dreams and hopes…my baby girl is lying in a morgue… and all you can say is he was reaching for a cigarette?" her mother screeched, "That man doesn't deserve to live!"

Tara's was so confused. She was right here! "hello! Mom! I'm right here." But no on could hear her.

The officer left and Tara's mom sank to the floor. Tara ran to her and put her hand on her mother's shoulder and left over when her hand shot straight through her mother.

Aileen got up and reached for one of her husband's rifles. Tara's eyes widened and she rushed to stop what she knew was coming. But she couldn't stop it. She watched as her mom brought the rifle up to her chin and pulled the trigger.

Nothing happened. Her dad always leaves his guns unloaded. Tara's mom went into a frenzy then, and she grabbed a knife and stuck it into her chest.

"AHHHHH!" Tara bolted up right clutching her chestas if it were her that had stabbed herself. She glanced around and didn't recognize a thing. V came racing in not knowing what was going on. When Tara saw him she screeched and started slamming him with her fist as hard as she could.

V, being the strong man he was, grabbed her arms and pinned her down.

"Calm down NOW!" He yelled fairly loud. By this time, Tara was shaking like a leaf. She didn't recognize him at all.

"Who the fuck are you?" she said in her most intimidating voice. V smiled beneath his mask. She has spirit, I'll give her that. Tara was trying to escape but didn't manage. He was to strong.

"Dost thou not remember last night?" She spoke as eloquently as possible under the current situation. She spat in his face.

"No way you prick!" She got away and tried her best to get out of the room. All she managed to do was get herself backed into a corner. V reached for a nearby lamp. It was still dark and Tara's eyes were fixed on him. He successfully turned it on and a flood of memories ripped through her mind so hard it made her cringe and grab her head in agony.

"That mask…" she was in a daze. When she looked at him, he saw that her eyes were extremely dilated. V waited for her eyes to fix themselves. Once that occurred, he tried to lighten the mood.

"I see you remember now, eh? How about a hot cup of tea." Tara was so stunned she could barely concentrate.

"do you have sweet tea?" V cocked his head to the side. He had heard of a place in the former United States called the "Deep South" that always referred to tea as sweet tea and not sweetened tea. He had read it in books. He had often wondered what it was like in this deep south.

"What?" V quickly recovered from his daze. "You speak strangely. With a strange accent as it were." Tara merely stared.

"It's called a southern accent, hun." V jerked back at the strange word. True he had heard it but not in the dialect in which she spoke it.

He got this crazy idea. "What day do you think it is?" he knew he must be losing it, but all these strange coincidences. They made him think.

"It's November 2nd, 2006." She stated mechanically. V's eyes widened and he gasped and froze.

"Come with me please." V stated in a jumble. Quite unusual for his normally well put together words and sentences.

"Why? What's wrong?" Tara said as she raced to keep up with large strides.

Once in the kitchen he explained, she said he was crazy, he showed her a calendar, and she nearly passed out.

"Would you like some tea now? Maybe it shall make this easier to swallow." V chuckled to himself at his small pun. However, Tara didn't find it as amusing.

"Yes please." She said as she crossed her arms on the table and placed her head in them and cried. Where the hell am I? She was in a panic and accepted the tea and drank it too quickly. It burned her throat. She winced.

"Careful now, it's hot." He stated seeing what she was doing.

"Well damn, I could have used that info about 2 minutes ago." Tara glowered while V simply snickered.