My Silent Fear

based on S. E. Hinton's "The Outsiders"

My parents are gone

My brothers Ponyboy and Sodapop are all I have left

They're what keep me striving on

I get teased by Soda

I yell at the other

I want Pony to be the best he can

I want him to be better than this brother

I don't think he knows why

I bother him a lot

He seems to think I hate him

When I don't, he and Soda are all I've got

One night, Pony's late coming home

I pace the floors, as I fear

He may not be coming back, like Mom and Dad didn't

I look up from the paper, he's finally here

In my fear, I yell at him

Though I don't think he meant to be

So late coming home

In his eyes I see

Tears begin to form

Soda tries to stop me, but I turn on him too

Ponyboy tells me not to yell at Soda

So I turn around and hit him, what did I just do?

We all freeze, this has never happened

I try to explain, but Pony runs out the door

I holler after him, "I didn't mean to!"

Which I had yelled at him for saying, seconds before

I go crazy in my fear of losing him

Soda and I look for him, but to our dismay

We find no trace of him, so we go back home

We have nothing to say

The next day, a dead boy is found

I begin to be even more frightened than I had been

Dallas gets hauled in

He didn't do it, from what I have seen

Four days pass, and we get a call

It's about Ponyboy, he's at the hospital, with Dally and Johnny

We get in the truck and drive off

When we get there, we see

Ponyboy, all black from smoke

Soda rushes to meet him, but I stay

After the embrace, Ponyboy looks at me

I look back, and all I can say

Is, "Ponyboy."

Choked with emotions, I say nothing more

Ponyboy looks at me

As though he's never seen me before

I understand he's mad at me still, so I turn

I here him speak my name

I turn and he's hugging me

And I know he still loves me just the same

He whispers into my shirt, "I'm sorry."

I hug him back, I'm so glad he's here

I say, "Oh Pony, I thought we lost you like we did Mom and Dad"

To lose another person I love is my silent fear