Torn in Two

based on "The Outsiders" by S. E. Hinton

I have two bothers

One older, named Darry

He's the one who takes care of us

He's the one who must carry

The load for us

The younger is Ponyboy

He's a really smart kid

He's the one who shares my joy

For life and living

While Darry doesn't have time to enjoy

And here I am stuck in the middle

Of Darry and Ponyboy

I enjoy teasing Darry

Everyone else is too scared to

I try to help him with the bills

For Darry sill has a lot to do

Ponyboy thinks Darry doesn't care for him

Because Darry's always yelling at Pony

I try to explain that he doesn't mean to be so mean

That he really loves him, but Pony doesn't see

So I am stuck here in between the two of them

As their yells reach me

It hurts me to hear them fight

I wish they could see

How it pains me so much

I finally can't take it anymore

I'm tired of taking sides

I get up and run out the door

I don't know where I'm going

But I continue to run

Pony and Darry chase me down

Pony tackles me, I tell him I'm done

We should be able to stick together through everything

We're all we have left, if we don't have each other

We don't have anything, and we end up like Dally

And I don't mean dead, either

Darry and Ponyboy share a look

I think they realize what I say is true

They say they won't fight anymore

And that they love each other, too

Ponyboy challenges us to a race

So we get up an go

And with it

I know

That I'll never have to be torn in two again