Bodiless Off-Screen Voice which always, strangely, sounds the same on every show: Okay, let's give it up for everybody's favorite gal, Muffin Is Injured!

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(Crowd shouts.)

Muffin: That's right, you're ready. So let's get started!

Crowd Member #1: WITH A WOO AND A HOO!

Muffin: Right on, Crowd Member Number One!


Muffin: Well, that's a relief.

Crowd Member #3: One for the woo, two for the hoo!

Muffin: Well, we don't want want the woo to feel less important than the hoo.

Crowd Member #4: What a catastrophe that would be.

Muffin: Well, without further ado, let's bring out the STAR of the show…

Okay, so get ready to be the happiest little camper in the whole camping ground. This, my dear nature-loving friends, is, finally, a Muffin multi-chapter extravaganza!

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Vinegar and Glitter

Chapter One: Oh, Right, The Cannoli

"So this is nice, huh? Come on, admit it," said Lorelai.

"Never," said Luke stubbornly.

"Just having someone who you love or have some kind of crazy crush on bid on your basket and then share a romantic lunch, it's a nice concept," explained Lorelai.

"Well, I'm sure someday you'll manage to find the right guy and drag him out to this thing and make him by your stupid basket and then you'll be sitting out here with him." Luke popped a carrot in his mouth and smiled.

Lorelai smiled back, her expression vague. "Yeah, someday."

There were a few seconds of silence. "You know what?"

"What?" said Lorelai.

"This is nice."

Lorelai rolled her eyes and smiled. "Did I not just say that? I swear, Luke, you disagree with me just to spite yourself. I bet, after you lock up at night, you sit alone in your apartment drinking tons of coffee, eating French fries, with chili, and you watch late night TV. By day- grumpy diner Luke, but by night, he's this grease-inhaling death bucket."

"You've discovered my secret," said Luke dryly. "Please, keep it to yourself. I'd be devastated if anyone found out."

"Don't worry, it's safe with me," said Lorelai gravely, chewing on a fry and raising her eyebrows solemnly.

"So, sorry about your rain gutters. If it wasn't for me being here, you could probably have flirted your way into sparkling clean gutters."

"Dirty," Lorelai giggled through a mouthful of burger. She swallowed and continued. "I do not flirt my way into getting things. If the Collins kid was here, he would've volunteered out of the goodness of his heart."

Luke snorted. "The Collins kid?"

"Well, the fact that I'm wearing The Tight Sweater probably wouldn't hurt," admitted Lorelai.

"That's more like the Collins kid. Well, if you're really desperate, I could clean your gutters for you," volunteered Luke. He continued quickly to cut off Lorelai. "Yes, extremely dirty. I know."

Lorelai smiled. "Seems like the Collins kid isn't the only one susceptible to The Tight Sweater."

Luke rolled his eyes, but he hadn't failed to notice The Tight Sweater and its amazing capabilities. "Be careful or I'm rescinding that offer."

Lorelai raised her hands in mock surrender. "Okay, I'll keep my thoughts of your utter inability to focus above my neck to myself."

Luke grunted, shuffled, and evaded. "Forget it, I don't care if your gutters are clean or not."

"Okay, okay," she said. "Moving on, Mr. Sensitive. You didn't happen to bring any whipped cream, did you?"

Luke reached under the bench and pulled out a can of whipped cream.

"Look at you, you're such a Boy Scout. Always prepared," grinned Lorelai, making a grab for the can.

"Yes, prepared to let you bloat up like a whale by shooting canfuls of that processed air straight into your mouth, which is not only disgusting but unhygienic too."

"Tell you what, when my teeth fall out and get replaced by baleen, I'll start to worry. Until then, hand it over."


"What what?" Rory turned her head.

"Do you need a Care Bear hug?"

"Not from you," said Rory sullenly.

"Tugs or Hugs, then?"

"I'm not hugging a bear with a diaper on it."

Jess sighed. "You're no fun, Grams."

"Apologies. I'm not in the greatest mood. Get back to me later and I'll pull an Eddie Izzard."

"Cake or death?"

"Are we talking about me or you?"

Jess cocked an eyebrow. "I sense hostility."

"By Jove, I think he's got it."

"Elementary, my dear Watson."

"Why am I Watson?" snapped Rory with apparent hostility.

"We're getting nowhere. Cut. End scene. Take two." Jess cleared his throat. "So, Rory, why are you in a less-than-pleasant mood?"

"Well, funny you should ask, Jess. I was planning to enjoy a nice picnic basket lunch with my boyfriend, whom I love very much, until some obnoxious weasely guy came to the event, which he didn't even take joy in participating in, and stole the basket away from my boyfriend, who had been saving up his money for this particular moment and actually did want to enjoy said lunch. Now I have to eat lunch with the obnoxious guy, who didn't even want to eat lunch from the basket, unlike my boyfriend and myself, and only bought aforementioned basket to piss off my boyfriend, who he doesn't like for unknown reasons. Perhaps he is intimidated by my boyfriend's overwhelming tallness in comparison to his under-6-foot body."

"Huh," replied Jess. "You make me sound like a jackass."

"Luke, I have something very serious to tell you. There's been a death in the family."

"I don't think that the meat falling out of your burger constitutes as a death in the family."

Lorelai pouted. "This is your fault, you know."

"How do you figure?"

"You made this burger. You prepared this burger. The meat was obviously not secured between the buns well, and I mean this in a completely non-dirty fashion, because I myself am now starting to cringe at what I just said."

"You don't exactly secure the meat to the bread. Maybe the fact that you were holding it vertically and making it fight with the brownies had something to do with its descent to the gazebo floor."

"Yeah, well, you should secure it," reprimanded Lorelai. "Tape, glue, a nail gun, staples, whatever it takes to prevent such a catastrophe as this one from ever occurring again."

"You do realize that would mean you'd then be eating staples," reminded Luke.

Lorelai sighed and shook her head. "Luke, stop arguing with me. It's a waste of precious time, time in which you could be making me a second burger."

"Oh, come on. You had less than three bites left on that thing."

"The three best bites. I had been saving them for last."

"As it is circular and made of the exact same ingredients all around, I don't think that there actually can be best bites for a burger. Just thinking out loud."

Lorelai rolled her eyes. "You're expecting me to take burger advice from a man who hasn't eaten anything that originated from a cow since his birth?"

"I drink milk frequently."

Lorelai flapped her hands, agitated. "Oy with the loopholes! Lorelai is right, Luke is wrong, and the world continues spinning on its axis. Kapish? Now we are going back to the diner and we are making me a second burger."

"Now, when yousay we, do you mean weas in we or in the sense that…"

"Up. Now."

The ever-present jingle reminded all of its presence as Lorelai rammed the door open with her back, stumbling into the diner.

"The grill isn't going to leave, you know," reminded Luke. "It's not like it'll disappear after midnight."

Lorelai laughed as she sprung behind the counter. "You did not just reference Cinderella."

"Get out from behind there!" hissed Luke, following her.

Lorelai grabbed a cup, snatched the pot, and poured coffee mid-stride very skillfully, plonking the coffee pot somewhere on the counter. "So tell me, Luke, where's the crowd? The diner is void of all people, if you haven't noticed. There were people on here, like, 30 minutes ago when I was here."

Luke replaced the pot onto its little coffee pot home and swiped the coffee that had dripped onto the counter with one push of his rag, then retreated to the grill, rolling up the sleeves of his flannel. "Yeah, it tends to empty out during the basket thing. It takes about 20 minutes or so, but they all eventually leave."

"Interesting." Lorelai hoisted herself up onto the counter, swinging her legs and sipping her coffee.

"Are you on the counter?" floated Luke's voice from around the wall.

"No," Lorelai called back, swinging her legs onto the counter and sitting cross-legged.

"Good. People eat there."

Lorelai sighed. "No they don't, Luke. They actually birth children on it while you're not looking. I've been looking for the right time to tell you."

A loud sizzle sounded from the kitchen as Luke flipped the burger. "Feet off."

"Okay," Lorelai said with an over-dramatic sigh, not moving her legs from their resting place.

"Single or double cheese?"

"Double. And grill the onions, I'm feeling crazy."

A few moments later, Luke reappeared with her burger, complete with fries, and placed it on the counter. "Off my counter."

Lorelai grabbed the plate and pulled it towards her, ignoring Luke completely. "Ooh, fries too! Thank you." She stuck a fry in her mouth and proceeded to take off her scarf and jacket while it dangled from between her lips.

Silence fell upon the diner, and Luke immediately began to wipe down the counter around Lorelai while she ate, moving Lorelai's jacket and scarf to behind the counter to grant himself maximum cleansing access. Lorelai stared at the baseball cap clad head bobbing in front of her, chewing her burger thoughtfully. "Why do you always clean this counter so much?"

Luke shrugged, continuing his never-ending quest for a germ-free counter as he spoke. "I dunno. Just something to do, I guess."

"But the damn thing is clean. Seriously. The Tanners have been calling with complaints."

"I don't know why," Luke repeated stubbornly. "I just do. It's not about getting it clean, it's just better than watching you eat."

"I almost resent that," said Lorelai. She stuffed two more fries into her mouth and continued speaking. "Maybe it's because you have deep-seated issues from when your stepfather beat you when you were a child."

"I never had a stepfather."

Lorelai swallowed. "Or maybe you're possessed by some sort of Greek demon."

"I've always imagined the demon possessing me to be Roman, funnily enough," replied Luke, moving away from her to the other end of the counter to scrub.

"Or maybe it's just a defense mechanism!" cried Lorelai. "Yes, that must be it. You are intimidated by my overwhelming beauty and charm, and you hide it by constantly cleaning."

"Not true," Luke said, reaching for the almost empty coffee pot.

Lorelai gasped. "You've moved on the coffee pot? You really do put the ism into it." Lorelai regarded the silent man for a few moments, then dropped her legs over the inside side of the counter and scooted over to him.

"I just cleaned that," he replied sourly, squirting soap into the pot.

"You wash, I dry, baby."

Luke kept his head down and assaulted the coffee pot with ferocity and a sponge. "Why are you over here?" he said, apparently irritated at having his personal space intruded upon.

"Why are you so opposed to having me over here?"

"Why do you feel the need to irritate me so?"

"Why do you find me so irritating?"

"Because you're all in my face while I'm trying to clean."

"Ehh!" said Lorelai, emitting a terrible impression of a buzzer. "And Drew Carrey sounds the buzzer, in with Colin Mockery."

Luke was clearly agitated by her presence still, scooting the saltshaker out of the way with a quick hand. Lorelai's eyes stared down at him, narrowing slightly as she watched his clenched jaw muscles undulate nervously. And she internally argued that the monotonous movements of his arms were hypnotic; she was in a trance and her actions were completely uncontrollable; and that was the excuse she subconsciously used as she placed a hand on his shoulder and leaned in and launched her mouth onto his.

It was completely out of character and something she had been fighting against for at least four years, but the slate of her mind that dealt with reason was wiped out as she felt his warm, wet lips under hers. She couldn't even bring herself to feel if he was kissing her back or not; her only sense was the way his lips felt sliding over hers and the heat and the repeated train of thought scrambling through her head: "Oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my GOD oh my God…"

And her hormone-induced haze slowly came into focus, shifting back and forth like a stubborn camera lens until what exactly she was doing clicked into place and she scrambled backwards on the counter, knocking a pepper shaker to the ground and shattering it. "Shit."

Luke's mouth was hanging open slightly, his eyelashes low over his eyelids. The only noise he could make was a low incoherent grunt.

Lorelai pulled her tingling lip into her mouth and vaulted off the counter, grabbing her scarf and jacket and mumbling a stream of nonsense under her breath as she went: "I have to be somewhere a place a um a one with walls and dancing leprechauns and some who don't dance and you know lots of cannoli and I can't miss it because sixty percent of Rory's French grade depends on it and I um sorry about the pepper" and before either could take a breath she was out the door, and he could see her sprinting wildly down the street, and he just lowered his head onto the counter and thumped it against it a fair few times.

I felt bored, so I did this. I need to find better ways to be occupied.

Deep-seated? Deep-seeded? Deep-seated? The eternal question.

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