Odi Et Amo: I love and I hate

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A/N: "Odi Et Amo" - Latin for "I love and I hate." (Notice how much I like using Latin titles:D) My OC is Hyun-Ja Che (For now... >:D).

Chapter One; Jung-Woo Im

Who was that girl that Ghoon-hahm kept rattling on and on about? Jeez, if I could only remember her face... But then again, how exactly am I supposed to remember her face when I can't even think of her name?

I don't understand. My life was perfectly fine, or at least I was content with it: I was solitary and unknown, no one bothered me, yet suddenly people sporadically started hating me for reasons I don't know of as of yet. I quite frankly didn't and would've never cared... But now I do. Ironic since it finally comes down to a girl who might love me; that's when I finally start caring. I don't even know her name or even what she looks like.

Stupid girl. I'm the wrong guy to fall in love with.

Jung-Woo was laying down in a room as foreign to him as the bed he was laying in when he finally opened his eyes. What he found most odd however wasn't the room nor the bed; what was most surreal was that he was tucked in. 'But this isn't Tae's house, so that crosses out the amiable family member tucking me in... So I'm guessing a stranger did it. I never thought strangers to be that decent towards me. Funny how I can't even remember what it's like to have my own mother tuck me in... Come to think about it, I'm not feeling too well...-'

Footsteps. He heard steady foot-steps, carefully making their way up what Jung-Woo assumed to be stairs. The creaking was heard easily from his room, whomever was walking was giving it away. Soon, Jung-Woo heard the door knob starting to slowly turn, and he instantly closed his eyes, hoping that whoever was coming would see he was asleep and would go away.

It was just too bad that whoever it was didn't leave. Whoever-it-was opened the door fully, which creaked louder than the stairs did despite whoever-it-was' attempts at stealth, and whoever-that-someone-was made his way towards Jung-Woo and his bed. Or, well, at this time Jung-Woo corrected himself in his mind because he assumed that the bed he was in right now belonged to whoever-it-was.

A basin of water was placed beside Jung-Woo on the bed, he saw when he risked a small peek at a sudden weight transferred to his side. A chair was placed next to the bed as well, though his eyes were closed at this point, and he merely heard it being lifted and placed carefully on the floor. The stranger pulled a washcloth out of the basin of water and wrung it enough so that Jung-Woo could hear the water fall in front of his closed eyes. All of a sudden, Jung-Woo could hear a magical voice penetrating through his delusional mind; the stranger had started humming softly, and Jung-Woo had now experienced something even weirder than being tucked into his bed: the stranger who Jung-Woo thought was a he, was in fact a she.

She continued humming as she gently washed his face with hands of a caring mother. Her voice was so beautiful, and at that moment, Jung-Woo felt like all he needed was too see her face and know to whom this beautiful sound belonged. Once he was positive that the stranger had finished rinsing his face, he slowly opened his eyes and saw a blurry image, contours of the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

As his eyes opened fully, he saw her smile- or was that just an illusion accompanying his delusional state? His imagination creating a smile to accessorize the way she shushed him and tenderly told him to go back to sleep?

"Hyun-Ja," said a male's voice, seemingly distant, probably from the door, though Jung-Woo blamed it on his fever yet again. "That's enough tending to him for now. Let him get his rest."

Hyun-Ja nodded, murmuring a compliance. This left nothing else for Jung-Woo to do but to answer to zealous fatigue and go back to sleep.

"How is he doing, Hyun-Ja?" asked the bespectacled, dark-haired boy. He waited as the girl, whose hair was the same shade as his, walked out of the room, carrying a water-filled basin with her.

"He still has a fever, so he'll have to stay at least a couple more days," answered Hyun-Ja, as they made their way down the stairs. "But, Ghoon-Hahm, won't his family be looking for him by now? He's been here for three days already."

Ghoon-Hahm stopped descending the staircase, staying silent as he chose the right words. Hyun-Ja had stopped as well, a couple of steps beneath the boy, and she stared up at him, waiting for an answer.

"I don't know much about Jung-Woo, but Que-Min told me that he is... well, an orphan. All he has is his cousin and his aunt, and that filthy mutt of his. That's why he spent so much time looking for that stupid dog instead of looking out for himself."

"I see," Hyun-Ja replied, eyes widening for a few seconds out of shock, but returning to their normal state as she composed herself again. "You were looking for his dog, right?" Ghoon-Hahm grunted a "Yes" and Hyun-Ja continued speaking. "Have you found him yet?"

"Not exactly. I'm going out again today."

"Now, now, Oppa (Big Brother), I know Jung-Woo is pretty, but don't kill yourself looking for his dog." Hyun-Ja grinned.

"Whatever, it's what Que-Min wants, so it's what I'll do."

"Be careful, though. I'm serious. The weather's still crazy, and I don't want you killing yourself trying to impress this girl, either," Hyun-Ja said seriously this time. "I don't usually get violent, and you know that."

"I know," Ghoon-Hahm said after a while. "But I'll be fine, Eomeoni (Mother), trust me."

Ghoon-Hahm laughed at his irritated little sister. She knew how stubborn he was, and she finally let him go. They parted ways at the bottom of the stairs, Ghoon-Hahm turning left and out the front door, and Hyun-Ja turning right and into the kitchen.

Kun Kang walked along the streets, kicking an empty can of soda as he went. He just came from a photo-shoot and was still wearing the last outfit he put on. He was currently on his way to Ga-Woon's place, where he would meet up with the usual: Ga-Woon, Tae, Jung-Woo, and himself. He hadn't seen them for a while because he had gone to China for a photo-shoot in Beijing. Today was his third day back: his first day was spent sleeping, his second day spent unpacking, and today spent at a photo-shoot. He needed to socialize again, or end up in another fight with Ga-Woon. He chuckled to himself at the thought.

He neared his friend's house, can-less for he lost it to the sewage a couple minutes prior. He entered through the backyard because the gate was open, and walking down the side of the house, he could hear crying. And then he spotted his two friends, Ga-Woon and Tae, sitting in Ga-Woon's backyard; Tae was the one crying. The two heard Kun approaching and they immediately looked up.

"Kun!" Ga-Woon exclaimed and he helped Tae up, both making their way to their friend. Tae was still crying, but she was smiling, happy to see Kun again.

"Hey," Kun simply said, glancing at Tae, feeling awkward to intrude. After he and Ga-Woon quickly hugged each other, patting each other on the back as they did so, Ga-Woon turned to Tae. Tae sensed his uneasiness and quickly hugged him to lessen his uneasiness. The three then walked back to where Kun saw the other two sitting before, and they all sat down in a triangle.

"So, what's up?" Kun said. He looked around and saw that one of them was missing. "Where's Jung-Woo?"

This statement caused Tae to cry once again, and Kun looked at Ga-Woon, confused.

"Sorry, Kun. I know you haven't been here in a while, so you don't know. Jung-Woo's gone."

"What?" Kun exclaimed. In a hushed voice he added, "he's... gone? As in, he passed away?" With this, Tae started to sobbing.

"No, no. Or, at least we hope not," Ga-Woon said, Tae wailing in the background. "He just hasn't been home for a while."

"For days!" Tae said, sobbing. "And I didn't notice notice until yesterday! What kind of cousin am I?" By this time, she was in Ga-Woon's arms, who was trying his best to comfort her.

"Don't say that, you're a very good cousin. No one would've known. He's capable of coming and going as he pleases, so no one could've known," Ga-Woon said softly.

"Do you want me to go out and look for him?" Kun offered. Tae looked up at him and nodded.

"Actually, I'll come, too," Ga-Woon said. "We'll walk you to your house, okay?"

And after Tae nodded again, the two boys and the girl set off to the girl's home. Tae had calmed down by now, and her eyes weren't that red anymore. When they reached their destination, however, they were surprised to see a strange girl waiting for them.

A/N: Well, here's the first installment of the new fic, Odi et Amo (I love and I hate). I've actually been playing around with this idea for a while (when I first read the volume in which Jung-Woo gets sick and Ga-Woon decides to care for him). I figured, hey, he's a boy, so Jung-Woo may need some feminely care. And who better to give that delicate touch than his imaginative sister? Lol. Anyways, if I get enough support, I'll see if I should continue on this idea or if I should just ... not. XD So, having read this already, I'd like some reviews ;D