Summary: Sesshoumaru dreams impossible dreams.
A/N: Another 100 word drabble.
Disclaimer: I don't own Inuyasha, any of the canon characters, settings or situations.

In his dreams he sees her, hazed with golden sunlight: playing with a babe in a field of riotous flowers, twigs and petals caught in her hair. The child's nose twitches as he catches Sesshoumaru's scent, and he toddles forward to embrace him; the woman approaches, her eyes dark and welcoming, holding out work-roughened hands. Sesshoumaru buries his face in the junction of her shoulder, drawing her earthy, warm scent deep into his lungs.

In his dreams she laughs, low and throaty, and arches her neck for him –

But such dreams are impossible, and so he orders himself to wake.