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What if Sakura was a member of akatsuki and was Itachi's fiancé? What would life be like then? Sasuke x Sakura

"Hi" (talking)

"Hi" (inner sakura)

"Hi" (thinking)

"Hi" (flashback)


A beautiful 16 year old girl with pink hair and green eyes was training and was destroying her surroundings...

"Sakura-sama, Itachi-sama wishes to see you" a man with brown hair said to the kunoichi who was currently training. The man shivered as he saw her punch go down on the ground and destroyed it.

"Tell him I'll be there soon." The kunoichi- Sakura said as she smiled a fake smile.

The girl never smiles…

"Yes Sakura-sama." The man said and disappeared.

Not since she was taken away at the age of 7 when Itachi took her with him to akatsuki…

After he left Sakura continued training. "They don't care about me… only my power and my bloodline limit…" she thought but remained natural. All she did was ever train, night and day. Itachi never did let her leave the akatsuki base so what's the deal? Then she waved her hand up and at that second, roots of trees flew up, and petals of flowers flew around her. "If only I could die…" she thought and raised a kunai to her neck but to no avail, she didn't have the will to kill herself no matter how much she detested her life. The roots all returned to normal and the flowers all fell and hesitantly, Sakura walked to Itachi's room and put on a big fake smile.

(Sakura's bloodline limit is the power to control nature like trees, flowers, grass, etc.)

"Sakura…" Itachi said, he had his sharingan eyes. "Don't give me your fake smile."

"Uh… yeah… you called for me before?" Sakura just asked ignoring what he said.

"There's a mission for you." Itachi just said.

"Really?" Sakura said eagerly. Her fake smile turned to a real one.

"Yes… you have to kill Hatake Kakashi and Aikawa Ami, capture Uzumaki Naruto and be careful, he holds the Kyuubi- the nine tailed fox and just ignore the last one." Itachi said giving her pictures.

"Who is 'the last one' y'know… he kind of looks like you." Sakura said suspiciously looking at the picture of a handsome boy that had dark blue hair and onyx eyes like Itachi when he isn't using the sharingan (which is almost never)

"… Just ignore him as much as you could." Itachi said remaining cool.

"Whatever." Sakura just mumbled, then Itachi grabbed her by the wrist and pulled her to him.

"Remember… you are mine and mine only." Itachi whispered to her eyes. It sent shivers down Sakura's back.

"Yes… Itachi…" Sakura stuttered, then Itachi let go of Sakura and she walked out quietly, then she leaped out the akatsuki site.

Why wasn't she content? She had money, wealth, and fame (for being in akatsuki only)… the only thing she needed was just love… love, it was something that faded from her heart a long time ago. She no longer knew what it was.

"Found them…" Sakura whispered as she hid her chakra and hid behind a tree and looked at the team 7 campsite…

momoironeko- sad... how sad...