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What if Sakura was a member of akatsuki and was Itachi's fiancé? What would life be like then? Sasuke x Sakura

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"Hi" (inner sakura)

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"Hi" (flashback)

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Epilogue- Finally Happy…

1 year later…

The sun raised upon the horizon, turning the sky a deep shade of red and orange. Uzumaki Naruto sighed as he looked at the one picture that team 7 had taken while they were together. If it weren't for Sasuke who helped him get to where he was today, if it weren't for Sakura who gave him enough hope… he would never had gotten to his place today.

Today was the inauguration for him to become the 6th hokage of Konohagakure. Everything was peaceful again thanks to Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura's big sacrifice for their home countries.

"Naruto, it's time…" Kakashi said as he stepped into the room. Naruto gave a small nod and then stood up, he looked at the picture one more time. "Thanks." He said before walking up to the front door to the balcony. He took a deep breath and then let it out.

"And now, I would like to present to you, my successor! The sixth hokage!" he heard Tsunade say from outside. The doors opened and rays of light from the sun reflected onto him. Cherry blossoms were dancing with leaves blowing across the day.

Naruto looked amazed for a second and then smiled and whispered, "Sakura… Sasuke… look over me…" and he stepped out and took his rightful position as the rokudaime of the country hidden in the fire, Konohagakure…

Nine years later…

Tsunade's story…

"Has it already been 10 whole years since Uchiha Itachi, Uchiha Sasuke and Haruno Sakura's death? Why does time move so fast after a tragedy that fate had caused? How long has it been since I resigned from the hokage seat and gave it to Uzumaki Naruto? How much has time passes since the genins all became anbus? Will Sasuke and Sakura ever meet again?" Tsunade thought as she looked out the window of her house across to the hokage tower.

(Flashback- 8 years ago)

"I see, so the Uchiha clan is gone now and so has the sharingan." Tsunade whispered as she looked at the pictures that consisted of Haruno Sakura, Uchiha Sasuke and Uchiha Itachi on them all dead.

"Well, not quite Tsunade-sama…" Shizune muttered Tsunade looked up with a confused look on her face. Shizune then called, "You may come in now!" A man with jet-black hair and onyx eyes came in.

"Who are you suppose to be?" Tsunade asked and then the boy smiled.

"I am Uchiha Shio, a survivor from the Uchiha tragedy. I escaped to sand village but was found by Itachi who almost killed me but I survived thanks to the medic nins I got from the sand and I remained there." 'Uchiha Shio' said.

"I don't believe you…" Tsunade muttered glaring at the boy.

"Perhaps this will help." Shio said and then activated the well-known sharingan of the Uchiha clan. Tsunade gasped and then nodded.

"What is your relationship to Uchiha Sasuke?"

"I am his cousin…"

"Oh… well, if you want… you could stay here in Konoha. You could live at the Uchiha estate or just rent an apartment…" Tsunade said unsurely.

"I'll live back at the Uchiha estate, my wife prefers it there too." Shio said.

"You have a wife?" Tsunade asked and then Shio nodded. "I see… you may leave now…" Shio walked out of the room and as soon as he left Tsunade said, "Perhaps maybe, the restoration of the Uchiha clan will be possible…" She said looking at Shizune who nodded back. Tonton just oinked happily.

(End flashback)

"The restoration of the Uchiha clan…" Tsunade mumbled. "And the Haruno clan…?"

(Flashback- 8 years ago)

"Tsunade-sama!!! Tsunade-sama!!!"

"What is it Shizune?" Tsunade asked and looked up.

"The Uchiha clan could be restored right?" Shizune asked suddenly.


"Then how about the Haruno clan?" Shizune asked impatiently.

"Well, Uchiha Itachi killed all the Haruno clan and even Sakura died… and since Uchiha Shio came from the sand, I've been hoping maybe there's still a Haruno left alive out there…"

"There was a mission set out for Haruno Yumena the day before Itachi massacred the clan! And she stayed at the mist because she was near death at her mission and is now back!" Shizune yelled as a girl with blue eyes and brown hair walked in. "And she could use the Haruno bloodline limit too…"

"Really?" Tsunade asked as tears of happiness filled her eyes.

"Yes, Tsunade-Sama… and… is it really true that, the whole Haruno clan was killed? That's what I was told by Shizune-san…" Yumena asked while looking at the ground. Tsunade hesitated but then nodded. "Sakura was found but was killed right?" She asked.

"How do you know Sakura?"

"I'm her mother's sister's daughter, in other words, her cousin…"

"I see…" Tsunade said as Yumena walked away back to the Haruno estate…

(End flashback)

"The Haruno clan will be restored as well…" Tsunade muttered quietly.

(Flashback- 8 years ago)

"So you've decided to name your child Uchiha Sasuke?" Tsunade asked the Uchiha couple, they simply nodded and smiled. Tsunade looked at the newborn baby, sure enough, there was a striking resemblance to the previous Uchiha Sasuke. "It was a very good choice…" Tsunade said and smiled at the couple that nodded in return happily.

(End Flashback)

(Flashback- 7 ½ years ago)

"You're naming her Haruno Sakura?" Tsunade asked with a shocked voice.

"Yes" Haruno Yumena said and held her baby out to Tsunade. Big innocent green eyes looked up to Tsunade and then the baby giggled. Tsunade then noticed her hair it was pink.

"That was… a really good choice…" Tsunade said and played with the baby a little. "Hello Haruno Sakura, I'm Tsunade!"

(End flashback)

"They're about 7 and 8 now…" Tsunade said and sighed.

Naruto's story…

"I've been hokage for 9 years now, my son is 8 now, my daughter is 6 and my newborn son is 2 months old and I'm stuck here doing paperwork! Tsunade could slack off once in a while and so can I!!!!!" Naruto thought as he snuck out of the office and disappeared to his home as fast as he could. Then he realized that Hinata was working at school so he went to the academy. "HINATA-CHAN!" He called to the girl that was outside in the playground with the kids.

"Naruto-kun? What are you doing here?" Hinata asked with a confused face.

"I was bored." Naruto just said plainly and Hinata sweatdropped. "The students are all graduating soon right!"

"Yeah…" Hinata said and smiled. "The students are really talented this year…"

"Oi! Naruto! Hinata!" a cheerful voice called out. Hinata and Naruto turned around to see Ino, Shikamaru, Tenten and Neji come.

"Hey how's Naruto jr. and Kisa?" Ino asked.

"They're doing great!" Naruto answered.

"Saki is doing great today too in case you're wondering…" Hinata said. Ino smiled and so did Tenten.

"Hey look…" Tenten said as she pointed to a girl that had pink hair and emerald green eyes sitting back against the tree and hugging her leg.

"Is this a genjutsu?" Ino asked stupidly.

"Nope. That's Haruno Sakura the daughter of the cousin of the Haruno Sakura that we know." Shikamaru said.

"She looks exactly like Sakura though…" Ino whispered.

"Look." Neji said as he saw a black haired boy walk over to Sakura.

"Sasuke???" Ino gasped quietly in a silent shriek.

"That's Uchiha Sasuke the son of the cousin of the Uchiha Sasuke that we know." Shikamaru said.

"Wow, what… striking resemblances…" Tenten muttered.

"That's interesting…" Neji said as the mini Sasuke held out a hand to the mini Sakura. Mini Sakura took the hand and smiled to him and then they went off.

"O…Kay… that was unexpected…" Hinata muttered.

And that is the start of mini Sasuke and Sakura's beautiful friendship!

4 years later…

"That's your team Kakashi. Team 7… that brings back memories" Naruto said to his former sensei as they looked through the crystal ball.

"I see…" Kakashi just said.

"Don't you dare be late!" Naruto commanded.

"I'll try my best not to!" Kakashi stated and disappeared with the other jounins.

"I don't know why I even try…" Naruto muttered. "He's gonna be late…"

In the academy classroom…

"Alright! Team 7- Uzumaki Naruto, Haruno Sakura… and Uchiha Sasuke!" Iruka said in a confused way. "Whoa" All the Uchiha Sasuke fan girls that were wearing shirts saying 'I heart Uchiha Sasuke glared at Sakura who just returned the glare.

"Just ignore those brainless idiots…" Sasuke said.

"Whatever you say Sasuke-kun…" Sakura just replied back with a wink. All the fan girls had murdering intents on them now. Sakura giggled, Naruto laughed and Sasuke smirked.

4 hours later…

"Where's our sensei? All the other teams already left with their jounin sensei!" Mini-Naruto whined.

"Naruto stop your complaining!" Mini-Sakura said rolling her eyes. "What are you doing?" she asked when she saw him put a blackboard eraser between the sliding door.

"This is what he gets for being late!" Mini-Naruto said.

"A jounin isn't going to fall for an obvious trap like that." Mini-Sasuke said leaning back now. And right on cue, the door opened and the eraser fell on the gray-haired jounin's hair.

"HAHAHA YOU FELL FOR IT!!!!!" Mini-Naruto yelled as he laughed.

"Sorry… I tried to stop him but…" Mini-Sakura started (and everyone already knows what inner Sakura is actually saying right?).

"Hmm… how can I say this… for my first impression… I don't like any of you." Kakashi said and a cold chill was sent through the room… They then went upstairs to the roof and introduced themselves. "Heh… this is what they call 'déjà vu' right?" Kakashi thought and smirked behind his mask. "First we're going to do something with the four of us."

"What? What?" mini-Naruto asked impatiently…

"Survival training…" Kakashi replied back.

"Survival training?" Naruto asked.

"Why is our duty training? We did enough training back at the academy…" Sakura stated and Sasuke just nodded his head slightly in agreement.

"I'm your opponent but this isn't normal training." Kakashi said to receive confused faces from his genin team.

"Then… Then what is it?" Naruto asked curiously, Kakashi just chuckled.

"Hey what's so funny sensei?" Sakura asked.

"No… well… it's just that… When I tell you guys this, you're definitely going to flip."

"Flip? Ha?" Naruto asked.

"Of the 27 graduates, only 9 will be chosen as genins. The rest will be sent back to the academy. This training is a super difficult exam with a failure rate of 66!" Kakashi stated and then grinned at the looks he got from his team. "Hahaha, I told you, you'd flip."

The next day…

"YOU'RE LATE!!!!!" Sakura and Naruto yelled when Kakashi appeared.

"This is definitely déjà vu…" Kakashi mumbled. "Okay, it's set to noon, here are two bells. Your task is to take them from me before noon. Those who cannot get a bell by noon… gets no lunch… I'll not only tie you to a stump but I'll eat in front of you too."

"So that's why he told us not to eat…" Sasuke, Sakura and Naruto thought as their stomach growled.

A few minutes later… as everyone knows what'll happen?

Naruto- tied to a stump… Sakura- frowning… Sasuke-glaring… Kakashi- reading.

"Oh, you guys look really hungry." Kakashi said stating the obvious. "I guess they're the same as my last team 7… in that case…" he thought. "Well, all three of you have no need to go back to the academy…"


"THEN ALL THREE OF US…" Naruto started.

"Yup, all three of you should quit being ninjas!" Kakashi said. "I wonder if the same thing will happen now… heh…"


"It's cuz all of you are punk who don't deserve to be ninjas." Kakashi said. Sasuke just glared at him. "Seems that this Sasuke is less… avenging… I was really hoping I could step on his head too…" Kakashi thought.

"We won't quit being ninjas… we'll never quit!" Sakura yelled. Sasuke nodded and Naruto nodded his head like a maniac.

"Look at this, the numerous names carved on this stone are ninjas who are considered heroes of this village." Kakashi said and then thought of his team 7 that was originally assigned to him. Haruno Sakura who was replaced by Aikawa Ami who was replaced again back to Haruno Sakura. Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto. Out of the three only one lived and is now the hokage. Even if Sakura wasn't originally on the team she was a special symbol for them.

"This is a memorial, my best friend's name is carved on here including two of my previous students. One that was also an Uchiha and one that was also a Haruno, the last was your father Naruto, the container of the kyuubi but won against it. And surprisingly your names are the same too! Haruno Sakura a girl that was captured and worked with akatsuki all her life who changed through the bloodshed, Uchiha Sasuke a boy that believed he was an avenger because his brother killed the whole entire Uchiha clan and Uzumaki Naruto a boy who was hated by the whole village because of the Kyuubi." Surprised looks filled the three genins. "Haruno Sakura was your aunt, Uchiha Sasuke was your uncle and Uzumaki Naruto is your father. Surprising how the three of you can't seem to be what they were and people also say that the generations after are usually stronger…"

"But—" Naruto started.

"The answer to this is teamwork…" Kakashi said glaring at them.

"But…" Sakura started to say but just closed her mouth. "I have no right to even talk right now…"

"I'll give you one more chance but don't give any to Naruto for trying to eat by himself. If any of you defies my rules they will fail immediately… understand? I'm the rule around here." Kakashi said giving them a glare before trotting off.

"Here." Sasuke said when he no longer felt Kakashi's presence.

"You can't feel him anymore right?" Sakura asked.


"Okay then… Sasuke, he could eat mine, I eat less anyway." Sakura said smiling to the boys.

"You guys…" Naruto mumbled.

"Eat up dobe, we don't have much time." Sasuke said as he looked around cautiously.

"Don't get emotional now… you'll only be a bother if you don't have enough strength to fight…" Sakura muttered and then fed him some food. "Hurry."

"Yeah…" Naruto said eating very quickly. Then a storm suddenly crashed in knocking the food out of Sakura and Sasuke's hand.

"AHHH!" Sakura yelled. Sasuke tensed up.

"YOU! I told you not to feed Naruto!!!" Kakashi yelled. Sasuke stood his ground and then took out a kunai. He slashed on the ropes tied around Naruto. Sakura stood up and took out a kunai too and gave it to Naruto then took one for her.

"We're one team Kakashi-sensei! You told us that yourself!" Sasuke said.

"Yeah!" naruto agreed.

"This is our teamwork!" Sakura yelled.

Guess what happens next… never mind I'll just tell you

"You pass!" Kakashi said happily.

"What?" Sakura, Sasuke and Naruto asked at the same time.

"You know, the same thing happened to the first team I passed, namely Haruno Sakura, Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto. But the first team used to be Aikawa Ami instead of Haruno Sakura. But Ami ended up quitting as a ninja after Sakura defeated her oh so easily and now that I think of it… Ami didn't do much at all…"

"Sensei?" Sakura asked.


"Haruno Sakura… who was she really?" Sakura asked. "And Uchiha Sasuke too." She said as Sasuke nodded.

"Haruno Sakura was from the Haruno clan. She was the first person from a long time to master its bloodline limit to control nature. She was very strong willed and… scary too. She was taken to akatsuki to kill but never did kill much… The person that helped her was Uchiha Sasuke. No one really knows what happened on the last of their breath but… Sasuke was found on the borders of Konoha with Itachi and Sakura. It seems that Sakura had held Itachi and the sword pierced right through Itachi's heart but missed Sakura's heart slightly. Uchiha Sasuke then died himself and it seems that Sasuke had used his chakra to prolong Sakura's death a little further but then… in the end Sakura and Sasuke died together with each other at their arms." Kakashi said. Sakura nodded and Sasuke nodded too. The boys all noticed the saddened look on Sakura's face.

"Uh… can I make a request?" Sakura asked. "Is it possible for you to change Haruno Sakura to Haruno Sakura the first? Cuz it makes Sakura-san look so low since I'm so weak and yet… I have the same name as her…" Sakura mumbled. Kakashi looked at her for a few seconds and then smiled.

"I think I have a better idea…" Kakashi said. "Let's change it to Uchiha Sakura! Cuz by the time you marry Sasuke, you'll be a successful ninja and… you'll live up to her name!" he said happily and foolishly making Sasuke and Sakura blush.

Several years later…

Haruno Sakura on the memorial of the Kia was changed. Instead of Haruno Sakura, it is now Uchiha Sakura.

Some say that the second sannins were the previous team 7. Now that they were gone, the team 7 now consisting of Haruno Sakura, Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto takes their place. Haruno Sakura and Uchiha Sasuke who were given a second chance in life spent every single bit of it happily.

Uchiha Sasuke- the caption of the anbus. Handsome and is the boyfriend of Haruno Sakura. Age- 18 (note- don't ask his girlfriend out or you'll spend a year or even more in the hospital with severe injuries)

Haruno Sakura- the strongest kunoichi of Konoha and is the girlfriend of the Uchiha Sasuke. Age- 17 (note- never piss her off or ask her out unless you're desperate to see Satan, the devil)

Uzumaki Naruto (jr.)- the requested boy to be the next hokage is also son of the current hokage. Age- 18 (note- has a bad temper and what is with the ramen obsession? Probably caught it from his father)

And so… team 7, the three legendary sannins… a new story starts from the ending of another.

The End