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Happy Birthday

Harry woke up when he felt someone licking on his ear. He was not quite sure if he wanted to open his eyes or if he rather wanted to sleep a bit longer. After all it was Draco's problem if he was already awake. So the now Ex-Gryffindor turned around and stopped Draco of the Ex-Slytherin. But now those damn teeth were on his ear again. "Draco! Damn it, can't you let me sleep in even on the weekend? Go and make your own breakfast!" he growled angrily and that time it actually seemed to work. He still heard how the other was padding through the room and tried to fall asleep agian. When...


Dracos humanly methods to wake him up weren't any more gentle then the ones he had used as a cat. And so Harry sat dripping wet and trembling from cold on the bed, but he was awake. Draco stood at the foot of the bed and grinned. "Awake?" he asked and ran away towards the kitchen laughing to produce a make-up breakfast. Harry on the other hand swung his legs from the bed with a feeling of knowing that method from somewhere. "I should have gotten him castrated back then..."

When Harry finally trotted into the kitchen, his lips were taken captive in the same instant. Gently he returned the kiss and slung his arms around the others throat. A happy sigh escaped him, which Draco took advantage of. In the end Harry stopped the kiss with a last stroke of his tongue and looked into Draco's eyes.

"You obviously have a very bad concience the way you kiss me. What did you do?" he asked suspiciously. The last time Draco had been that needy he had invited Snape, no Harry was supposed to call him Severus now, for the weekend. Even though Harry and Snape had made a peace arrangement, there had been lots of little fights, since they had been together in a small place for over two days. They had all agreed back then, not to repeat that kind of experience anytime soon.

„Why do you automatically think that I did something bad? Couldn't it just be that..." with that he took Harry's arm, before he went on. "That it is your birthday and that I want to spoil the love of my life rotten."

With that he again began to nibble on Harry's throat. But he was interrupted again when Harry walked towards the calendar. "It is easier to seduce a cactus instead of..." Draco murmured slightly unnerved, before he followed his angel.

„Draco, what date is it today?" Harry asked as soon as Draco had stepped behind him. Now, Draco was confused. "June the 30th, why? Thats the date Ron has given to me, and I'm sure he knows what he is talking about." He explained. What was that supposed to mean?

"Then Ron managed to make fun of you. My birthday is in a month and a day." With that Harry turned around and smiled at him. "But I think its sweet that you remember things like that." With that he drew Draco closer, who was already planning his revenge for Ron, to kiss him again. Once they let go of each other the black haired host had a gleam in his eyes which Draco had already wanted to see when he woke up. With a grin he followed his angel back to their bedroom.

It was already lunchtime when they got back to the kitchen, where they finally warmed and ate their breakfast. After that they went back to the living room, where Harry stopped still.

„Draco, what ist he scratching post doing here? Didn't we put it away?" he asked surprised. Draco stuttered a bit and replied: "Well, that is part of your birthday present. I think I'm going to have to give it to you today, or else you won't have much fun with it." With that he disappeared from the room and came back with a cardboard box only a few seconds later. He put it down in front of a surprised Harry. On top of it was another box.

There were clear noises from the bigger box, but as much as Harry wanted to know what was in them, first he unwrapped the smaller one.

A bit nervous he unwrapped the small box and opened it. He didn't know wether he was supposed to be disappointed or relieved. "A hovering mouse… don't you want to give your's away?" he smiled. Draco went to the other box and opened it. Just before Harry got a glimpse of its content, he added: "No, but those two have fought for the one all the time, so I had to get another one."

Now Harry peeked into the box. "Oh my god!" was his first reaction. The next one was a grasp with that he took his birthday presents from the box onto his lap. A pair of silver-grey eyes and a pair of green eyes looked at him expectantly, until he began to stroke them behind their ears. Immediately the two furrballs started purring. "Draco, they are so sweet! But they can not be older than six weeks…" Totally smitten he looked down at the two cats. One had a silver-grey fur, even brighter than Draco's had been, and grey-blue eyes, the green eyed one had a pitch black fur and only a white spot on its forehead. Both cuddled into his big hands and didn't seem to want to stop purring anytime soon.

„But you didn't call them Harry and Draco right? The similarity is breathtaking." Harry asked before Draco could say a word. Draco only snickered. "No I haven't, they are sisters. I thought we could use something female in the house. And they are already 12 weeks old. Its just a very small race. But please don't ask me what it is called…" he scratched his head sheepishly. "Ah, come here." With that Harry pulled him down on the floor and kissed him.

Shortly after they got the water and food beverages out and filled them. Hungrily the two little cats stormed toward their lunch. "Look, they don't act like you did…" Harry teased his blonde lover who almost instantly blushed. "Do you always have to remind me of that? I could hex you to be a cat for about two weeks, lets see how you behave once the first furball wants out the wrong end." Draco grinned and Harry fled behind the couch.

The chase was only interrupted when Harry realised that the spot before the cat bowls was empty. They already wanted to scan the house when they saw the two of them. The picture that presented itself to them was, in Harry's opinion, better than Draco's first attempts at climbing. The two furballs chased up the scratching post. With tears of joy in their eyes they held onto one another so they would not slide off the couch. "How do you want to call them?" Draco asked him after a while.

"I think Calisto for your doppelganger and Orion for mine." He answered thinking hard. At Draco's questioning glance he shook his shoulders. "They just popped into my mind…" With that they cuddled together and watched their new women in their life.


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